Atikokan Ontario : Hemlock Ave. Public School, 1984-85 : Junior Kindergarten.

Atikokan, Hemlock Avenue Public School, 1984-85.

Junior Kindergarten, 1984-85. Teacher is Mrs. Janice McFee.
Back Row, L - R: Jennifer Galbraith, Michael Dennis, Dwayne Strom, Kirt Gurnett, Jeff Vollans, Robbie Wright, Jimmy Landry, Melissa Mosley, Kim Skinner, Sherri McQuaker, Mrs. Janice McFee.
Front Row, L - R: Derrick Leduchowski (standing), UNKNOWN, Andre Labonte, Darcy Plant, Tamara Chumway-Kehler, Andrea Repo, Becky Jewett, Tanya Myrberg, Erin Zacharias (standing).

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