Photos copyright © by Pat (Mulligan) Luoma.

Atikokan, Ontario : Mulligan Family Photographs.

Jim Magee, Harry Mulligan, Walter Bannister.

Left to Right: Jim Magee, Harry Mulligan, Walter Bannister.
Photo probably was taken at Steep Rock.

Harry Mulligan, Walter Bannister.

Left to Right: Walter Bannister, Unknown, Harry Mulligan.
"Unknown" was a dignitary of some kind and the photo was taken in front of one of the shops at SRIM near the Errington pit.

Unknown people.

Helen Mulligan is bottom left, rest are unknown. Looks like late 1940's.

Swimming group.

Swimming party. Helen Mulligan is 2nd from left in the middle row.

Swimming group.

Swimming party.

Walter Bannister & Marge Bannister & Patricia Mulligan & Dave McKay

Left to Right: Walter Bannister, Marge Bannister, Helen Mulligan (hidden), Patricia Mulligan, Dave McKay.

Cam McDougall & Connie McDougall & Bobby Gilmore & Bill Gilmore

Left to Right: Cam McDougall, Connie McDougall, Bobby Gilmore, Bill Gilmore.

Birthday party: Billy Chesney & Artie Dupuis & Susan Laboissiere & Michele Fitzgerald & Twila Chumway

Pat Mulligan's 4th or 5th birthday (1956 or 1957).
Left to Right: Billy Chesney, Artie Dupuis (lived at Steep Rock guest house), Susan Laboissiere, Michele Fitzgerald, Twila Chumway.

Birthday party: Sharon Arthur & David Gilmore & Patricia Mulligan & Michele Fitzgerald

Left to Right: Sharon Arthur, David Gilmore, Patricia Mulligan, Michele Fitzgerald.

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