Atikokan Ontario : St. Patrick's Separate School, 1990-91 : Grades 1 & 2.

Atikokan, St. Patrick's Separate School, 1990-91.

Grade 1, 1990-91. Teacher is Mrs. Eunice Bang.
Back Row, L - R: Paul Howson, Phillip Sabean, Jason Girouard, Stephen Stanley, Justin Stewart, Peta Nolan, Mark Hoggarth, Cory Gouliquer, Mrs. Eunice Bang.
Middle Row, L - R: Brad Steele, Jeremy Thivierge, Joey Gagne, Patrick Sanders, Ti-Jean Roussy, Justin Ehelebe.
Front Row, L - R: Erica Bryk, Crystal Fisk, Stacey Lind, Tanya McGowan, Terri Donohue, Malorey Armstrong, Julie Warren.

Atikokan, St. Patrick's Separate School, 1990-91.

Grades 1 & 2, 1990-91. Teachers Mrs. Margaret Leather and Mrs. Marianne Caldwell (education assistant).
Back Row, L - R: Mrs. Marianne Caldwell, Tim Lindsay, Mike Luptak, Kyle Lee, Rian Johnston, Scott Armstrong, Adam Sus, Tim O'Flaherty, Mrs. Margaret Leather.
Middle Row, L - R: Michael Lewis, Kirk Sanders, Chris Gouliquer, Alan Gauthier-Poelman, Chris Labelle, Rita Johnston.
Front Row, L - R: Jill Niro, Katie Lyons, Colleen Webber, Amanda St. Louis, Tracy Angus, Amber Beyak, Tara Plouffe.

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