Atikokan Ontario :
Clark Street Public School,
Grade 6, 1997-98.

Atikokan, Clark Street Public School, 1997-98.

Grade 6, 1997-98. Teacher is Mr. Doug Dunnett.
Behind Back Row, L to R: Mr. Doug Dunnett.
Back Row, L to R: Stephen McLeod, Jordan Boileau, Stephen Kwasnicia, Stephanie Martin, Andy Roehrig, Karla Stradiotto, Samantha Peden, Duane Gardham, Stacey Baxter, Hailey Hobbs, Robyn Melanson.
Middle Row, L to R: Nicholas Nelson, Graham Busch, Paige Ivall, Krystal Cain, Bryan Cain, Kayla Sawdo, Brent Dyhm, Charlie Rusnick.
Front Row, L to R: Casey Matichuk, Robert Manns, Corey Hachey, John Fraser, Scott Main, Jennifer Brooks, Vanessa Shears.

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