Atikokan Ontario :
St Patricks Separate School,
Grade 2, 1969-70.

Atikokan, St Patricks Separate School, 1969-70.

Grade 2, 1969-70.
Back Row, L to R: UNKNOWN, Ben Strom, Bernie Eagles, Patti-Ann Kilmer, Dianne Broomfield, Paul Hebert, Leo Roy, Rose Abate.
Middle Row, L to R: Angele Belley, Alan Muzyka, Russel White, UNKNOWN, Brad Sampson, Loretta Snider, Bonnie Zucchiatti, Lisa Doyle, Joanne Storey, Debbie Douglass, UNKNOWN, Marion Connolly, Jeff Fiedler.
Front Row, L to R: Lorene Legaree, Billy Robinson, Christine Jefferson.
Unconnected Names: Alan Roy, Shane Usipiuk, Gerry Veldman. (It isn't known if they are the "Unknowns").

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