Atikokan Ontario : Kiwanis Boys' Hockey, mid-1970's.

Atikokan Ontario: Kiwanis Boys' Hockey, mid-1970's.

Back, L - R: Jerry Duhame (coach), Doug Thorp, David Ribey, David Busch, ? McIver *, Leon Hummel, ? McIver *, Shawn Cox, Chris Hickerson, Bruce Hadley (coach).
Front, L - R: Todd Desaulniers, Reg Garrioch, Mark Mrakic, Dan Drewek, Ben Hadley, Mike Veran.
* A McIver twin, Jordie or Mike.

Thanks to David Busch for posting this photo on Facebook and to Nancy Moffatt Myers and Susan Bryk for the names.

Can you provide the correct first names to the correct McIver twins, or provide corrections or comments?