Atikokan Ontario :
Rawn Road Public School,
Grade 4, 1981-82.

Atikokan, Rawn Road Public School, 1981-82.

Grade 4, 1981-82. Teacher is Mrs. Connie Morrice.
Back Row, L to R: Mrs. Connie Morrice, Nathan Brown, Trevor Marquardt, Shaun Morris, Chris Collition, Jason Johnson, Paul Peters, Jon Lewis.
Middle Row, L to R: Kevin Griffiths, Chad Stewart, Chris UNKNOWN, Angel Calvelli, Tammy Squire, Deryk Spicer, Leo Faykes, Robert Colvin.
Front Row, L to R: Tanis Kaus, Tracey Lowe, Tara Loveday, Sherrie Johnson, Tammy Kraft, Marcy Figas, Terri Baechler, Ann Marie Barnard.

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