High School Careers Day, March 8, 1957

Atikokan High School, teachers and board members, 1957.

I'm pretty sure I took this photo in the science lab of the old high school. My previous bafflement about this photo has been solved -- the person I thought was Mr. Morgan (the previous high school principal) has been identified as Ben Eyton, chief geologist at Steep Rock.

People with an asterisk before their names were not high-school staff.
Back row, Left to Right: Martin Stamler, *Charlie Watt, *Maude Boone, *Gordon Edwards, (*unknown), *Bob Clarke (editor of the Atikokan Progress), S. F. Brennan (Latin), Chris Thorp (English), (*two unknown military men), Mr. Penner (physics & chemistry).
Front row, all seated: *Ben Eyton, Mr. Hogle, Mrs. Olive Stamler, Miss MacMillan, and Mrs. Shaw (French).
Miss MacMillan and Mr. Penner were married a few years later.

Photo by Charles Dobie.

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