Atikokan High School, about 1959/60

Atikokan High School, Graydon Bird, Mike Reid, John Kervin, 1959/60.

This is one of the photos I took for the 1960 AHS yearbook, but I didn't get the film developed until it was already printed. If I find the negatives I'll post them all on this website -- only 50 years late.
Left to Right: Yolande Jeansonne; Leona Pross; John Kervin; Betty Bromley; Graydon Bird is in the forground center; unknown (back of head); Pat Reid is visible leaning against the wall; unknown (partial image); Mike Reid (facing left); Jim Bird's head is visible over Mike's shoulder; and girl at far right is Judy Bundza.

Photo by Charles Dobie.

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