Photographs © the estate of Klaus Werner Prufer

Atikokan Ontario : Anglican Church, 1957.

I discovered these negatives hidden away in a sealed envelope. They were taken by the late Klaus Werner Prufer, a printer at The Atikokan Progress and a good friend of mine and my family. Klaus was an avid photographer and had a Roliflex 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 twin-lens reflex -- probably one of the best cameras in town.

Anglican Church, Atikokan

The church building, long before the addition was built.

Anglican Church, Atikokan, Heather Pooley, Vera (Polischuk) Brooks

Three girls take a knitting class. Heather Pooley is at far right. Their teacher is Vera (Polischuk) Brooks.
Jude (Bannister) Fisher says: "The two smallest girls are the daughters of a relatively new baker. I believe he was Dutch and iced most of his goods in bright pink icing. Their names were Ankee and Ninee (phonetic). They were sweet, quiet little girls who would walk to school with me, as our homes backed on each other."

Anglican Church, Atikokan, Neena Van Lindonk, Vera (Polischuk) Brooks, Ada & Anka Van Lindonk, Heather Pooley

Left to Right:: Neena Van Lindonk, Vera (Polischuk) Brooks, Ada & Anka Van Lindonk, and Heather Pooley.

Anglican Church, Atikokan, Charles Dobie, Dave Edmunds, Corinne Briggs, Bayne Beyak, Margie Kaskie

Anglican Church choir.
Back row: 2nd & 3rd from left are Charles Dobie & Dave Edmunds.
Second Row: 2nd from left is Corinne Briggs.
Front row: 2nd & 3rd from left are Bayne Beyak and Margie Kaskie. Nancy Edmunds is far right.
Everyone else is unidentified.

Anglican Church, Atikokan

Anglican Church choir. As above.

Anglican Church, Atikokan, Greg Armstrong, Charles Dobie

Rev. Greg Armstrong at his desk with Charles Dobie.

Anglican Church, Atikokan, Dobie, Hele, Bergman, Gilmore, Romanson

Part of the congregation. Front row, centre & right are William & Margaret Dobie. In the row behind them, centre woman sharing the hymnbook is Patricia Hele. To the left beside Pat, is Peggy Bergman.
The man standing partly in the isle is Bill Gilmore, and the little boy standing in the doorway is Danny Romanson.

Anglican Church, Atikokan

As above.

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Photographs by Klaus Prufer.