Atikokan, Ontario : List of Businesses, 1900-2015
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Compiled by Susan Bryk.

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98 Cent Plus109 Main E.Sue Wensley1998-1999
109-115 Main W.Sue Wensley1999-2000
218 O'BrienSue Wensley2000
A & D Reusables104 HighlandAlan Roblin & Deb Hagarty1990-1993
A & J Baits137 BurnsAnthony Yurick & Jim Hrynuk Jr1990
626 Mackenzie E.Anthony Yurick & Jim Hrynuk Jr1990
A.B.C. Signs104 PineLynn Richardson1971-1975
ADADS; Atikokan District Association for201 Main W. (rear)ARC Industries Workshop1967-1971
Developmental Services;138 Mercury E.ARC Industries Workshop1971
ARC Industries (Adult Rehabilitation Centre)308 Main W.ARC Industries Workshop1971-1976
Donated by Lion's Club118 GorrieARC Industries Workshop1976-pres
apartment building112 Gorriepurchased in 19831983-pres
new administration office114-116 Gorriepurchased in 19761994-pres
assisted living building115 White1997-pres
old Caland guesthouse donated9 SpruceCaland Manor1980-pres
programs - Caland Manor - group home
ARC Industries - a vocational development program
Community Living Skills & Supported Independent Living - assist clients with social & personal development. "ARC Industries" (Adult Rehabilitation Centre) changed to "Atikokan and District Association for the Mentally Retarded" to "Atikokan District Association for Developmental Services" (ADADS), then in 2010, the name changed to "Community Living Atikokan"
ARC IndustriesMidge Bailey, mgr1975-1991
ARC IndustriesJulie Herr, mgr1991-1993
Developmental Services Training and Leisure CentreJulie Herr, mgr1993-2009
Developmental Services Training and Leisure CentreChristie Gushulak, supervisor2010-pres
Community Living ProgramSharol (McLeod) Bilodeau, mgr1992-2012
Carmen Lockman - Executive Director1987-2008
Alanna Barr - acting Executive Director2008-2009
Catherine King - Executive Director2009
Jim Turner - Executive Director2009-pres
A.H.S. EnterprisesAtikokan High SchoolStudents1971-1984
A Buck or Two410 FrontMike Bryma1998
A Touch of Nature & Novelties Galore107 HemlockJune Munro1980
103-105 Main E.June Munro1980
104-106 Main W.June Munro1988
103-105 Main E.June Munro & Shirley Halvorsen1988-1990
Abbott's Store1117 O'BrienWally Abbott1954-1957
Academy of Musical Arts - Piano Tuning302 GorrieArmand Malito, agent1995
Achievement Plus/ConsultingWalter Carl Sarfi1990
Adams Construction Ltd.210 BlackJames Richard Adams1954-1975
Dr. A.B. Adey, general practice400-402 FrontDr. A.B.Adey1947-1951
Adventure Canoe TrailsHighway 11 west (Lerome)Alan & Mary Kerr1973-1981
Al's Drive-In410 O'BrienAlex & Ethel Broski1962-1964
Al's Minnows213 MarksAlbert Wilson1959-1963
118 GorrieAlbert Wilson1963
119 SykesAlbert Wilson1964-1967
Al's Painting23 VincienneAlbert Bosc1951
Al's TV & Radio Repairs105 Main W.Alvin Frost1972-1973
222A O'BrienAlvin Frost1973-1974
Al's Variety Store410 O'BrienAlex & Ethel Broski1961-1967
Alcana Theatre300 O'BrienSam Chesine1946-1950
Building moved to Main W. - garage and bus depot for Top Hat Bus Lines.
Aldons Midtown Limited221 Mercury E.Gary Goodfellow, agent1959
Alex' Barber Shop102 Main W.Alex Darechuk1954-1957
C.K. Alexander Ltd.201 Main W. (upstairs)Steve Marykuca1958
222 O'BrienSteve Marykuca1958-1963
118 ZukeAlf W. Bruer1966-1969
211 Main W.Alf Bruer1967-1969
Aline's Cuisine209 Main W.Aline Hachey1983-1998
All Ontario N.W. Moving Systems12 Birch RoadAl & Wendy Rotmark1995
AMFAM Logging Corp.110 BalsamJoe Oliverson1988-1994
Ambulance Garage10 Spring1968-1976
20 Dorothy (Hospital)1976-1991
Ambulance Service
Both mines had their own ambulances. John Koroscil (Service Taxi) delivered ambulance services. The first ambulance was provided to the municipality by the Lion's Club in 1965. This ambulance was returned to Lion's in 1970 when it was replaced. Still run by Bob Wright & police/firemen. Atikokan Ambulance was manned by police officers & volunteer firemen, from 1965-19801965-1968
Atikokan Ambulance manned by volunteers 1981-1999Bob Wright1968-1976
Monty Boultbee, co-ordinator1977-1981
1999 - 4 full time plus McCormick, plus volunteersBunty (Marion) Shakespeare, mgr1981-1995
2000 - Atikokan Ambulance comes under RRDSSABDan McCormick, mgr1995-2002
2001 - ambulance still mainly volunteersBill Lewis, mgr2002
Bill Lewis, mgr2003
2003 - Atikokan Emergency Medical Services (Amb) - no longer volunteersBrian Silvester, mgr2004-2005
2007 - RRDSSAB assumes delivery of ambulanceTrevor Johnson, mgr2005-2012
Anderson Bros Timber - shop422 Mackenzie E.Terry & Norman Anderson1988-1993
Anderson ConstructionAnderson dam projectEmil Anderson1951
Leonard Anderson Sand & Gravel50 SpruceLeonard Anderson, Sr.1962-1990
Anderson Sheet Metal225 ClarkJ.S. Anderson1951
Ben Anderson Trucking713 Mackenzie E.Ben Anderson2005-2007
Andy's Deli109-115 Main W.Andy Stanley1987-1992
Andy's Service1100 O'BrienAndy Talbot1960-1961
Anita's Specialty Cakes1 Riverland Farm (Front)Anita Poirier2005-pres
Anly's Grill106 Main E.Oiva & Ellen Warpula1959-1960
Building demolished 1964.106 Main E.Annaliese Klein1961-1962
Anne's Fashion Shoppe; Fashion Shoppe406 O'BrienAnne Keith1947-1957
Anne's New Image; New Image105 Main W.Anne Gomes1984-1990
Norm Anthony's Automotive571 O'BrienNorm Anthony2004-pres
Any Key Atikokan PC Repair and50 SpruceRob Potts2012
Maintenance Services57 SpruceRob Potts2012-pres
Anya's Kitchen111 CedarAniela -Jane (Anya) Hannaford2009-2011
Apple Cider Press304 Main W.Ron Drews, Vivian Gilmour, Carol Gosselin, Dick Hiner, Lynette Lahti, Roy Lusignan, Heather Peterson, Alan Roblin1975-1977
Appraisal Group Inc.406 Mackenzie E.Todd Ryznar2008
Armstrong Bros Building Contractors306 Mackenzie W.Greg & Brian Armstrong1984-1986
306 Mackenzie W.Greg, Tim & Brian Armstrong1986-1994
306 Mackenzie W.Greg & Tim Armstrong1994-1995
306 Mackenzie W.Greg Armstrong1995-pres
George & Vernon Armstrong - general contracting114-116 BurnsGeorge & Vernon Armstrong1951-1956
Geo. Armstrong Co. Ltd.618-624 Mackenzie E.George Armstrong1953-1975
626 Mackenzie E.George Armstrong1967-1974
Highway 622George Armstrong-1978
Gravel pit - Caland Road quarry MC G324
Gravel pit off mine road (Charleson area)George Armstrong1954-1955
Gravel pit abt 1 mile east of Atikokan near highway 11BGeorge Armstrong (pt FF5824)1953-1969
Armstrong Van & Storage154 HawthorneCecil O'Flaherty1982-1983
Arnold's Bakery & Coffee Shop222 O'BrienArnold Kaus1961-1962
Arnone Cartage Co.;
Arnone Transportation Ltd.
114 Reid1959-1987
724 Mackenzie E.building burned in 19721958-1985
Randy Arnould's Drywall & General Repairs8 ErringtonRandy Arnould1997-1998
Randy Arnould's Fibreglass Repair Shop8 ErringtonRandy Arnould1992
Arrowhead Express113 BurnsMatt Prusky1973-1980
Art's Van & Storage; Art's Cartage412-414 FrontArt Gouliquer1957-1967
Building demolished in 1967.
