Atikokan High School, about 1958

Atikokan High School, Mr. Marcinek's home room class, about 1958.

I apologize for the photo but it was badly under-exposed. I'll try to get a better scan when and if I find the original negative. I'm pretty sure this was our grade 12 class but it might have been grade 13.

Back row, left to right: Mr. Marcinek, Jerry Nagorski, Glen Young, Pat Reid, Mike Reid, Diane Gordon, Ed Stertz, Ed Redshaw, Fred Berry, Ken Danard, Lynn Booth, Chester (Checker) Draper.
Front row, left to right: Sharon Roszell, Bill Harris, Ann Stamborski, Jaqueline Kunzleman, Marlese Kimmerle, Aileen Douglas, Lucille Waranuck.
Marjorie Wenstrom is almost invisible, standing behind Marlese Kimmerle.
Photograph by Charles Dobie.

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