Atikokan Ontario :
Rawn Road School, Grade 4, 1953-54.

Grade Four class, Rawn Road School

Grade 4, 1953-54. Teacher is Mr. John Criggall.
Back Row, L to R: John Criggall, Betty Grant, Marie Sutherland, Shirley Newman, Margaret Zack, Carolyn Thompson.
3rd Row: Kathleen McCarthy, Sharon Strachan, Patricia Buchanan, Marcia Maradyn, Diana Feduruk, Judy Weaver, Jeanette Kopechanski, Rita Nicholas, Arlene Jordan, Gail Anderson, Diane Hamel, Betty Menzie.
2nd Row: Patrick Murray, Gerald Swanson, Dave Magee, Danny Grady, Rick Baechler, Fred Lampi, Bill Lenart, Max Beyak, Bob Gabbs, Horst Zens.
Front Row: Nick Chubey, Wayne Cunningham, Johnny Wall, Alfie McLean, Richard Miller, Ron Cenerini, Dick Huzel, Don Sutton, Dieter Klompet, Gerald Blanchard, Dennis Barnhart.

Don Sutton says in part: " This was the second half of our year in Grade 4 after we had been transferred over to the new Rawn Road school at the Christmas break in 1954. For the 1955-56 school year Hemlock School was opened and some of us were then sent over there.

" The Grade 4 teacher was a Mr. Criggall, I believe. He had a nasty habit of using the strap on someone at least once a day and on more than one occasion he used it on everyone in the class. Those were the good old days. "

Many thanks to for this photo, and to and Gerald Swanson for most of the names.

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