Photos by Terry Martin (Terry Phair).

Atikokan Ontario : Photos from the 1950s.

Many thanks to (Terry Phair) for these photos. He wrote me in part: " . . . . I went under my stepfather's name (Phair) all the time I was in school but when I joined the Air Force I had to revert to my real last name (Martin). . . . I worked at M&C Motors for a year or so after quitting grade 11 in 1959, then joined the Air Force. Stayed in for 28 years . . . . "

January 21, 2011 : Terry sent me another batch of photos. One is at the bottom of this page and the other eleven are listed in the Steep Rock Iron Mines section.

Terry Phair, Atikokan, Ontario

Terry Phair as a teenager.

Terry Martin in the Air Force

Terry Martin as an Air Force trainee in Borden 1962.

Danny Gagne, Atikokan, Ontario

Danny Gagne.

Melvin Bone, Atikokan, Ontario

Melvin Bone.

Terry McLenndon, Atikokan, Ontario

Terry McLenndon.

Buzz Gagne, Atikokan, Ontario

Buzz Gagne.

Jerry Hamel, Atikokan, Ontario

Jerry Hamel.

Colby Dickison, Atikokan, Ontario

Colby Dickison.

Atikokan Ontario, 1959 Hockey Players

This is probably a clipping from the Atikokan Progress.
Back row, l to r: Ed Werner, Cameron McLeod, Leroy Rostie, Jim Kruger, Lloyd Rolling, UNKNOWN.
Middle row, l to r: Terry Phair, Gary Summers, Vern Thorsteinson (see memorial).
Front row, l to r: Keith Pringnitz, Len Foisy, David Ringus, Larry Thorsteinson.

Atikokan Ontario, Atikokan Beverages

Atikokan Beverages truck with unknown driver. The passenger is Al Wasney.

Can you identify the driver in the photo above, or have corrections or comments?