505 Mackenzie W.Art Gouliquer1962-1965
128 WhiteArt Gouliquer1967-1980
128 WhiteElmer Gouliquer1980-1983
Ash ConstructionVarious locationsMichael Ash1954-1975
308 Mackenzie W.Michael Ash1975-1977
Ash Studio and Gallery101 Main E.Ashley Lange2008-2009
Atikokan 2-3-4 Playgroup24 Hematite1979
Hillcrest School1979-1981
St. Andrew's Church1981-1982
Hemlock Ave. School1982-1990
Rawn Road School1990-1993
Atikokan High School (during renovations)1993-1994
Rawn Road School1994-pres
Atikokan 5 cent-$1 Store;305 Main W.Graham Mitchell1950-1952
Mitchell's 5 cent-$1 Store111 Main E.Graham Mitchell1952-1956
109 Main E.Graham Mitchell1956
Atikokan Aero Service LtdJulian Cross StripGarf Carson1976-1980
177 Hawthorne (office)Garf Carson1979-1982
Municipal AirportGarf Carson1976-1998
Upper Steep Rock LakePam Clark & Sandy Dickson1998-2002
Upper Steep Rock LakePam Clark, Sandy Dickson & Philip Robinson2002-2009
Upper Steep Rock LakePam Clark & Sandy Dickson2009-pres
Atikokan Alternatives to Institutional CareVarious locationsPat Goodwin, co-ordinator1977-1979
Organized in 1977.Carol Barber, co-ordinator1979-1980
Covered home care nurses, car rides, homemakers & meals-on-wheels.Vera (Polischuk) Brooks, co-ordinator1980-1982
In 1980, a separate Home Care Program was started.Kathy Zucchiatti, co-ordinator1982-1986
Name changed to Home Support for Seniors in 1983.June Munro, co-ordinator1986-1987
Brenda Wood, co-ordinator1987-pres
Atikokan Alternator & Starter Rebuilders;A1 Elmcrest AptTom Hainey Sr1978
Rewind Shop228 White (ball park)Tom Hainey Sr.1977-1979
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Tom Hainey Sr1979-1985
713 Mackenzie E.Tom Hainey Sr1985-1990
Atikokan Answering & Paging Service714-718 Mackenzie E.White Otter Inn1984-2009
Atikokan Appliances; Atikokan Appliance Service222A O'BrienTom Jarvis1980-1987
220 O'Brien (downstairs)Tom Jarvis1987-2003
106 WillowTom Jarvis2003-2006
Atikokan Appliances & TV Service222A O'BrienTom Jarvis & Al Ward1979-1980
Atikokan Arena225 WhiteTownship of Atikokan1969-pres
Artificial ice was installed in 1971. The original arena burned in 1972 and was rebuilt in 1972.
Atikokan Armoury703 Mackenzie E.1956-1960
(Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (Motor)200 Main E."C" Company1961-1964
Atikokan Art Cards209 FotheringhamShawn Allaire2002
Atikokan Athletic FieldBetween Clark & Marks Schools1922-1949
Atikokan Auto Supply108-110 BurnsFernando "Spaghetti Joe" Giardino1960-1965
Atikokan Auto WreckingSee Atikokan Salvage Company.
Atikokan Automotive Service206-214 Main W.Morris Zandona1986-1989
Atikokan Bakery502 Mackenzie W.George Miller & Mr. Oddmark & Mr. Pelletier1942-1946
Atikokan Bakery; Rostie's Bakery502 Mackenzie W.Clarence O. Rostie1946-1961
New Atikokan Bakery502 Mackenzie W.
Bldg demolished 1972
John Herber Sr1961-1971
New Atikokan Bakery107 Main E.John Herber Sr1971-1975
Atikokan Bakery; Rostie's Bakery (warehouse)105 Mackenzie E.Clarence O. Rostie1954-1961
New Atikokan Bakery (warehouse)105 Mackenzie E.John Herber Sr1961-
Atikokan Beverages; Beck Beverages Ltd500 Mackenzie W.Stan B. Watson1948-1949
500 Mackenzie W.Matt Beyak, distributor1949-1955
626 Mackenzie E.Oscar Johnson, mgr1955-1966
Atikokan Board of EducationClark St. School1954-1996
Atikokan Bowladrome300 Main W.Larry & Joyce Haney1973-1979
Atikokan Building ContractorsMackenzie1978
Atikokan Cabinet Works - General Contractors?? GorrieD.L. Walker1951
?? O'BrienD.L. Walker1951-1952
Atikokan Call Centre; NorWest Call Centre109-115 Main W.Annely Armstrong & Angela McKenzie2002
Atikokan Camera Shop108 Main E.June Faulkner1962-1963
108 Main E.Constance Hall1963
Atikokan Car Wash103 GoodwinMarcel Huard1998-2001
103 GoodwinJohn Covello2002-2005
Atikokan Cement Products Limited625 Mackenzie E.George Armstrong1955-1974
Atikokan Cemetery600 Mackenzie E.1900-pres
Atikokan Central Plumbing & Heating Ltd109 O'BrienJohn Krishka & Mel Cain1950-1952
109 O'BrienJohn Krishka, Albert & Lyle Cain1952-1960
109 O'BrienJohn Krishka & Lyle Cain1960-1965
109 O'BrienAlbert & Lyle Cain1965-1967
109 O'BrienLyle Cain1967-1988
109 O'BrienRick & John Cain1988-1990
109 O'BrienJohn Cain1990-1995
Atikokan Central Wash & Dry Laundry109 O'BrienJohn Krishka & Lyle Cain1961-1965
109 O'BrienAlbert & Lyle Cain1965-1967
109 O'BrienLyle Cain1967-1988
109 O'BrienRick & John Cain1988-1990
109 O'BrienJohn Cain1990-1995
Atikokan Chiropractor Centre123 Marks (clinic)Dr. James Digiuseppe1995-2002
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. James Digiuseppe & Dr.Shane McCormack2002
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Shane McCormack2002-2005
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Rodney Puumala2005-2013
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Kirsten Addison2013-pres
Atikokan ClinicAtikokan HotelDr. Bram Adey1947-1951
201 Mackenzie W.1950-1951
221 Marksowned by doctors1951-1956
123 Marksowned by doctors1956-1983
Building purchased by Twp. in 1983123 Marksmedical practice owned by doctors1983-pres
Atikokan Community Counselling; Community Counselling; Rainy River District Mental Health Services; District Mental Health Service24 Hematite (DPCSC)Beryl Smith1978-1980
24 Hematite (DPCSC)John Madden1981-1983
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Janice Kroft1983-1984
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Stanley Haroun1984
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Rick Harrington, Director1984-1985
Dorothy (Hospital)Rick Harrington, Director1985-1988
Dorothy (Hospital)Kurt Penner1988-1992
123 Marks (clinic)Sue Diamond1993-1996
23 Marks (clinic)Susan (Hanes) Girard1997-pres
Atikokan Community Credit Union LimitedVarious locationsAmalgamated with Fort Frances Credit Union1948-1972
Atikokan Community Fellowship (ACF)Individuals' houses2002-2006
410-414 Front2006-pres
Atikokan Concrete Products Limited625 Mackenzie E.George Armstrong & J.A. Mathieu1954
Atikokan Construction Ltd.See Wolverine Construction Ltd.
Atikokan Credit Bureau of Port Arthur & Fort William Ltd205 Main W.Ivan J. Kilpatrick1950-1952
Atikokan Crisis Centre;24 HematiteNo executive director1977-1985
Rainy River District Women's Shelter of Hope (2009)24 HematiteEva Shields, Executive Director1985-1987
24 HematiteDebbie Coulson, Executive Director1987-1990
24 HematiteJennifer Gignac, Executive Director1991
24 HematiteKate Gregor, Executive Director1992-1996
24 HematiteCharene Gillies, Executive Director1996-1998
24 HematiteKathy Latell, Executive Director1998-2000
24 HematiteDonna Kroocmo, Executive Director2001-pres
Atikokan Curling Club406-414 Main W.1949-1976
Building purchased by Township in 1976.
Atikokan Dental Centre115 Main E.Dr. Ann Stevens1993-pres
Atikokan Dental Clinic123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Bohdan (Bud) Danylchuk1971-1972
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Bohdan (Bud) Danylchuk, Dr. John Leishman & Dr.Ken Sawchuk1972-1973
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Kenneth Sawchuk1971-1973
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Bohdan (Bud) Danylchuk & Dr. John Leishman1973-1974
Atikokan Distributors306 Mackenzie W.Gerry Tait1958-1961
Atikokan Driving School157 HemlockHans Larsen1963-1968
Atikokan Drug Store412 FrontBill Fraleigh1943-1946
412 FrontBill Fraleigh & Graham Mitchell1946-1950
Atikokan Electric226 O'Brien (Magnussen building)Don A. Herrett/Harrett1953
Atikokan Employment CentreSee Canada Manpower Centre
Atikokan Enercom117 Gorrie2001-pres
Atikokan Energy Conservation Centre104-108 Main W.Sandra Nash, co-ordinator1992-1994
Atikokan Equipment Rentals 100 GoodwinPaul Gronski & Fran Speer1998-2005
100 GoodwinPaul Gronski2005-pres
Atikokan Esso Service2 Mercury E.Ed Stewart & Marcel Vermette1975-1979
Atikokan Exploration408 Mackenzie W.R.H. (Bob) Henderson Sr, mgr1969-1970
Atikokan Family Health Team123 MarksCathe Hoszowski, mgr2008-2011
123 MarksJennifer Learning, administrator2012-pres
Atikokan Fix-It Club308 Mackenzie W.1981-2001
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)2001-pres
Atikokan Foodland118 O'BrienFred & Lori Colvin, Linda & Theresa Speer1999-pres
Atikokan Foods Tomboy109-115 Main W.Fran Speer & Kathy Peacosh1985-1987
Atikokan Gardening Services3 Armstrong PointAl Roblin & Deb Hagarty1984-1985
Atikokan General Hospital123 Marks (Clinic)1997-2002
Laboratory sample collection.
