Atikokan Ontario : St. Patricks Separate School, 1980-81 : Junior Kindergarten.

Atikokan, St. Patrick's Separate School, 1980-81.

Junior Kindergarten, 1980-81. Teacher is Mrs. Marcella Doyle.
Back Row, L - R: Mrs. Marcella Doyle, Ryan Thomas, Lyle Steele, Darcey Bailey, Michael Kowal, Jason Morden, Aaron Doyle, Danny Lee, Sebastien Provost, Christopher Brown, Glenn Bang (visitor).
Front Row, L - R: Jennifer Brasseur, Cherice Brown, Shannon Brown, Deanna Haney, Cary Gillies, Monique Dubois, Jamie Krassey, Michelle Simmons, Melissa Mihalich.

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