Atikokan Ontario : Saturn Avenue Public School, 1994-95 : Grade 6.

Atikokan, Saturn Avenue Public School, 1994-95.

Grade 6, 1994-95. Teachers are Mr. Dave Livicker and Mrs. Thelma Cameron.
Back Row, L - R: Steven Bates, Brandon McLeod, Blake Goodwin, Aaron Wiens, Darren Wragg, Jergen Mosley, Michael McCluskey, Eric Main, John Sawdo.
Middle Row, L - R: Mr. Dave Livicker, Ryan Marchand, Brent Anderson, Debbie Belmore, Ashley Zacharias, Roxanne Manns, Crystal Gallinger, Randall Seguin, Jordie Caul, Mrs. Thelma Cameron.
Front Row, L - R: Lauren Tribe, Allison Roy, Kelly Morden, Amber Hayes, Amanda Carpenter, Stacey Bates, Beth Spilchuk, Karena Thorburn.
Missing: Jessica Goodman.

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