Atikokan General Supply143 HawthorneAlex & Ethel Broski1967-1968
211 Main W.Alex & Ethel Broski1969-1975
Atikokan Generating StationHighway 6221985-pres
Don Beckett, construction mgr1977-1983
Al Viskontas, station mgr (1st)1981-1985
Ray Gibson, station mgr1985-1989
Doug Taylor, station mgr1990-1992
Frank Chiarotto, station mgr1992-1993
Marilyn MacIver, station mgr1993-1994
Graham Brown, station mgr1994-1995
David Norrish, station mgr1995-1999
Faron Rollins, station mgr1999-2000
Ed Enge, station mgr2000-2011
Brent Boyko, station mgr2011-2013
Wray Clement, station mgr2013-pres
Atikokan Gift ShopSee Kuybida's Jewellery
Atikokan Glass ServiceE5 Elmcrest TerraceOrval Osborne1958
350 O'BrienOrval Osborne1958
1098 O'BrienOrval Osborne1958-1959
613A Mackenzie E.Orval Osborne1959-1966
613A Mackenzie E.Fred Cox1966
42 SpruceFred Cox1966-1968
399 SteerolaJack Stewart1968-1979
39 RawnGuy Perron1979-1990
1220 O'BrienKen Faykes1990-1996
Atikokan Gravel & Supply Company1950
Atikokan Holding Company (own Elmcrest Terrace)Willow/ElmBen Solomon of Winnipeg1957-1962
Clarence Nelson, agent1957-1959
E. Bainbridge, agent1959-1962
Atikokan Home Hardware201 Main W.Brad Bayliss1989-2004
201 Main W.Tami Stinson2004-pres
Atikokan Home Hardware (1985)See Fred's Allied Hardware
Atikokan Home-N-Cottage Building Supply Centre119 O'BrienKen & Bonnie Stonehouse2011-pres
Atikokan Home Services116 Mercury W.Pete Lisowecki1976-1979
Atikokan Hotel400-402 FrontPeter Shelepiuk1935-1947
400-402 FrontJohn Reid & William Benedickson1947-1962
400-402 FrontSteve Soltys1962-1964
400-402 FrontHarry Zorniak & Mike Torbiak1964-1977
400-402 FrontMike & John Torbiak1977-1983
400-402 FrontJohn & Stephanie Torbiak1983-pres
Atikokan Hotel Ballroom400-402 Front-1964
Atikokan Hotel Restaurant400-402 Front1935-1983
Atikokan Hydro Electric Commission117 Gorrie1957-2000
731-733 Mackenzie E.warehouse1957-2000
Atikokan Hydro Inc.117 Gorrie2000-pres
731-733 Mackenzie E.warehouse2000-pres
Atikokan Intergenerational Centre for Arts &Various locations1996-1998
Alternatives; 2010 -- "Atikokan Arts Centre"110 Clark1998-2011
Atikokan Internet Services; Atikokan IS;12 GrenvilleTom, Mike, Pat & Jim Cox1998-2002
Atikokan Internet Solutions; NWON12 GrenvilleMike, Pat & Jim Cox2002-2005
109-115 Main W.Mike, Pat & Jim Cox2006-pres
Atikokan JewellersSee Hamilton Jewellers
Atikokan Julian Cross Airstrip (Falls Bay)Hwy 622Caland Ore Airstrip/Steep Rock Airstrip1955-1981
Atikokan Key Shop104 Main E.Lucien Theriault1957-1960
Atikokan Laundry350 O'BrienJack & Mary Kaskie1945-1947
350 O'BrienGeorge "Red" & Albina Sharpe1947-1949
350 O'BrienDavid & Ellen Melong1949-1951
350 O'BrienDan Jack1952
350 O'BrienArmond Tefs1952-1954
214 MarksArmond Tefs & Robert Olimb1954-1959
214 MarksArmond Tefs & Robert Olimb1960-1962
Atikokan Lawn Maintenance108 Hemlock/51 SpruceBlake Homer & Keaton Galbraith2013-pres
Atikokan Limousine Service149 HawthorneBob Bissett1994-1995
Atikokan Liquidation Centre209-211 Main W.Willie Bain2002-2009
Atikokan Literacy IncorporatedSee Reading Plus.
Atikokan Lodge No 668 AF & AM; Masonic Temple223 Clark1952-pres
Atikokan Logging Supplies3 Mercury E.Les, Lanny & Rene Cross1985-1986
3 Mercury E.Joe Oliverson1986-1987
Atikokan Loon Vision27 StarrJoanne Bang & Kim Cryderman1995
Atikokan Lumber Ltd.415 Mackenzie E.Bill Bergman & Rod Shinbein, owners1950-1956
Joe T. Murray, mgr1952-1956
Atikokan Machine613 Mackenzie E.George Dustin & Harold D. McColl1958-1967
Atikokan Maintenance Products Ltd211 Main W.Alex & Ethel Broski1975-1976
412-414 FrontAlex & Ethel Broski1976-1997
Atikokan Marine & Refrigeration401 O'BrienJack D. Davis1961
306 Mackenzie W.Jack Davis1961-1963
Atikokan Massage Parlour; Atikokan Steam Baths;310 Main W.Bill Seeley1965-1967
Seeley's Health Parlour110 ZukeBill Seeley1968
Atikokan Medical Associates123 Marks (clinic)1988-pres
Atikokan Motor Auto Bodies1100 O'BrienJerry Grennier1961
Atikokan Motor SalesSee Joe's Esso Service.
Atikokan Motors Ltd.206-214 Main W.Vern Mackenzie, mgr1947-1949
See Mel Newman Ltd.206-214 Main W.Adolph Werner, mgr1949-1951
Atikokan Municipal AirportSteep Rock Mine RoadTownship of Atikokan1975-pres
Russ Waldie, airport supervisor1975-1984
Bob Martin, airport supervisor1984-1987
Leon Perrier, airport supervisor1987-1993
Nancy Hemphill, airport supervisor1994-1996
Dave White, airport supervisor1996-1997
Atikokan Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation303 Main W.Built & oversaw Rivercrest Terrace1989-pres
Atikokan Music Box; The Music Box350 O'BrienAlfred Klatt1959-1960
222 O'BrienAlfred Klatt1960
Atikokan Native Friendship Centre; ANFC226 O'Brien1983-1985
200 Mackenzie W.1985-1986
307-309 Main W.1987-pres
Atikokan Native Friendship Theatre307-309 Main W.ANFC1986-1991
Atikokan Native Non-Profit Homes Corp309 Main W.Al Treige, manager1988-1999
206-214 Main W.Al Treige, manager2000-2004
206-214 Main W.Joyce Connolly, manager2004-2006
Atikokan NewsMarks Street SchoolAlastair MacIvor (teacher)1948
Three sheets, mimeographed, published weekly.
