Atikokan, Ontario : Bar-Rene Enterprises, about 1971.

Bar-Rene Enterprises.

This must be a Dominion Day parade in front of stores on Main Street, about 1971. Shown are Exclusive Ladies Apparel (Daniela's) and Bar-Rene Enterprises (Stan Wilkins Barber Shop). This building used to be Ratson's Clothing Store.

The woman at the far left of the photo is Donna Strom holding her son Doug, and with sons Len and Dan in front of her. The boy with striped pants is so far unknown. Doug Strom says in part: " . . . . Doug was born in 1970 so the picture is probably 1971. " The man on the far right edge of the photo, leaning against a car, might be Soren Stricker.

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