Atikokan Ontario : Kristjanson Family Photos, 1960s to 1970s.

Walter and Betty Kristjanson, 2016.

Photo 2016: Walter and Betty Kristjanson in 2016. Photo posted on Facebook by Laurie (Kristjanson) Marshall.

Kristjanson, Turpin, Adey.

Photo 1: Left to right are: Annette Turpin, Mrs. & Dr. Adey.

Kristjanson, Bainbridge.

Photo 2: Left to right are: Betty & Walter Kristjanson, and Paulien & Don Bainbridge.

Kristjanson, McKay.

Photo 3: Betty Kristjanson & Harriet McKay, around 1960.
And chocolate chip cookies!

Clyde McKay

Photo 4: Clyde McKay.


Photo 5: Clyde & Harriett McKay.

Kristjanson, Bainbridge.

Photo 6: Left to right are: Betty & Walter Kristjanson, and Paulien Bainbridge.

Kristjanson, Bainbridge.

Photo 7: Left to right are: Don Bainbridge, Betty Kristjanson, and Paulien Bainbridge.

Kristjanson, Greschuk, Lynch, Bainbridge

Photo 8: On chairs are the Greschuk's from Toronto, and Betty Kristjanson. Betty Scott is in the blue striped shirt, Evelyn Lynch is in yellow, Paulien Bainbridge is far right with the kerchief, Pat Lynch is flaked out on the dock, and the back of Nat Scott's head is in front.

Kristjanson, Greschuk, Lynch, Bainbridge.

Photo 9: On chairs are the Greschuk's from Toronto, and Betty Kristjanson. Betty Scott is sitting in back, far left, then Evelyn and Pat Lynch, then Don and Paulien Bainbridge. Nat Scott is in foreground.

Kristjanson, Yanisiew.

Photo 10: Left to right are: Betty Kristjanson, Val Yanisiew, and Laurie, Gloria & Eric Kristjanson.


Photo 11: Men, L-R: Dick Kelly, Vic Prokopchuk, Dr. Bill Grayson, Fitz Fitzgerald, Alex Slater, Pat Lynch, Nat Scott.
Women, L-R: Betty Kristjanson, Gerry Fitzgerald, Cathy Grayson, Elda Slater, Betty Scott, Jean Kelly, Evelyn Lynch, Madge Prokopchuk.

Kristjanson, Yanisiew.

Photo 12: Bill Yanisiew is at left. Peschek family is on couch.

Kristjanson, Fraser, Miller, Rodger.

Photo 13: L-R: Bob Miller, Jim Hampton (on couch), Jack Fraser, Earl Rodger.

Kristjanson, Fraser, Miller, Rodger.

Photo 14: L-R: Jack Fraser, Robert Wright, Bob Miller, Jim Hampton, Earl Rodger.

Kristjanson, Grayson, Bainbridge, Morrison.

Photo 15: L-R: Cathy Grayson, possibly Bonnie Morrison, Don Bainbridge with camera, Bill Morrison, Unknown, Unknown.

Kristjanson, McKay, Turpin, Kelly.

Photo 16: L-R: Ken Kennedy, Jean & Dick Kelly, Vic & Lou Turpin, Clyde McKay.

Turpin, Kelly, McKay.

Photo 17: Lou Turpin, Jean Kelly, Harriet & Clyde McKay.

Clyde McKay

Photo 18: Clyde McKay.

Walter & Gloria Kristjanson

Photo 19: Gloria & Walter Kristjanson.

Paulien Bainbridge, Dr. Grayson

Photo 20: Paulien Bainbridge and Dr. Grayson.


Photo 21: Eddie from Geraldton, and Eric Kristjanson at left, at Steep Rock or Caland.

Kristjanson, O'Neil

Photo 22: Eric Kristjanson and Pat O'Neil.

Kristjanson, Carson.

Photo 23: Garf & Elsie Carson with a giant bear.

Kristjanson, Pattyson, Dobie, Yanisiew.

Photo 24: L-R: Geoff Pattyson, Gloria Kristjanson, Dora Dobie, Val Yanisiew.

Kristjanson, Dobie.

Photo 25: L-R: Gloria Kristjanson and Dora Dobie.

Kristjanson, O'Neil.

Photo 26: L-R: Gloria Kristjanson (hugging cat), Pat O'Neil (standing), Eric Kristjanson (bending into the boat), with Laurie Kristjanson and Sherri O'Neil sitting.

Kristjanson, O'Neil.

Photo 27: L-R: Laurie, Gloria, and Eric Kristjanson, Unknown, Pat O'Neil, Stephen Kristjanson, Sherri O'Neil.

Kristjanson, Grayson.

Photo 28: L-R: Bill, David, John, and Cathy Grayson.

Kristjanson, Freeman.

Photo 29: Rev. John Freeman.

Kristjanson, Rodger, Fraser, Tomeczak.

Photo 30: L-R: Jack Fraser, Earl Rodger, Stan Tomeczak, with a huge crayfish.

Jean Kelly.

Photo 31: Jean Kelly.

Dick and Jean Kelly.

Photo 32: Dick and Jean Kelly. The print is dated July, 1971.

Laurie Kristjanson.

Photo 33: Laurie Kristjanson, fashion show, 1969.

Kristjanson, O'Neil, Marusyks.

Photo 34: Standing on dock, L-R: Kevin Marusyk, Claudia Hicks, Laurie Kristjanson, Jennifer Leishman, Stephen Kristjanson, Unknown, Allan Marusyk, Allan Slater, Eric Kristjanson.
Pat O'Neil is sitting in boat, and Brian Marusyk is sitting on dock.


Photo 35: Clyde & Harriett McKay.


Photo 36: Betty & Laurie Kristjanson, Claudia Hicks, Sherri O'Neil.

Kristjanson, Bainbridge.

Photo 37: Betty & Laurie Kristjanson, and Paulien Bainbridge. Print is dated August, 1971.

Marr, Beyak.

Photo 38: Bill Marr and Walter Beyak.

Gloria Kristjanson, Dona-Jean McKay, Elaura Turpin.

Photo 39: Gloria Kristjanson, Dona-Jean McKay, Elaura Turpin.

Ted and Bertha Somers

Photo 40: Ted and Bertha Somers in front of 11 Hematite Ave.


Photo 41: Northernaires on stage. Location unknown.


Photo 42: Northernaires on stage with the Fort William Male Choir. Location unknown.

Dot Breakey

Photo 43: Dot Breakey and other Northernaires.

Kristjanson, Turpin.

Photo 44: L-R: Otto Kristjanson, Vic Turpin, Siggi Kristjanson.

Atikokan railway station.

Photo 45: Atikokan railway station.

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