Atikokan Ontario :
High School Play, 1962.

Atikokan High School play, 1962

Left to Right: Dora Dobie, Alain Jeansonne, Peter Love, and Faith Ivall.

An excerpt from an Atikokan Progress news story published February 22, 1962, reads: " The final presentation of the evening was "Tooth and Shave" by Niggli, directed by high school teacher James Pringle. This was a delightful Mexican comedy, and easily the best of the evening's offerings. The set was uncluttered and made good background for the vivid costumes of the Mexican peasants. . . . . The students had obviously worked hard on characterization under Mr. Pringle's able direction. The costumes were authentic looking and very colourful. The play moved along at a good pace and the acting by all four members of the cast was very good. In the play were Alain Jeansonne, who played Anselmo, the barber; Dora Dobie played an excellent Maria, his wife; Roger Love a most convincing Tomis the carpenter; and Faith Ivall played his wife, Juanita. "

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