Atikokan Ontario, 1953-54 :
Grade Two Class, Rawn Road School.

Grade Two Class, Rawn Road School

Teacher is Mrs. Evelyn Westerby.
Very Back row, L to R: Sharon Mattson, Milly Pinnette, Mrs. Evelyn Westerby (teacher).
Back row, L to R: Cheryl Moore, Marion "Bunty" Stinson, Margaret Mullner, Diane Barnhart, Rosemarie Gabbs, Annette Yurchuk, Rolene Hogan, Marlene Fair, Unknown, Barbara Poplawski, Cheryl Menzies, Unknown, Lola Cox.
3rd row, L to R: Cheryl Clark, Sandy Bailey, Patricia Unknown, Jackie Cottingham, Faith Hershey, Lexi Hergott, Lucy Anderson, Linda Mulholland, Leslie Niro.
2nd row, L to R: Eric Swanson, Dick Hutzul, Brent Waldie, Norman Lusignan, Doug Crookes, Rolly Coulombe, Unknown.
Front row, L to R: Allan Wall, Gary McNeil, Sandy Russell, Neil McNeil, Bob Coulombe, Don Campbell, Terry Eyton, Neil Douglas.

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