Atikokan Ontario :
Hemlock Ave. Public School,
Grade 1, 1994-95.

Atikokan, Hemlock Ave. Public School, 1994-95.

Grade 1, 1994-95. Teachers are Mrs. Georgette Rawlings and Mrs. Michelle Cain (education assistant).
Back Row, L to R: Donnie Busch, Tyler White, Chris Johnson, Callahan Gosselin, Kyle Bates, Mrs. Georgette Rawlings.
Middle Row, L to R: Mrs. Michelle Cain, Rob Potts, DJ Smith, Adam Cain, Kevin Rusnick, Erik Urbanowicz.
Front Row, L to R: Lawrence Chumway-Cox, Casi McCallum, UNKNOWN, Sonya Mainville, Alexis Matichuk, Anne Marie Morden.

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