Chamber of Commerce Convention, 1952.

Many thanks to for this photo, which is from his father's estate. He emailed in part: "My father, Harry Cornwall, worked at Steep Rock, running the dredging operation in the early 1950's and I have photos of the dredging as well as a Chamber of Commerce Convention photo from (1952?) taken by J E Berg. My father and mother were living in Atikokan at the time."

Nancy Moffatt Myers said, via Facebook: "My dad (Bob Moffatt) said this was taken at Steep Rock. The stairway on the right leads up to the dining room and bunk house. Footings on the left are for the bunkhouse which was a rec hall at one time."

Atikokan Ontario : Chamber of Commerce, 1952

Chamber of Commerce Convention, 1952. Photo by J.E. Berg.
People identified so far are, in alphabetical order: Dr. B. Adey, Ann Andrechuk, Sheila & Bob Clarke, Fred Cox, Gordon Edwards, Neil Edmonstone, Gordon Edwards, Ken Eoll(?), Ben Eyton, Betty & Pop Fotheringham, George D. Hill, Sandy Johnston, Jim Magee, Bill Marr, Ken McRorie, Harry Mulligan, Clarence Nelson, Mel Newman, Romeo Oliver, John Reid Sr., Bernard Shatten, Jim Sinclair, Bill Spicer(?), Gordon Starr, Bill Strachan, Roger Thew, Russ Waldie, Adolf Werner(?), Joe White, Dave Wright.
The people aren't in regular rows so it's hard to describe their positions. Gordon Starr is front and centre holding the dog, and after that I give up.


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