Atikokan Ontario : St. Patrick's Separate School, 1993-94 : Grade 8 Graduation.

Atikokan, St. Patrick's Separate School, 1993-94.

Grade 8 Graduation, 1993-94.
Back Row, L - R: Jarrett Gordon, Travis George, Mike Bujold, Joey Connolly, Cory Urbanowicz, James Burns, Brian James, Ryan Huntley, Jamie Plouffe, Aaron Ward, Jeremy Bernatchez, Mike McCluskey.
Middle Row, L - R: Donnie Gushulak, Nicole Beletic, Amy Alexander, Cathy Patzel, Jennifer James, Susie Stromness, Erica Sus, Lana Cross, Marina Morelli, Jeff Lyons.
Front Row, L - R: Natalie Girouard, Lisa Doran, Carole Cunningham, Holly Armstrong, Melissa Sincliar, Sarah Hoggarth/Monaco.

Atikokan, St. Patrick's Separate School, 1993-94.

Grade 8 Graduation Award Winners, 1993-94.
Back Row, L - R: Jeremy Bernatchez, Aaron Ward, Joey Connolly, Carole Cunningham, James Burns, Holly Armstrong, Jamie Plouffe, Travis George, Mike McCluskey.
Front Row, L - R: Erica Sus, Sarah Hoggarth/Monaco, Marina Morelli, Lisa Doran, Melissa Sinclair, Lana Cross.

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