Atikokan Newstand & Confectionery;303 Main W.Maurice & Kay Miller1964-1967
Atikokan News Stand;303 Main W.Keith & Elsie Stone1967-1976
Atikokan Newstand Ltd.;303 Main W.Margaret (Peggy) & Jim Obbard1976-1987
Atikokan Newstand-87303 Main W.Ed Derkson1987-pres
Atikokan Oil Burner Service and Landscaping307 GorrieJoe Alexa1951-1956
65 SpruceJoe Alexa1956-1964
Atikokan On Line; Quetico Internet Marketing106 MapleDoug Lampi2001-2006
214 O'BrienDoug Lampi2006
106 MapleDoug Lampi2006-2007
Atikokan Painting & Decorating Service10 Mercury E.Claude Rawlings1951-1952
Atikokan Painting and Decorating317 O'BrienHelmet Klug1957-1959
Atikokan Parts & Service610 O'BrienSherwin Durand1993-1995
Atikokan Pharmacy Ltd104-106 Main W.Bill Leishman & Bill Marr1982-1985
104-106 Main W.Bill Marr1985-1988
Atikokan Pharmacy Ltd;109-115 Main W.John Sus1988-2004
Atikokan Pharmasave;123 MarksJohn Sus2004-2006
Atikokan Pharmacy Ltd.123 MarksEarle Arnold2006-pres
Atikokan PrintingSee The Atikokan Progress
Atikokan Propane & Supply Ltd; Canadian Propane106 ReidEarl McIntosh1959-1966
(Taken over by Thunder Bay Bearings 1972)417 Mackenzie E.Earl McIntosh1961-1972
Atikokan Public LibraryCivic Centre1967-pres
Librarian:Anne Kilpatrick (volunteer)1952
Taken over by Municipality in Nov 1959Librarian:Effie Munn1953-1971
Librarian:Spencer Green1971
Librarian:Jan Lewis1971-1972
Librarian:Louise (Emery) Leduchowski1972-1977
Librarian:Eileen (Murdoch) Nayda1977-1981
Librarian:Doris Brown1981-2005
Librarian:Jon Lewis2005-pres
Atikokan-Quetico Trading Post101 Main W.Val Fraser2011-2012
Atikokan Radio & TV Service213 GorrieWalter Libera1963-1968
Atikokan Ready Mix Ltd.625 Mackenzie E.Bruce Davidson & Gordon Jones1975-1977
625 Mackenzie E.Bruce Davidson1978-1982
618-624 Mackenzie E.Bruce Davidson1978-1982
701 Mackenzie E.Marlene Davidson, President2006
Atikokan Real Estate Company Ltd.407 Mackenzie W.Mildred Rooney1950-1952
Atikokan Renewable FuelsIndustrial ParkEd Fukushima and Larry Levchak2009-2013
Atikokan Resources Inc.126 WillowRay Bernatchez, Don Bainbridge & Rocco Racciopo1994-2004
Went public in 1998. (2006 - reverse takeover by Silvermet Inc.)Claude Durocher, President2004-2006
Bruce Robertson, President2006
Atikokan Rexall Drug Store; Degagne Drug Store412 FrontBill Marr1950-1951
See Marr's Rexall Drugs.
Atikokan Roman Catholic Separate School BoardHemlock/Hawthorne (St. Patrick's School)1954-1976
24 Hematite (DPCSC)1976-1986
110-124 Marks (MSCSC)1986-2001
160 Hemlock (St. Patrick's School)2001-2010
Atikokan Rooming House408 FrontJ.R. Foisy1961-1962
Atikokan Salvage Company (Atikokan Auto Wrecking)717 Mackenzie E.Stephen Murphy1955-1963
717 Mackenzie E.George McLeod & Steve Demuriak1963
Atikokan Sash & Door Factory and Custom Woodwork710 Mackenzie E.Jack Bauming1955-1960
Atikokan Septic ServiceAlice StreetBill Dutka1981-1990
Atikokan Shoe Repair; Atikokan Shoe Repair Shop209 O'BrienJohn Panwicz1952-1953
311 O'BrienJan Panwicz1953-1954
Atikokan Shuttle Service (Dial-A-Ride)352 O'BrienDarryl & Janice McIntyre2007-2008
Atikokan Soap Factory27 StarrJoanne Bang & Susan Marusyk1989
Atikokan Sports & Amusement CentreSee Burky's Family Amusement Centre
Atikokan Sports Centre210 Mackenzie W.Martin & Wiesje O'Kroneg1946-1975
210 Mackenzie W.Tom & Sharol McLeod1975-1978
Atikokan Sportsmen's Conservation Club - fish hatcheryIcy Lake/Highland LakeHighland 19941988-1994
401 Little Falls1994-pres
Atikokan Taxi131 MapleJon McCollick2014-pres
Atikokan Tire & Supply300 O'BrienStafford Yurkiw1970-1971
343 O'BrienStafford Yurkiw1971-1976
atikokan trading envelope
Atikokan Trading Company412 FrontSam Roseman1930-1931
412 FrontWilliam Wright1931-
Atikokan Transportation - Taxi Stand404 FrontE.J. British1946-1949
Atikokan Transportation Ltd.401 O'BrienE.J. British1946-1952
(Sold buses to Top Hat Bus Lines in 1952).
104 ReidE.J. British1955-1958
401 O'BrienE.J. British1958-1960
(Sold highway trucking business to Arnone in 1958).
Atikokan Upholstery Shop350 O'BrienLouise Halasz1974-1975
1219 O'BrienLouise Halasz1976-1981
222 O'BrienJoseph Sarfi Jr1987-1989
Atikokan V. & S. Variety216 O'BrienGarry Girard2008-2009
Atikokan Video One105 Main W.Tony Gomes1987-1992
Atikokan Voyageur Mall109-115 Main W.FJS Enterprises1987-pres
Atikokan Weekly (local newspaper)Marks St. Public SchoolTed Hebditch1948-1950
Atikokan Welding & Machine Works721 Mackenzie E.Russell Tanchyk1970-1990
Atikokan Wholesale410 FrontFran Speer & Kathy Peacosh1997-1998
109 GorrieFJS Enterprises1998-1999
109 GorriePhil Colvin1999-pres
Atikokan Window Service312 O'BrienM.J. Cooper1954
Atikokan Women's Resource Centre217 Burns (old Tourist Bureau)1982-1986
Atikokan Wood ShopSee Hans Larsen Construction.
Atikokan Yamaha201 Main W.Brad Bayliss & Raymond Gosselin1992-1996
Atlas Van Lines - Superior Cartage724 Mackenzie E.Marion Parker1971
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited; AECL103-105 Main E.1979-1987
Aurora Contracting310 GorrieJohn Peremesko2006-2007
Auto Body & Marine Repair Shop724 Mackenzie E.Morris Zandona1985
auto body shop108-110 BurnsJack Dyck1969
Auto Parts Central628 Mackenzie E.Terri Bell, manager2011-2013
628 Mackenzie E.2013-pres
Avco Finance Ltd.; Crescent Finance103-105 Main E.1967-1977
Avco Finance Ltd.106 Main E.1977-1981
Avenue A Realty Ltd109-115 Main W.Brenda Martin1995
109-115 Main W.Debbie Coulson1995-1999
202 Main W.Debbie Coulson1999-pres
Avis Rent-A-Car401 Main W.Frank Covello Sr1975-1977
2 Mercury E.Ed Stewart & Marcel Vermette1978
2 Mercury E.Debra Johnson1979-1993
Ayotte Marine509 Mackenzie E.James Ayotte1966
B & B Enterprises306 Mackenzie W.Gerry Tait & Jack Davis1961-1963
B & I Food Ltd.109-115 Main W.Bob & Iris Zimmerman1983
109-115 Main W.Iris Zimmerman1983-1985
B & P Thrift ShopCorner of Gorrie & Niven1960-1961
305 Main W.1961-1962
B.A. OilSee British American Oil.
B.Detailed (mobile windshield repair)1999
BJ Prospects300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson & Jeri Savoy1981-1986
Baby-Kare Diaper Service202 Main W.Vivian Legaree1990-1991
Bachus Brooks Construction CompanyMoose Lake1927
Built the hydro dam at Moose Lake.
W. Bain Sand and Gravel Equipment Services415 Mackenzie E.Willie Bain2004-pres
Bainbridge Agencies;Travelled from Ft FrancesJ.E. Bainbridge1949-1950
Bainbridge Brokers Ltd.212 O'BrienJ.E. Bainbridge1950-1961
212 O'BrienDon Bainbridge1961-1993
201 Main W. (rear)Don Bainbridge1993-2000
116 BalsamSally Speck2000-2001
Bancroft Bus Lines30 RawnGordon Bancroft1956-1957
314 Main W.Gordon Bancroft1957
Ron Bang Trucking109 HemlockRon Bang1977-1978
Banister Construction (1963) Ltd.723 Mackenzie E.1966-1967
Baptist ChurchSee First Baptist Church.
BarB-Q Delight304 Main W.John Craig1979
barber shop (no known name)204 Mackenzie W.John Wolchuk1945-1949
Bargain Billy's314 Main W.William Lamm1949-
Trudy BarkerSee Trudy K. McCormick.
