Historical Records & Photos of Atikokan, Ontario

This Section Revised October 9, 2023.

Historical Records and Photo­graphs :

Atikokan in the News, 1890-1983. This is an on-going project – a collection of items found in historic newspapers on-line, which mention Atikokan, Sapawe and surrounding areas. The "good old days" were full of villains, heroes, disasters, crime, mayhem, pandemics – very similar to life today. The oldest item so far is 1890. To make it easier for slow connections, items are presented in roughly 20-year batches, using the links below.

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Atikokan People: Photographs from the 1940's to the early 2000's, mostly labelled with dates. School class & student photos are in the Schools section. Last revised in 2022 Atikokan Buildings: Photographs, some with people, from about 1900 to the early 2000s. Lots of news clippings too. Last revised in 2022 Atikokan Schools: Students, events, sports, & classes with a direct link to each year. Also school­board history & teacher bios. Last revised in 2023 Atikokan Sports: Baseball, football, & hockey, but school sports photos are in the Schools section. Last revised in 2022 The Mines: Steep Rock, Caland & The Steep Rock Echo. Photographs from the 1940's to the late 1970's. Last revised in 2022 Sapawe: Photographs from the 1920's to mid-1950's. Last revised in 2020

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