Atikokan Ontario : Saturn Avenue Public School, 1991-92 : Grade 5.

Atikokan, Saturn Avenue Public School, 1991-92.

Grade 5, 1991-92. Teachers are Mrs. Ann Braun and Mr. Ralph Brown.
Back Row, L - R: Mr. Ralph Brown, Jimmy Landry, Jared Meeks, Kirt Gurnett, Lesley Belmore, Danny Baxter, Brent Clement, Kevin Sanden, Jamie Caouette, Eric Zacharias, Linda Gagne, Tanya Myrberg, Bonnie Wood, Mrs. Ann Braun.
Front Row, L - R: Darryl Kaus, Shawn Groulx, Michelle Strom, Jami MacDonald, Andi-Beth Holborn, Kristi Roy, Crystal Anderson, Jodie Chambers, Jessie Hopper, Stephanie Taylor, Tammy Happy.

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