Jack Barnard - roofing & home repairs202 Mercury E.Jack Barnard1977-1978
Barnett McQueen Co. Ltd.Caland1958
Bar-Rene Enterprises105 Main W.Stan Wilkins1972
Bar-Rene Restaurant105 Main W.Stan Wilkins1974-1978
Barrier Breakers724 Mackenzie E.Albert Clement & Tom Hainey Jr1995-1997
Barry's Home Renovations; Barry's Window Cleaning60 PoplarBarry Smith2000-pres
Bartsch's Income Tax Etc;
Bartsch's Investment Planning
153 HemlockJoerg Boileau (Bartsch)1985-1992
136 SykesJoerg Bartsch1992-1998
136 SykesJoerg & Lori Bartsch1998-2002
Bartsch's Investment Planning/Ballroom Dancing106 Main E.Joerg & Lori Bartsch2003-2010
106 Main E.Joerg Bartsch2010-pres
basement construction26 Rawn & 45 SpruceLloyd Jonsson & Bob Gosselin1955
Bates & Sons Photographers8 HematiteCarleton Bates1978-1979
Stan Bates Construction Ltd.605 Mackenzie E.Stan & Marie Bates1975-2012
605 Mackenzie E.Marie Bates2012-pres
Bates Ready Mix & General ContractorsIndustrial ParkStan & Marie Bates (cement plant)1974-1977
625 Mackenzie E.Stan & Marie Bates1977-1978
Hwy 622Stan & Marie Bates1978-2012
Hwy 622Marie Bates2012-pres
Bathroom Reno Specialist5 ErringtonAlan Roblin1995-1996
Bearskin AirlinesAirport1996-1997
L.E. Beaucage - masonry contractorL.E. Beaucage1954
Beaver Lumber Company Limited118 O'BrienClosed before 19421937-
118 O'BrienBldg torn down in 19641950-1962
Beaver Lumber managers --Barney Modeland, mgr1950-1951
James Pyper, mgr1951-1959
Peter Kotowsky, mgr1959-1962
Beck Beverages LtdSee Atikokan Beverages.
BeeJay's Liquid Gold309 GorrieBetty & Jerry Zajac1986-pres
Beliveau's Minnows226 WhiteJerry & Punky Beliveau1956-1975
Bell Canada110 Main E.Sam Arbuckle, mgr1969-1972
(Local business office closed 1973)110 Main E.Managed by Thunder Bay1972-pres
Bell's Auto Service1 Mercury E.Bill & Terri Bell1985-2004
Bella's Water Shed34 MapleBella McMullen1998-2000
Berard's Texaco; Eldon's Texaco Service420 Mackenzie E.Eldon Berard1965-1967
N.J. Bergeron - carpentry215 AlderJ. Bergeron1979
Bertrand's Confectionery and Coffee Bar411 Mackenzie E.Leo Bertrand1957-1960
Best West Pet Specialty Expert216 O'BrienGarry Girard2011-pres
Bestline Products; Golden Canada Products509 O'BrienMarcel Geurts1969-1971
Better Deal Woodworking Construction Ltd120 AlderDon & Yvonne Meilleur1980-1981
101 GoodwinDon & Yvonne Meilleur1981-1983
Betty's Fabric and Remnant Shop108 Main E.Betty Carlson1965
Betty's Tot's & Teen's; Betty's Children's Wear222 O'BrienBetty Carlson1965-1968
Walt Beyak - income tax207 Main W.Walt Beyak1950-pres
Bicycle repairs125 HemlockLouis Jameus1957
112 BalsamLouis Jameus1958
123 WillowShane Mason1981-1983
Bicycle Repairs222 AbbottMark Graves1985-1986
Bicycle Repairs and Wheel Alignment10 SpruceWalter Usiski1963
Bigwood's Apartments226 BurnsBob Bigwood2002-pres
Bigwood Builders; Bigwood Building & PaintingVarious locationsBob Bigwood1997-2006
Bike Repair ShopKen Stus1991
201 Main W.Ken Stus1996-1997
Bill & Frank's Snack BarWhite St. Ball ParkBill Dumonski & Frank Vinkle1954
Bill's DeliveryHancockBill Bruce1951
Bill's General Repairs and Installations4 SummerBill McGowan1990
Bill's Rooming House; Lamm Block314 Main W.William Lamm. Coffee bar - 19551949-1959
Bill's Shoe Repair Shop353 O'BrienBill Sainog1960-1963
Bill's Texaco Service420 Mackenzie E.Bill Georges1960-1965
Bish's Taxi222 O'BrienBryan Bryk1986-1987
109-115 Main W.Bryan Bryk1987-1991
128 RawnBryan Bryk1992-2011
Black Devil Chimney Sweep310 Main W.1966
Black Door Sales & Marketing187 HawthorneConnie Terlesky2008-pres
Black's Shoes and Sportswear209 O'BrienBill Black1957
Tom Blair Logging140 LarsonTom Blair1982-1984
215 AlderTom Blair1984-1997
Blind Inspirations204 WrightKim & Barb Wiens1994-pres
Bliss Construction Ltd?? SykesCaland Ore rail spur project1958
Block Ice1206 O'BrienHarry & Mary Wiersema1967
Blue Ribbon Coffee Shop104-106 Main W.Guido Prior1963
Blue Ribbon Food Service Ltd. (Lakehead)61 SpruceLaura Russell1962
Blunderfield Agencies; R. Blunderfield Agencies222 O'BrienRevell Blunderfield1957-1959
Bob's Boosting Service & Plowing354 O'BrienBob Maddams1989-1992
Bob's Taxi224 GorrieBob Moffatt1949-1950
106 Main E.Bob Moffatt1950
137 BurnsBob Moffatt & Angus (Red) McMahon1950
137 BurnsBob Moffatt & Oleh Harasym1950-1952
137 BurnsBob Moffatt1952-1960
Bookkeeping & Steno Service (c/o Jack's Elect)215 Main W.R. Smith1954
Bookkeeping, income tax returns224 MarksJerry Nagorski1970
Bookkeeping125 DogwoodKen & Deanna Nephin1983
Bookkeeping Service30 RawnBetty Baum1979-1981
Bookkeeping Services5 VincienneDianne Ellieff1982
Bookkeeping Services104-106 Main W.Kim Cross1990
Border Dairy103-105 Main E.1960-1966
Bosc Painting & Decorating23 VincienneAlbert Bosc1952-1955
Boucher Apartments332 HancockPaul Boucher1972-1978
Boutilier's Contractors; Boutilier's Enterprise104 BalsamJack Boutilier1981-1988
109 O'BrienJack Boutilier1989-1991
Boutique M and M Ontario Limited103-105 Main E.Vi & Kreg Groulx and Allan Foster1977-1982
W.J. Bowman Ltd.164 HawthorneBob Tutkaluk, local contact1990
Bowman Painting & DecoratingVarious locationsDennis Bowman1979-2002
Box Office Movies106 Main E.Don MacDonald1999-2002
101 Main E.Don MacDonald2002-2006
Don Boyd Insurance Brokers205 Main W.Don & Dale Boyd1970-1974
201 Main W. (rear)Don & Dale Boyd1974-1985
204 Main W.Don & Dale Boyd1985-1988
G. Boyda Logging220 Mercury E.Glenn Boyda1980-1987
30 SpruceGlenn Boyda1987-2010
Boyles Bros Drilling LtdMoose LakeEd Sheehan, mgr1943
Drill & blast rock (45 ft deep shaft sunk in middle of Raft-Finlayson cut & drift both east & west)1943
Drilling water service installations in Atikokan1948
Steep Rock Mine Site1950-1965
Caland Mine Site1950
Drilling on "C" orebody - Inland Steel leases "C" from SRIM - Caland Ore Company1950
10,000 feet of diamond drilling at Strawhat Lake for Frobisher Ventures1951
Brad's Home Improvements414 Mackenzie W.Brad Meilleur1997-2001
Bradley & Wolder103-105 Main E.Ian McLennan1977-1980
Bradley Automobiles of Canada104-106 Main W.Glen Rawlings1974-1979
H. Brandrick - bull dozer work13 RawnElmer Brandrick1954
R.E. Brannan Surveying Co. Ltd314 Main W.1971
Brett Resources109-115 Main W.2008-2010
103 Goodwin2009-2010
Taken over by Osisko Mining Corp. in 2010.101 Goodwin2009-2010
Brew & Cork218 O'BrienMonique Ribey2002-2004
109-115 Main W.Monique Ribey2005-2006
101 Main W.Monique Ribey2006-2008
Brewer's Retail; The Beer Store; Brewer's Warehousing Corp.111 Main E.Dave Edmunds, mgr1956-1958
711 Mackenzie E.Dave Edmunds, mgr1958-1969
711 Mackenzie E.Jim Wasylenki, mgr1969-1986
711 Mackenzie E.Darrin Rusnick, mgr1987-pres
Brian's Mobile Homes137 BurnsBill Kichak & Wally Abbott1972
Bricklayer, cement finisher, cement blockworkMike Funaro1954
Ed Brigham Petroleum Ltd619-621 Mackenzie E.Ed Brigham1991-2007
Brighams' Texaco420 Mackenzie E.Ed Brigham1985-1990
Brigitte's Day Spa123 HawthorneBrigitte Maynard2009-2010
British American Oil Co. Ltd.; B.A. Oil201 Mackenzie E.Clarence Jeffery1943-1946
201 Mackenzie E.E.V.(Happy) McInnis1946-1969
