Atikokan Ontario :
High School Drama Society, 1957.

Three plays were performed in the Marks Street School auditorium the evening of Friday, February 1, 1957. The performances were reviewed in the Atikokan Progress, I'm pretty sure by Art Reykdal, although his by-line isn't on the on-line version. You can save time by reading the text of the review below.

Atikokan High School Drama Club

Photo 1. A scene from the play Golden Wedding Day.

Atikokan High School Drama Club

Photo 2. This is a close-up of the actors in the photo above.
The couple being held up must be Gerald Pyper and Irene Ferguson.
Sorry about the scratched negative.

Atikokan High School Drama Club

Photo 3. I'm guessing that Shirley Collett is on the left and Irene Ferguson on the right.

Atikokan High School Drama Club

Photo 4. John O'Donnell getting made up for his part in The Monkey's Paw.
Make-up is being applied by Mrs. W. Owen, of the Atikokan Little Theatre.

Atikokan High School Drama Club

Photo 5. A scene from the play Riders to the Sea.

Atikokan High School Drama Club

Photo 6. This is a close-up of the actors in the photo above.
From left at back are: Harry Anderson, Don McLeod and Imre Berry. At front, far right, is Marjorie Wenstrom.

Atikokan High School Drama Club

Photo 7. Most, but not all, of the actors in Riders to the Sea.
Back, L to R: Don McLeod, Ed Danard, Imre Berry, Annette Turpin.
Front, L to R: Vera Demchuk, Liz Hegler, Marjorie Wenstrom.

Atikokan High School Drama Club

Photo 8. Actors in The Monkey's Paw.
Left to Right: John O'Donnell, John Kervin, Candia Thew, Wayne Ash, Charles Dobie, Marlene Brown.

Photos by Charles Dobie.

High School Plays Please Small Audience

From the Atikokan Progress, Feb. 7, 1957.

The Atikokan High School Drama Society's productions received plaudits from a small but appreciative audience when they put on their High School Drama night, in Marks Street School Auditorium Friday evening, Feb. 1.

There were two one-act plays and a three-act play presented. The first play, Golden Wedding Day, was performed by the grade nine students who even had a grade nine producer and director; Buddy Davis and Herbert Hegler, respectively.

Mr and Mrs. White were played by Gerald Pyper and Irene Ferguson who were very convincing in their parts. Linda, a land-army girl was played by Shirley Collett and Bill Jordan took the part of the hired man, Emeries Evans.

Following the first intermission during which some of the High School girls served orange drinks and doughnuts, Riders to the Sea, the story of an old woman who loses her husband and all her sons to the sea, was played.

All grades were included in it from grade 10 up. Imrie Berry who played the role of Maurya the mother, also produced the play. Director was Judy Johnston. Nora was played by Liz Helger and Cathleen by Vera Demchuk. Edward Danard took the role of Bartley. Two old men were Don McLeod and Harry Anderson; the old women were played by Annette Turpin and Marjorie Wenstrom.

The three-act play, The Monkey's Paw, was an all-grade participating venture, too. The tale of a monkey's paw on which a spell had been cast by an Indian fakir was quite queer, particularly in the last scene, humorous, and moving in others.

It was produced and directed by Candia Thew who also was a main character, Mrs. White, and Marlene Brown. Mr. White's part was played by Wayne Ash. Their son Herbert had John Kervin in the role. Sgt. Major Morris was played by John O'Donnell. Mr. Sampson was played by Charles Dobie. All were convincing in their parts.

Make-up was headed by a committee of two; Mrs. W. Owen, of the Atikokan Little Theatre, and Penny Eoll, of the high school.

Special thanks were extended to Mr. Thorp and Mr. Black for their help.

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