Atikokan Ontario :
St Patrick's Separate School,
Grade 7, 1999-2000.

Atikokan, St Patrick's Separate School, 1999-00.

Grade 7, 1999-00. Teacher is Mr. Peter Roberts.
Back Row, L to R: Steven Sus, Gary Lemieux, Victoria Danco, Kristen Warren, Kayla Haney, Holly Yurick, Shannon Lindsay.
Middle Row, L to R: Mr. Peter Roberts, Mitchell Paquette, Ashley Lange, Kyle Cunningham, Nick Roy, John Krishka, Jessica Howells, Kyle Stanley.
Front Row, L to R: D.J. Gillies, Michelle McLeod, Justin Labelle, Codge Hensrud, Kristen Roehrig, Kaleigh Hrynuk, Steven Bryk.

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