Atikokan Ontario :
St Patrick's Separate School,
Grade 8, 1997-98.

Atikokan, St Patrick's Separate School, 1997-98.

Grade 8, 1997-98. Teachers are Mr. Guy Durand and Mrs. Candice Lee & Mrs. Lorraine Miller (education assistants).
Back Row, L to R: Tim Lindsay, Chris Labelle, Travis Hodgson, Josh Curtis, Michael Luptak, Joey Gagne, Jason Girouard, Mark Hoggarth, Brad Steele.
Middle Row, L to R: Mr. Guy Durand, Rory Stromberg, Tim O'Flaherty, Jeremy Thivierge, Alan Poelman, Phillip Sabean, Justin Stewart, Jessica McLeod, Stacey Lind, Cory Gouliquer, Mrs. Candice Lee, Mrs. Lorraine Miller.
Front Row, L to R: Malorey Armstrong, Jill Niro, Terri Donohue, Erica Bryk, Julie Warren, Tracy Angus, Samantha St. Louis, Colleen Webber, Jennifer Rousseau.

Atikokan, St Patrick's Separate School, 1997-98.

Grade 7 & 8 Confirmation Class, 1997-98. Teacher is Mr. Guy Durand.
Back Row, L to R: Deacon John McInnis, Cory Gouliquer, Tyler Warren, Mark Hoggarth, Mike Luptak, Jason Girouard, Tim O'Flaherty, Josh Curtis, Father UNKNOWN, Mr. Guy Durand.
Middle Row, L to R: Ben Morelli, Terence Antolovich, Matt Sinclair, Jeremy Thivierge, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Malorey Armstrong, Ryan Meilleur, Jamie Braun, Tim O'Flaherty, Rory Stromberg.
Front Row, L to R: Marisa Moran, Jamie Stus, Jessica McLeod, Jillian Alexander, Jill Niro, Erica Bryk, Tracy Angus, Julie Warren, Brian Armstrong.

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