Atikokan, Ontario : Catholic Separate School Boards, 1951-2009.

By Susan Bryk

Up until 1954, all children in Atikokan attended the same elementary/high school. In 1954, the Atikokan Separate School Board was formed. St. Patrick's School was built in that year on Hawthorne Avenue, by Elis Anderson of Port Arthur. The school consisted of eight classrooms.

An Annex to the school was built in 1961 by Claydon Co. Ltd., which added three classrooms. Two more classrooms were added in 1963 and another two in 1966. These four classrooms were built by G. M. McLeod Construction.

In 1969, a library, gymnasium and general purpose room were added by Gateway Development of Fort William, resulting in a 15 classroom complex.

In 1976, the Atikokan Board of Trustees of the Roman Catholic Separate School Section #1 of the Township of Atikokan changed their name to The Atikokan Roman Catholic Separate School Board. In 1988, the board received isolate board status.

In 2000, ownership of Hemlock School was transfered from the Atikokan Board of Education to The Atikokan Roman Catholic School Board. The old Hemlock was used to house the JK-3 classes of St. Pat's for the 2000-2001 school year.

In 2001, a new school was built encompassing the Annex and fronting on Hemlock Avenue, and the original school on Hawthorne was demolished. The new school has 13 classrooms, a library and a gymnasium.

On September 1, 2009 the Atikokan Roman Catholic Separate School Board ceased to exist and St.Patrick's School became part of the Northwest Catholic District School Boards.

Board Members, 1951 - 2009 :

1951 : Rod C. Macrae (Chairman); Armand Charbonneau; Vic Turpin.

1952 : John MacCarthy; Joe Murray; Vic Turpin.

1953-1955 : Pat Hogan (Chairman); John McCarthy; Joe Murray.

1955 : John McCarthy (Chairman); C.D. LeMay; Joe Murray.

1956 : C.D. LeMay (Chairman); Frank L. Covello; Joe Murray.

1957-1958 : Frank L. Covello (Chairman); C.D. LeMay; Lucienne Turpin.

1959 : Lucienne Turpin (Chairman); Frank L. Covello; C.D. LeMay.

1960-1961 : Frank L. Covello (Chairman); C.D. LeMay (resigned in 1961); Lucienne Turpin.

1961 : Frank L. Covello (Chairman) (resigned December, 1961); Bob J. Marcinek; Lucienne Turpin.

1962 : Lucienne Turpin (Chairman); Bob J. Marcinek; K.R. Coyne (resigned Mar, 1962).

1962 : Lucienne Turpin (Chairman); Bob J. Marcinek; Horace Sampson.

1963 : Bob. J. Marcinek (Chairman) (resigned June, 1963}; Thomas B. Cox; Horace Sampson.

1963-1965 : Thomas B. Cox (Chairman & Secretary-Treas.); Frank R. Quinn; Horace Sampson.

1965-1966 : Frank R. Quinn (Chairman); Graig F. Boileau; John R. McIntosh.

1967-1969 : John R. McIntosh (Chairman) (resigned February, 1969}; Graig F. Boileau; John R. McIntosh.

1969-1970 : Graig F. Boileau (Chairman); Frank R. Quinn (resigned Jan, 1970); Madeleine Toffan.

1970-1971 : Graig F. Boileau (Chairman); Ernest Cosco (resigned October, 1971); Madeleine Toffan.

1971 : Graig F. Boileau (Chairman); John Duggan; Madeleine Toffan.

1972-1973 : John Duggan (Chairman); Graig F. Boileau; Madeleine Toffan (resigned December, 1973).

1974 : John Duggan (Chairman); Graig F. Boileau (resigned Dec, 1974); Doug R. Delahunt.

1975-1976 : John Duggan (Chairman); Doug R. Delahunt; Findlay Warren.

1977-1978 : Findlay Warren (Chairman); Edgar A. Morrissette; Herb Roehrig, Sr.

1979-1980 : Herb Roehrig, Sr. (Chairman); Edgar A. Morrissette; Findlay Warren.

1981-1982 : Edgar A. Morrissette (Chairman); Herb Roehrig, Sr.; Findlay Warren.

1983-1984 : Edgar A. Morrissette (Chairman); Jean G. Gagnon; Findlay Warren.

1985-1991 : Edgar A. Morrissette (Chairman); Mary Makarenko; Findlay Warren.

1991-1994 : Edgar A. Morrissette (Chairman); Mary Makarenko; Linda Morelli.

1994-1997 : Edgar A. Morrissette (Chairman); Mary Makarenko; Doris Nephin.

1997-1999 : Edgar A. Morrissette (Chairman); Bruce Villella; Marie Warren.

1999-2000 : Edgar A. Morrissette (Chairman); Kenneth Sawchuk; Marie Warren.

2000-2003 : John B. McInnis (Chairman); Kenneth Sawchuk; Marie Warren.

2003-2008 : John B. McInnis (Chairman); Karen Arif; Kenneth Sawchuk.

2008-2009 : John B. McInnis (Chairman); Laura Homer; Kenneth Sawchuk.

Board is dissolved August, 2009.

Secretary-Treasurers, 1955 - 2009 :

1955-1956 : Joe Murray.

1958-1961 : C.D. LeMay.

1961-1963 : Ron Phillips.

1963-1991 : Tom B. Cox (full-time Sec-Treasurer/Administrator & Mtce Feb/69).

1991-2009 : Theresa Larson (laid-off by Northwest Board December 31, 2009).

Principals, 1954 - 2009 :

1954 : Alphonse C. McFee (September-December).

1955 : Mrs. Gertrude M. Geraghty (January-June).

1955-1963 : Michael Chochla.

1963-1989 : William Morrison.

1989-1999 : Ed McCluskey.

1999-2009 : Wayne McAndrew.

Northwest Catholic District School Board.

2009 : John McInnis, advisor to new board.

2010-present : Teresa Larson, representative on the Northwest District Catholic School Board.

Principals :

2009-2013 : Guy Durand.

2013-present : Ron Fryer.

Director of Education :

2009-2013 : Mary-Catherine Kelly.

2013-present : Richard Boisvert.

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