Atikokan Ontario :
St Patrick's Separate School,
Grade 8, 1990-91.

Atikokan, St Patrick's Separate School, 1990-91.

Grade 8, 1990-91. Teacher is Mr. Harold Jarvis.
Back Row, L to R: Mr. Harold Jarvis, Joey Machura, Jeremy Larson, Nathan Clark, Glenn Bang, Lyle Steele, Todd Duhamel, Brian Fisk, Zenon Bednarski, Jason Geurts.
Middle Row, L to R: Jamie Cross, Amber Gouliquer, Laura Lind, Monique Dubois, Brandy George, Elizabeth Hogan, Dobi Frenette, Sophie Pelletier, Cristol Marquardt, Gary Gouliquer, Jim Nephin-Rollins.
Front Row, L to R: Andre Durand, Carol Cook, Cindy O'Beirn, Anna Maccadanza, Joanne Dupuis, Katie Couch, Rhonda Michaluk, Angela Kitchen.

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