Atikokan Ontario : Atikokan High School Graduates, 1955 or 1956.

Atikokan High School Graduates, 1955 or 1956

The year is uncertain -- this must be Grade 12 because Richard Heale went to Grade 13 in Thunder Bay.
Back row, L - R: Roy Goranson, Richard Heale, George Whitman, Don Henderson.
Middle row, L - R: John Reid, Jr., Jack Owen, Clair Pressey, Peter Beyak, Herald Nault.
Front row, L - R: Dane McCarthy, Anne-Marie Girard, Georgina Code, Helen Mathison, Claudette Turpin, Violet Giles, Peter Parker.

Many thanks to for this photo.
Thanks to Jonina Adamcewicz (Swanbergson), Susan Bryk and Helen Mathison for the names.

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