Atikokan Ontario : Junior High School, 1999-2000 : Grade 7.

Atikokan, Junior High School, 1999-2000.

Grade 7, 1999-2000. Teacher is Mr. Doug Dunnet.
Back Row, L - R: David Riding, Toby Wiens, Alastair Greig, Brittany McDonell, Megan Fairbairn, Aaron Matichuk, Zachary Halwachs, Nicholas Matichuk.
Middle Row, L - R: Lee Risi, Kendra Faykes, Tim Riding, Michelle Cryderman, Jesse Zacharias, Erica Mosley, Shelby Davidson, Mr. Doug Dunnet.
Front Row, L - R: Jordan Ehelebe, Nathan Darrah, Christine Jensen, Tori Matichuk, Ashley Ehelebe, Justin Enge, Marlys Niskanen, Alison Smith.
Missing: Josh Robinson.

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