Atikokan Ontario :
Marks Street School,
Grade 3, 1950-51.

Grade 3, Marks Street School

Grade 3, 1950-51. Teacher is Miss Gladys Lord.
Back row, Front to Back: Doreen Patterson, Stanley Zuke, Monty Young, UNKNOWN, Ruth Giles, Cathy Demchuk, Jackie Foy.
2nd row, Front to Back: Jerry Croswell, Diane Lillies, Dennis Fredrickson, Lucille Waranuk, Sharon Pastuck, Peggy Davidson, UNKNOWN.
3rd row, Front to Back: Carol Nelson, Velma Cox, Lois Rostie, Ruth McIntyre, Glen Moore, Deloris Oliver, UNKNOWN.
4th row, Front to Back: Carol O'Donnell, UNKNOWN, Marilyn Savage, UNKNOWN, Barb Gordon, UNKNOWN, possibly Tom Landry, UNKNOWN.

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