E.J. British Motors (Chrysler-Plymouth, Fargo)401 O'BrienE.J. British1944-1954
Brochu Deluxe Taxi114-122 GorrieFernand Brochu1961-1963
Brochu's Deluxe Taxi, Drive-In and Gas Services704 Mackenzie E.Fernand Brochu1961
Brookfield Renewable Power Inc.Highway 622Great Lakes Power (Brascan Power)2003-pres
Brown's BookkeepingElmcrest TerraceAileen Brown CGA1982-1983
Brown's Convenience & Auto Service; Race Trac Gas704 Mackenzie E.Dave & Tracy Brown2005-2012
Fred Brown Equipment RentalsElmcrest AptFred Brown1984
Bruce Bros. Ltd.212 Gorrie1981
Bryk's Lucky Dollar Store109 BurnsTony & Hannah Bryk1949-1972
Bud's & Blossoms101 Main W.Shawn Marchuk & Dawn Neally2007-2008
Bud's DeliveryHancock1949-1950
Bud's Texaco Service420 Mackenzie E.Bud Robinson1974-1978
Bud's Tune-Up Centre725-727 Mackenzie E.Max (Bud) Robinson1979-1982
Bulk Systems Ltd118 Kaskie1985
Bumper to Bumper1 Mercury E.Bill Bell1994-2004
628 Mackenzie E.Bill & Teri Bell2004-2007
628 Mackenzie E.Teri Bell2007-2011
Bunnell Park; A.E.K. Bunnell (Hillcrest) Park CampgroundHighway 622Township of Atikokan1978-pres
(Named for a government official instrumental in arranging much of Atikokan's development)
Custodians --Highway 622Murray Advent1978
Highway 622Vince Kolton1979
Highway 622Chris & Susan Gascoigne1980-1983
Highway 622Susan Gascoigne1984-1986
Highway 622Kelly Masson1987
Highway 622Sandra Blakely1988-1991
Highway 622Candice Lee1992-1993
Highway 622Lydia Kutra (killed)1994
Highway 622John Pringle (completes Lydia's contract)1994
Highway 622Dawn Lessard1995
Highway 622Dan Lee1996
Highway 622Karen Tattrie1997
Highway 622Brian Gouliquer, Jr1998
Highway 622My Three Sons Trucking1999
Highway 6222000
Highway 622Grant Jesse/Jesse Grant2001
Highway 622Jeff Geurts2002
Highway 622Kyle Lee2003
Highway 622Ken Ross2004-2005
Highway 622Danny Henderson2006-2014
Highway 622John Dyhm2014-pres
Burke's Food Bar310 Main W.Hjalmar & Ruby Burke1950-1952
Burke's Rooms & Apartments; Burke's Rooms310 Main W.Hjalmar & Ruby Burke1950-1964
310 Main W.Ruby Burke1964-1970
Atikokan Sports & Amusement Centre210 Mackenzie W.Wilbur & Audrey Burkart1985-1988
Burky's Family Amusement Centre; Burky's; Atikokan Sports and Family Amusement Centre108 Main W.Wilbur & Audrey Burkart1988-1997
Burky's Transfer (Cartage and Construction)108 Main W.Wilbur & Audrey Burkart1988-1994
J.H. Burnett - brick laying114 Mercury E.J.H. Burnett1955-1964
127 Mercury E.J.H. Burnett1965-1973
Burns Street Bed & Breakfast127 BurnsCandia Anderson & Paul Urbanowicz1995-pres
Busch's Golf Repair214 BlackDoug Busch1996-pres
Business Wise Accounting Services303 Main W.Twyla Gareau/Derkson1993-pres
Busy Bee Cleaning110 Mercury E.Charlie Girouard1986
Busy-Bee Housekeeping Service1223 O'BrienYvonne Blundon1999-2000
C & C Cunningham Inc.; C & C LoggingSylvan LakeCliff & Clifford Cunningham1985-pres
C & C Restaurant208-210 BurnsCarole Pooley & Cheryl Alexiuk1979
C & L Cleaning559 O'BrienClaude & Liz Ward1993-2001
C & L Welding717 Mackenzie E.Claude Ward & Lester Shine1979-1980
C & R Tire Sales & Service725-727 Mackenzie E.Clarence Gordon & Ray Dayman1980
CNR Hostel311 Mackenzie W.Zanette Investments Inc.1983-1999
Cabin Check-Up Doctors323 O'BrienPaul Swain & Teresa Haney2007-2009
CABS Ltd.1206 O'BrienRyan Wiersema, local rep1994
Cain's Apartments109 MarksRick & Lori Cain1980-2005
Ken Cain Plumbing & Heating185 HawthorneKen Cain1990-pres
214 O'BrienKen Cain (warehouse)1999-pres
Caland Manor -- Group home9 SpruceADADS1980-pres
Old Caland guesthouse donated to ADADSLaurene Vandetti, director1981-1982
Christine Conway, director1982-1984
Therese Bourret, director1984-1989
Doug Heskins, director1989
Mary Lynn Clement, acting director1989
Dorlene Lampi, residential manager1990-1998
Sharol Bilodeau, manager1998-2012
Caland Ore Co. Ltd.Caland Mine Site1953-1979
Caland Ore Co. Ltd.- officeFalls Bay (Mine Site)1953-1980
305 Main W.Philip D. Pearson, mgr1953-1959
Falls Bay (Mine Site)Peter P. Ribotto, mgr1959-1974
Falls Bay (Mine Site)Nat S. Scott, mgr1974-1980
Callahan & McLennan, Barristers - Solicitors - Notaries Public of Fort FrancesVisiting every 2 weeksT.H. Callahan & A.D. McLennan1948
Calmang Steel Ltd.720-722 Mackenzie E.Bob Moffatt1975-2005
(Canadian Alloy Manganese Steel)725-727 Mackenzie E.Bob Moffatt1983-2005
Calrock Motors401 O'BrienJerry & Alan Grennier & David Wright1959-1960
Calvary Lutheran ChurchSaturn Ave. School1958-1960
108 Cedar1960-1970
Camelot Jewellers Ltd.104-106 Main W.Laurie Lees, mgr1988-1989
104-106 Main W.Lana Vos, mgr1989
Cameo Barber Shop105 Main W.Stan Wilkins1971-1977
Cameo Beauty Salon202 Main W.Gladys Hallick & Carrie Tindale1960-1966
Cameo Beauty Salon & Barber Shop201 Main W. (rear)Stan Wilkins1966-1971
Michael Cameron Photography27 BirchMichael Cameron2007-2012
Don Campbell ConstructionVarious locationsDon Campbell1990-1994
112 Mercury W.Don Campbell1994-pres
George Campbell Co. Ltd.714 Mackenzie E.1980-1981
Can-Am Restaurant110 Main W.Phoung & Linda Phan1989-1997
110 Main W.Rick & Maria Nguyen1997-2000
110 Main W.Julia Tang & Randall Lu2000-2005
Canada Dry Ginger Ale220 FotheringhamSteve Machula1958
Canada Health & Accident Assurance CorpMarksBob Jerowsky1954
Canada Life Insurance Company115 Mercury W.Nick Brown1995-1997
Canada Manpower Centre208-210 Burns (Rockton)Graham Thompson of Port Arthur1968-1970
208-210 Burns (Rockton)Phil Chernaski of Fort Frances1970-1972
Canada Manpower Centre Dept of200 Main E. (Post Office)Florence Gutwein1972-1983
Manpower & Immigration/UIC106 Main E.Sharon Spence1983-1984
106 Main E.Sharon (Veran) Goodman1984-1995
106 Main E.Lisa (Peterson) Marusyk1995-1999
Atikokan Employment Centre206-214 Main W.Lisa (Peterson) Marusyk1999-pres
Canadian Bank of Commerce;94 ClarkA.M. McVeigh, manager1939-1950
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; CIBC94 ClarkDon Oddie, manager1950-1951
100 Main W.Don Oddie, manager1951-1953
100 Main W.Paul O. Franklin, manager1953-1957
100 Main W.Stan R. Wright, manager1957-1962
100 Main W.Pat Lynch, manager1962-1968
100 Main W.Douglas Jeffery, manager1968-1969
100 Main W.Al Earis, manager1969-1978
100 Main W.Thor Fjeldsted, manager1978-1982
100 Main W.Dave McAllister, manager1982-1999
100 Main W.Dave Allen, manager1999-2000
100 Main W.Betty Leishman, manager2000-2006
100 Main W.Diana Beaudry, manager2006-pres
Canadian BechtelCaland Mine Site.
Canadian Charleson Mining Co.305 Main W.Office1958-1959
End of O'BrienMine site1958-1960
End of O'BrienOglebay Norton Co. of Cleveland1962
End of O'BrienOglebay Norton Co. of Cleveland1964
Canadian Charleson Mining Co. managers --John Maki, Supervisor1958
George H. McLeod,mgr1959-1960
Clifford Bauers, mgr1962
Clifford Bauers, mgr1964
Canadian Malarctic Corp.105 Main W.2014-pres
103 Goodwin2014
101 Goodwin2014
Canadian National RailwayFront(Station razed in 1995)1934-pres
FrontTelegraph office1945-1988
Mackenzie W.Roundhouse1934-1963
Canadian Northern RailwayMackenzie W.Roundhouse1900-1934
Canadian Oil Companies LtdSee Smith's Canadian Oil.
