Atikokan Ontario : St. Patricks Separate School, 1980-81 : Grade 6.

Atikokan, St. Patrick's Separate School, 1980-81.

Grade 6, 1980-81. Teacher is Mr. Bud Balla.
Back Row, L - R: Laura Quinn, Carolyn Warren, Angie Bradshaw, Kim Boutilier, Judy Wilmot, Kathy Eagles, Francois Gagnon, Allan Desjardin, Dennis Labelle, Pam DeGagne, Mr. Bud Balla.
Middle Row, L - R: Theresa McMullen, Ross Wilson, Darren Kitchak, Sheldon Strachan, Dennis Leckner, Doug Desaulniers, Dwayne Haney, Sylvain Paquette, David Pederson, Mickey Ducharme, Bobby Thorson.
Front Row, L - R: Pam Olson, Lisa Roscoe, Pam Kaartinen, Yolande St. Charles, Michelle Charbonneau, Tracey Hart, Lori Pointer, Tracy Robinson.

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