Atikokan Ontario :
Marks Street Public School,
Grade 8 Astronomy, 1973-74.

Atikokan, Marks St. Public School, 1973-74.

Grade 8 Astronomy class. Photo taken on hill behind Mr. Joe Marohnic's (teacher) house.
Top Row, L to R: Laura Richard, Lily Au, Eva Zerebeski.
3rd Row, L to R: Carol Hunter, Susan Jarvis, Andrew Piechota, Brian Gadd, Chris Savoy, UNKNOWN (partial face behind raised arms), UNKNOWN (person with raised arms might be Ken Matichuk).
2nd Row, L to R: Linda Morris (standing behind Larry Sawdo), Carol Thomson, Carrie Coulson, Julie Myrberg (leaning on pole), David Berg, Scott Manford (veed fingers), Gary Eady, Derrick Rusnick.
Front Row, L to R: Larry Sawdo (standing), Joan Miller (behind), Corinne Porter (front), Pam Wasney (front), Karen Ellek (behind - striped hat), Alvina Faykes (white toque), Karen Wood (laying down), Bruce Anderson, Terry Stus (head tipped down), Glenn Drews (behind), Alan Williams (arm on Glen Drews), Philip Bigwood.

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