Canadian PropaneSee Atikokan Propane & Supply Ltd.
Canadian Railway News Co. - beanerySee The Beanery.
Canoa Day Spa101 Main E.Melissa (Sinclair) Lesperance2013-pres
Canoe Canada Outfitters Inc; Wilderness Canoe Trips Inc (1973)300 O'BrienBud & Sandy Dickson & Jack McTaggart1973-1976
Canoe Canada Outfitters Inc300 O'BrienBud & Sandy Dickson & Jim & Pam Clark1976-2001
300 O'BrienBud, Sandy & Jeremy Dickson2001-pres
Canoe Country Products (stove mfg)127 ElmGlenn Zelinski & Richard Spilchuk1980-1982
Capital K Confectionery411 Mackenzie E.Randy Kivari1986-1989
Capital Laundry (Fort Frances)310 Mackenze W.Wilf Coulson, agent1951-1954
310 Mackenze W.Del McLeod, agent1954-1955
112 GorrieSyd Pollard, agent1955
Car Washing & Interior Cleaning401 Main W.Jerad Wood2005
Caribou Coach Transportation Company303 Main W.Ed Derkson, agent2008-pres
Caribou Construction & Rentals101 ZukeRick Cain2000-2001
619-621 Mackenzie E.Rick Cain2001-2006
Caribou Resort Motel & CottagesHwy 11 east (Sylvan Lake)Ben & Vi Eyton1962-1982
Hwy 11 east (Sylvan Lake)Bob Bigwood1982-1988
Caribou Wilderness Canoe OutfittersSee Quetico Wilderness Outfitters.
Carleton's Husky Service137 BurnsGeorge Carleton1964-1965
Carlson's Accordion School547 O'BrienA.C. Thompson1959
Carol's Corner; Carol's Health Food Centre104-106 Main W.Carol Lusignan1979
4 Poplar CourtCarol Lusignan1979-1981
Twyla Carolan Kinesiology4 RawnTwyla Carolan2003-2008
226 BurnsTwyla Carolan2008-2009
Carolle's Computer Services506 Mackenzie W.Carolle Labonte1992
Carole's Janitorial Service135 LarsonCarole Stewart1987-1993
Arthur Caron - bush contractor118 HighlandArthur Caron1972-1980
Carpenters514 O'BrienRay Wiebe1957
125 LarsonN. Steele1976
1113 O'BrienRobert McManus1976
215 Mercury E.Jim Gibson1976-1984
122 HighlandJon Nelson1977-1978
Various locationsAl Ivall1978-pres
166 WillowBill Urbanowicz1986-1994
120 SykesErnie Carriere1991
Carpenter, odd jobs118 MapleMel Cooke1981
Carpenter, plumber, electrician - bldg, remodelling10 HogarthUno Haglund1978
Town carpenter & handyman214 Mackenzie W.John O'Kroneg1914-1974
Carpet Sales & Service104-106 Main W.Peter Falinbigl1984-
Carpethouse Installations304 Main W.John William Carson1976-1977
Carrell & Partners305 Main W.Trudy Barker1993-1994
Carrell, Pustina, Zelinski, Knutsen & Johnson24 Hematite (DPCSC)1976
Carrie's Beauty Shop202 Main W.Carrie Tindale1966-1967
Carrie's Corner100 Mercury W.Carrie & Earl Zacharias2008-2011
Carruthers & Warren310 Mackenzie E. (Radisson)1972
123 Marks (clinic)1972-1973
Cartage licencesB1 Elmcrest TerraceLawrence Ward1981
123 WestMaureen Eagles1982
128 CedarDon MacDonald1985
705 Mackenzie E.G & C Enterprises1986
Castle Construction114 Main W.1948-1949
Caswell Construction CompanyO'BrienH.L. "Slim" Puzey, superintendent1947-1950
(Sewer & water installations)
Bryon Cathcart - gas station723 Mackenzie E.Bryon Cathcart1976
Cathy's Alteration148 PineCathy Halverson1988
Cayer's Cash & Carry213 Main W.Edward & Rose Cayer1949-1956
213 Main W.Felix & Victoria Cayer1957-1959
411 Mackenzie E.Felix Cayer1960-1961
Cedar Rail Bed & Breakfast23 BirchDave & Mary Elder1998-pres
Cedar Stream Mobile Home CourtWest EndSidney J. Pollard1961-1968
West EndCyprien Poirier1968-1970
Ceil Clean (div of Zorn Enterprises)9 Starr/203 PineEugene Belisle & Mel Larson1983
Celebration CentreLittle Falls Community CtrSandra Doucette & Norma Necan2000-2001
Celestial Gold109-115 Main W.Kathy Brigham1994-pres
Cement work of all types121 CedarPete Gardiman1975
Centra Gas Ontario Inc426 O'Brien1991-1998
Central Electric406 O'BrienS.C. Drobot1962
100 Mercury E.S.C. Drobot1963-1964
(Next to Nor-Video)222 O'BrienS.C. Drobot1964-1965
130 ElmS.C. Drobot1966
Central Exchange Store115 Main E.George Zadorozniak1956-1961
Central Mortgage & Housing Corp - loans office201 Main W.Peter Burns, mgr1954-1955
201 Main W.L. Byron, mgr1955-1956
Century 21612 FrontPatty Pierce1982-1984
612 FrontShirley Pierce1984-1985
Century Construction Company (built houses on Spruce)212 O'BrienMr. Wiebe1953
212 O'BrienBob Myron, sales rep1954-1955
Ceramics & Pottery303 Main W.Edith Lindsay1979
Mark Chambers ConstructionVarious locationsMark Chambers1992-pres
Chamber's Ice205 AbbottDarrell & Liz Chambers1979-1982
Chamber's Paw Spa205 AbbottLiz Chambers2001-pres
Chapples Ltd108 Main W.1953-1961
104-106 Main W.Including a groceteria1954-1961
623 Mackenzie E.Warehouse1955-1961
Armand Charbonneau - undertaker312 Main W.Armand Charbonneau1949-1951
Charnock, Jewett, Burmaster Chartered Accountants109-115 Main W.Terry Jewett1989
Chase's Bike Repair231 DorothyChase Prokopchuk2000-2003
Cherie's Café103-105 Main E.Cherie & Leroy Carpenter1979-1990
103-105 Main E.Spiros (Steve) & Debbie Politis1990-1992
Childerhose Food ServiceSteep Rock Iron MinesCatering & bunkhouse care for CAC1945-1958
Caland OreAllan Childerhose1954-
Children's Aid Society310 Main W. (upstairs)Miss Marion Guild1958-1960
310 Main W. (upstairs)Jack Fraser1960-1963
310 Main W. (downstairs)Jack Fraser1963-1972
310 Main W. (downstairs)Bernie Brigidear1972-1973
310 Main W. (downstairs)Margaret Semple1973-1974
310 Main W. (downstairs)Doug Hanson1974-1976
24 HematiteSusan J. Kerr1976-1977
See Family & Children's Services.
Chimney cleaning28 RawnRobert Baechler1980
Chimney Cleaning212 BlackTom Maki1990
Chips R UsMobile truck, 200 Main W.ADADS2000-2004
Building, 200 Main W.ADADS2004-pres
Chiropractors (No known company name)123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Murray G.W. Miller1976-1981
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. William McCallum1982-1987
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Oleh Zmiyiwsky1987-1990
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Patrick Manduca1990-1995
Dr. C.P. Chodyniecki, general practice218 O'Brien (upstairs)Dr. C.P. Chodyniecki1954
Chris' Corner-to-Corner Cleaning Service118 Mercury E.Christine Modeland2002-pres
Chuck's Car Wash422 Mackenzie E.Chuck & Heather Schmutzer1983-2005
Chuck's Marine & Small Engine Repair422 Mackenzie E.Chuck & Heather Schmutzer1992-1994
Chuck's Towing & HaulingMobileChuck Learning2011-pres
The first church services were held in the jail on Mackenzie W.1929-1931
Church of the Good Shepherd (Anglican)227 Marks1954-pres
Church of the Latter Day SaintsIndividuals' houses1949-1960
110-124 Marks (Marks St. School Auditorium)1960-1976
24 Hematite (DPCSC)1976-1981
108 Cedar1981-pres
Cinder and Concrete Blocks117 GorrieBruce Fillmore, Masonry Contractor1951
Classic Auto Sales & Service420 Mackenzie E.Brad Bayliss & Brian Richards2003-2006
420 Mackenzie E.Brian Richards2006-pres
Classic Cigars145 PineLarry Hawkins1997-2006
Claude Ward CarvingsHwy 11 East (Nym Lake)Claude Ward1998-pres
Claydon Co. LimitedStorage behind McRorie & VincienneClifford C. Rice-Jones, mgr1952
113 Main E.Clifford C. Rice-Jones, mgr1949-1963
Clayland RentalsHighway 11BTramin Ltd1994-pres
Cleaning 4 You20 VincienneLaurie Girard2008
Clear Vu Window Cleaning Co109 MarksGeorge Taillon & Doug Green1960
Clement's Husky Service137 BurnsMax Clement1960-1964
Clement's Service200 Main W.Max Clement1955-1960
Max Clement - General Trucking563 O'BrienMax Clement1950-1963
Clinics110-124 MarksFirst-aid emergency station1924-1928
201 Mackenzie W.Outpost nursing station1929-1950
See Atikokan Clinic.
