From the Steep Rock Echo,
November, 1957.
"Preparation for Remembrance"

Atikokan Ontario, Remembrance Day, 1957.
The photo's original descriptive text reads as follows:

Preparation For Remembrance
On November 11th. citizens of Atikokan joined with their countrymen across the length and breadth of our nation to commemorate the memory of our gallant war dead. The above photograph was taken prior to services at the local War Memorial and includes Legion and Reserve Army planning team personne! as follows: (left to right) Frank Moronics (SRIM U/G); Alec Drobot (Mate aboard Marmion Dredge); Ed Oczkus (Oiler aboard Marmion Dredge); H.H. Wilkins (Chemist, Analysis & Sampling Dept.); Mel Dodds (Safety Supervisor, Errlngton, U/G); Roy Greig (Foreman, Open Pit); Bill Ferguson (Chief Mine Clerk, Errington U/G); and B.W. Carriere (Products Research Dept.)

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