Atikokan Ontario : Hemlock Ave. Public School, 1994-95 : Senior Kindergarten.

Atikokan, Hemlock Avenue Public School, 1994-95.

Senior Kindergarten, 1994-95. Teachers are Mrs. Jessie Enge and Mrs. Irene Fenn.
Back Row, L - R: Mrs. Irene Fenn, Chris Kwasnicia, Brodie Gallinger, Logan McDonell, Pierre Jourdain, Todd Burton, Dedrick Brueggeman, Mike Kostynuk, Mrs. Jessie Enge.
Middle Row, L - R: Jamie Jensen, Doug Coutts, John Rowsell, Shawna Johnson, Nikki Gouliquer, Nic Blair, Nathan Young, Joel Young.
Front Row, L - R: Alacia Henderson, Mary Green, Kyla Groulx, Kristen Roberts, Rachel Johnson, Shanna Brewster, Suzanne Ostlund.

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