Atikokan Ontario :
Saturn Avenue Public School,
Grades 5 & 6, 1979-80.

Atikokan, Saturn Avenue Public School, 1979-80.

Grades 5 & 6, 1979-80. Teacher is Mr. Larry Brown.
Back Row, L to R: Sean Simmons, Keith Peters, Doug Baranowski, Bonnie Stewart, Angela Prince, Lydia Kutra, Wade Demchuk, Don Magnussen.
Middle Row, L to R: John Switzer, Dave Williams, Rob Michels, Mike Green, Kenji Miyata, Mike Golding, Michael Angus, Mr. Larry Brown.
Front Row, L to R: Tammy Jewell, Stacey Tuomi, Christy Manford, Krysta Blanchard, Cathy Blair, Jodi Human, Kim McFee, Lori Pointer.

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