Atikokan Ontario :
St Patricks Separate School,
Grade 4, 1980-81.

Atikokan, St Patricks Separate School, 1980-81.

Grade 4, 1980-81. Teacher is Mrs. Helen Cook.
Back Row, L to R: UNKNOWN, Melanie Kaartinen, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Chris Jarvis, Cory Larocque, Paul Cross, Trent Snider, Kelly Campbell.
Middle Row, L to R: Mrs. Helen Cook, Spencer Meany, Daniel Bessette, Travis Matz, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Corey Brasseur, Derek Hart, UNKNOWN, Paul Danielson.
Front Row, L to R: Corinna Majors, Michelle Roscoe, Tammy Caron, Natalie Lafond, Dorianne Charbonneau, Ruth Sportak, Lisa McEvoy, Tammy Botham.

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