Atikokan Ontario :
Saturn Avenue Public School,
Grade 1, 1977-1978.

This class was actually situated in the Hillcrest Annex which was a separate building on a different street but overseen by the Saturn principal.

Atikokan, Saturn Avenue Public School, 1977-1978.

Grade 1, 1977-1978. Teacher is Mrs. Dolores Fraser.
Back Row, L to R: Sean Ekstrom, Shane Halvorsen, UNKNOWN, Mark Skinner, Angus Manford, Danny Veran, UNKNOWN, Chris Plumridge, Jimmy Bruce, Brad Bruyere, Jason Goodman, Cory Nephin.
Middle Row, L to R: Chris Bailey, UNKNOWN, Denise Desmeules, UNKNOWN, Heather MacKay, Raylene Veran, Annely Armstrong, Jackie King, Mrs. Dolores Fraser.
Front Row, L to R: Tammy Zacharias, Colleen Baker, Anna Gurney, Roxanne Thurier, Teresa Rydberg, UNKNOWN, Corrine Stonehouse, UNKNOWN.

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