Atikokan Ontario :
Junior High School, Grade 8, 1988-89.

Atikokan, Junior High School, 1988-89.

Grade 8, 1988-89. Teacher is Mrs. Pam Money.
Back Row, L to R: Kristi Desrochers, Wendy Kadolph, Mike Bailey, Rob Lacosse, Larisse Vincent, Colin Wright, Jessie Knowles, Nathan Bruyere.
Middle Row, L to R: Kris Strand, Sue McCallum, Justin Johnson, Tara Ogier, Tracey Sinclair, Bonnie Dennis, Cheryl Florek, Dan Gashinski, Mrs. Pam Money.
Front Row, L to R: Brock Loveday, Raquel Whitford, Jennifer Dolph, Steven Cunningham, Tanya Lessard, Gord Miesner, Shane Ivall.

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