Atikokan, Ontario : Kiwanis Christmas Party, 1962.

Kiwanis Christmas Party, 1962.

This photo was taken in the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox hall on Poplar Crescent.
Back Row: Far left is Elda Slater; next right is unknown, next right is Ethel Broski, holding her baby girl Kathy Broski.
3rd Row from front: Far left is Bryan Phillips, next right in white shirt is Rory Slater, and next right is Ken Nephin.
2nd Row from front: Far left, the boy blowing up the yellow balloon is Allan Slater; next right, the child with face mostly hidden is unknown; next right, the woman in the fur coat is Margarita Nephin with her daughter Cindy; and next right, with his face partly covered by a yellow balloon is Jimmy Slater.
Front Row, L - R: Linda Presley, Pauline Tindale and Vivian Tindale (turned away from the camera).

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