Atikokan Ontario :
St Patrick's Separate School,
Grade 8 Confirmation, 1995-96.

Atikokan, St Patrick's Separate School, 1995-96.

Grade 8 Confirmation, 1995-96.
Back Row, L to R: Mr. Guy Durand (teacher), Mark Sinclair, Chris Gouliquer, Jared Veran, UNKNOWN, Angela Maki, Jeff Haney, Graham Horricks, Melissa Kitchen, UNKNOWN, Emily Hoggarth.
Middle/Front Row, L to R: Joanna Fraser, Katie Lyons, Pam Bujold, Angela Morelli, UNKNOWN, Cassie Stus, Neil Leather, Brooke Rasinaho, Kyle Lee, Unknown Priest, UNKNOWN, Unknown Priest, Carly Stromberg, Thomas Taylor, Brooke Carpenter, Lisa Lindsay, Erin Lindsay.

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