Atikokan, Ontario, 1954 : Grade Eight Class.

Atikokan Ontario, Grade Eight class, 1954.

In 2012 Jay Blacksher sent me a cropped version of this photo. He said it was his last year in Atikokan, although he doesn't seem to appear in the photo. Now, thanks to the dilligence of Susan Bryk, this complete, original photo was provided by Dwayne Pastuck, who also provided the names. The calendar (as well as a notation in the photo margin) reveals it was taken on March 5, 1954.

Back Row, L to R: Colin A. Smith (teacher), Fred Armitage, Douglas Heale, Max (Bud) Robinson, Bruce Davidson, Larry Coulson, Bob Cromack, Ed Danard, Bob Davidson.
4th row (all girls): Sandra Henning, Collette Cayer, Connie Bouley, Judy Johnson, Maxine Scales, Shelva Coulson, Sally Cottrel, Elsie Demchuk, Annette Turpin.
3rd row (all girls): Sylvia Krawshewsky, Beatrice Carpenter, Ingrid Knutsen, Bertha Carpenter, Katy Zuke.
2nd row (all boys): Lawrence Dickison, Vincent Gauthier, Roger Carriere, Walter Lytwynka, Ian Munn, Bill Harris, Brian Lambert.
Front row: Tim Waranuk, Steve Kennedy, Everett Rostie, Ken Rostie, Dwayne Pastuck, Eldon Kelm, Fred Bates, Ed Lambert.

Thanks to and for the original image and many names in the original version. And many thanks to for this new photo, originally provided by Dwayne Pastuck, who also provided the names.

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