Atikokan Ontario : Junior High School, 1999-2000 : Grade 8.

Atikokan, Junior High School, 1999-2000.

Grade 8, 1999-2000. Teachers are Mrs. Teresa Gustafson (education assistant) and Mrs. Karen Wright.
Back Row, L - R: Keith Henderson, Rob Strom, Brandi Grennier, Samantha Lafreniere, Andy Roehrig, Bill Blanchard, Ashley Johnson.
3rd Row, L - R: Tyler Herbert, Mrs. Teresa Gustafson, Bryan Cain, Duane Gardham, John Fraser, Mrs. Karen Wright.
2nd Row, L - R: Vanessa Shears, Paige Ivall, Jason Howson, Krystal Cain, Brent Dyhm, Adam Fraser, Robyn Melanson, Casey Matichuk.
Front Row, L - R: Graham Busch, Kayla Sawdo, Stacey Baxter, Stephen McLeod, Charlie Rusnick.
Missing: Treana Stewart.

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