Atikokan Ontario : St. Patrick's Separate School, 1998-99 : Grade 5.

Atikokan, St. Patrick's Separate School, 1998-99.

Grade 5, 1998-99. Teachers are Mrs. Karen Clement, Mr. Jim Desaulniers, Mrs. Marianne Duhamel, and Mrs. Candice Lee (education assistant).
Back Row, L - R: Mathew Tremblay, Jason Caldwell, Lee Glaab, Kenneth Hanlon, John Thomas, Trevor Lind, Jesse Barnard, Josh Veran, Yari Maki, Mrs. Marianne Duhamel.
Middle Row, L - R: Mr. Jim Desaulniers, Mrs. Karen Clement, Joey Phillips, Jessica Roy, Shannon Degagne, Amanda Taylor, Naomi Danco, Sarah Howells, Mallory Miller, Ty Parker, Brandon Bain, Mrs. Candace Lee.
Front Row, L - R: Nic Durand (standing), Kaija Jewett, Amber Blair, Michelle Desaulniers, Ashley Eager, Kristie Roy, Melanie Luptak, Kimber Carlson.

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