Atikokan Ontario : Powell Cats at hockey practice, about 1956.

Atikokan Powell Cats

Back row, L - R: Fern Fortin (coach), Lloyd Rolling, Bruce Bannister, Walter (Max) Beyak, Leroy Rostie, Alain Jeansonne, Gerald Swanson.
Middle row: Jim Goodfellow, Vern Thorsteinson, Maurice Fortin, Don Sutton.
Front row: Rollie Girard (in front of coach), Jean Claude Fortin, Jean Paul Fortin, Martin Jenson, Larry Thorsteinson, Jean Marc Fortin.
Goalie: Jerry Hamel.

Many thanks to for the above photo. He says in part: " I remember going to at least two hockey tournaments in the Lakehead. This must be a picture of those that went. It shows boys from all levels of hockey. One of the teams won a trophy. Must have been the older boys team. Obviously we were all sponsored by one person. "

However, has a clearer memory of this occasion. He says in part: " I remember this picture and the Powell Cats, however, I don't remember all of the names of the players because after all it was 57 years ago. The team was coached by Mr. Fortin and at least 2 of his sons were on the team. . . . This picture was taken at the end of the season. The ice was melting on this particular day and it was on the Dunbar Heights rink with Spruce road in the background. We had gone for a practice and this picture was taken. . . . We had a very good team for a number of years and we did go to several tournaments in "The Lakehead" which was Port Arthur and Fort William at the time. Unfortunately we were most often shown how to play hockey when we were there. The sponsor of the team was Powell Equipment who were the dealer for Caterpillar tractors in Northwestern Ontario. "

And last but not least, many thanks to for the names.

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