Clover Valley Co-Op DairyOwned property on Mackenzie E. across from Radisson1954-1957
414 FrontHarry & Mary Wiersema1954-1957
220 GorrieJ. Kaludjer1956
505 Mackenzie W.1957
1206 O'Brien (warehouse)Harry & Mary Wiersema1965-
Clow-Darling Plumbing & Heating3 Mercury E.Warehouse moved from CNR Ind1954-1960
Ray Cole's Minnow Ranch514 PolarisRay & Vimy Cole1958-1963
138 Mercury E.Ray & Vimy Cole1963-1967
723 Mackenzie E.Ray & Vimy Cole1968-1972
723 Mackenzie E.Colin & Linda Lindsay1972-1973
Columbia Tire Ltd.300 O'BrienLen Nelson, mgr1971-1973
Bill Colvin Service108-110 BurnsBill Colvin1981
Comcare Health Services123 Marks (clinic)2003-2006
110-124 Marks (MSCSC)2006-2009
Comet Courier Service146 ElmC.V.L. Baker1968
Community Auto1100 O'BrienMel Larson1977-1978
Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)120 Dorothy (Hospital)1998-pres
Community CounsellingSee Atikokan Community Counselling.
Community Living AtikokanSee ADADS.
Compact Video Concepts190 PineGeoff McClain1983
Computerized Business ServicesHighway 11BTerry Rheault1987
218 O'BrienTerry Rheault1988-1991
Highway 11BTerry Rheault1992-1996
Computers Etc.103-105 Main E.Elvin Rydberg1987
Computer Generations108 Olson LaneWilf Thorburn1994-pres
Computer Jobs & Business Services109-115 Main W.Terry Jewett1989
Computer Repair & Service26 MapleLance Schander2008-pres
Computer Repairs126 ZukeNeil2006
Con-Cret Construction104 AbbottDon & Ed Meilleur1983-1984
Concessions (no name)
Arena concessionRose Mrakic1977-1980
Ball park concessionFrank & Helen Vinkle1955
James Janke1956-1957
John Lewicki1958-1959
W.G. Harrison & Rip Davies1960-1961
Rip Davies1962-1963
Rose Mrakic1977-1980
Bowling alley concessionC.Bouley1951
Fred Stay1953
Dave & Ellen Melong1950's
Joe Murray1950's
Art & Norma Teschke1958-1972
Art Teschke1972-1973
Alex & Anastasia O'Neil1979-1981
Jeri Savoy1981-1986
(Charles Warder, mgr of building)Jerry Zajac1986-1990
Doug Tribe1990-1995
Ev/Moe Tribe1996-2012
Old curling club concessionLone Pine branch of the Red Cross1949
Don Park Red Cross group1950
Mrs. J. Cottrell1953
Jim Burnett1954
Ladies Curling Club1955-
Tony Senyk & Dave Gordon1960
French Lake concessionW.G. Harrison & Rip Davies1960-1962
John & Carrie Tindale1966?-1973
Anderson family that moved west1974
Not open1975
Atikokan Metis and Non-Status Indian Assoc1976
Par 3 Golf Course concesssion -- Old Saturn Ave. Trailer ParkDave & Pat Cox1962
Ski Hill (old) concession -- Building dismantled by 1984.Boy Scouts1962
Ski Hill (new) concession -- FairweatherAtikokan & District Jaycees1968
Dianne Coulombe and Donna Roy1970-1971
Armond Vaillant1971-1972
Ralph Gillman1972-1973
Cathy McMullen1973-1974
Chalet burned1974-1975
Atikokan Ski Club1975-1978
Cathy Anness & Tammy Shannon1980-1981
Irene Martin & Sandra Gowriluk1982-1983
Ila Gibson1983-1985
Atikokan High School Bands1989-1990
Fairweather Friends1992-pres
Small confectionery & cafe335 O'Brien (Lot 108)Gladys Martin1942-1945
Confederation CollegeAtikokan High Schoolregistration through MNDM1972-1980
Clark St. School1980-1996
Sandra L. Connor - computers190 PineSandra L. Connor1996
Consolidated Hydrocarbons Limited417 Mackenzie E.Earl McIntosh1970
Construction Aggregates Corporation (CAC)Steep Rock1950-1960
Caland Project-Moose Lake1954-1960
Contact NorthClark St. SchoolJeanne Bailey, site co-ordinator1987-1996
Atikokan High SchoolJeanne Bailey, site co-ordinator1996-2007
Atikokan High SchoolGiselle McCarthy, site co-ordinator2007-2013
Atikokan High SchoolMarlys Niskanen, site co-ordinator2013-pres
Continental Painting & Decorating104 HighlandLynn Caul1966-1967
128 CedarLynn Caul1968
215 FotheringhamHarvey Parent1969
Co-operative Memorial142 LarsonRichard & Fran Kolton1991-1998
COPE Atikokan (Course for Orientation andKathy Livicker, director1987-1988
Preparation for Employment) - name changed to ELO in 1989Glen Ivall, director1988-1989
Cottage & Castle Log Enterprises216 BlackJoe Meany1978-1993
Cottage Country Furniture121 WillowJohn McInnis1996-2005
Coulson ContractingVarious locationsMarty Coulson1985-2004
Country Creek Estates612-A FrontJack & Shirley Pierce1992-pres
Courtesy Courier104 ReidEd Gouliquer1994-2001
104 ReidRichard Morin2001-2005
Cow Palace Convenience Store218 O'BrienRay C. Gleeson1976-1982
208 O'BrienRay C. Gleeson1982-1996
210 O'BrienLoudon Bros Limited1996-1998
Crafter's Den308 Main W.Michelle Alexiuk1995-1997
Dr. David R. Cranton, Optometrist109-115 Main W.David R. Cranton2012
37 StarrDavid R. Cranton2012-pres
Creative Lawn Care125 RollingKevin Hensrud1993
Creative Memories103 WillowAlana Rechlin2002-pres
Creative Memories/LotsaLoot206-214 Main W.Karen Kehler1999
Crescent Finance Corp Ltd. (Also see Avco Finance.)103-105 Main E.1964-1967
L. Cross Logging Ltd152 WillowLanny Cross1979-1982
Cross Town Services (Co-Op)414 Front (rear)Ted Hebditch & Ted Nixon1950-1951
414 Front (rear)Ted Nixon1951
414 Front (rear)R. Cyril Newman & Mel Humphrey1951-1953
110 GorrieCyril Newman1953-1956
Sold to Thunder Bay Co-Op10 Mercury E.Cyril Newman1956-1959
Cynder's Place105 Main W.Cyndy Nephin1995-1998
Cryptech Computers62 MapleGerry Cripps1997-2007
Crystal Blue Dining Room211 O'Brien (SR Hotel)Chris, Denise & Ivan Henton1990
Crystal Cartage154 HawthorneCecil (Bozo) O'Flaherty1982
"Crystal Clear" Water Filters53 RawnAl Albrecht1986
Crystal Enterprises Janitorial & Maintenance154 HawthorneCecil (Bozo) & Bev O'Flaherty1982-1983
237 DorothyCecil (Bozo) & Bev O'Flaherty1984-1987
105 BerryCecil (Bozo) & Bev O'Flaherty1988-pres
Cupello & Company109-115 Main W.Eugene Prpich1996-1998
214 O'BrienEugene Prpich1998-1999
Curling Club (on CN property)Mackenzie W.1939-1948
Custom Carpenter DesignerFrank1985
Custom Clean112 AlderSam & Carol O'Flaherty1991-1996
163 HawthorneSam & Carol O'Flaherty1996-1997
Custom Finishing by Emile (Inc) of Thunder Bay508 O'BrienD. Hnatuk1985
Custom Garden Tilling214 BlackS.E. Mosley1985
Custom-Maid130 PineApril Girard1989-1991
Custom Machining719 Mackenzie E.Erich Henze1978-1980
Custom Made Ornamental Iron Work30 RawnDon Merrifield1983
Custom Quality Picture Framing81 SpruceLinda Sawdo2003
Custom Tailors & Millinery400 Main W.Fred Stay, agent & A. Fucile1954-1955
Cyclotoon Inc.21 BirchGeorge Ertl1985-1988
Czepky's Rooming House; John's Rooming House408 FrontJohn & Daisy Czepky1972-1984
D's Natural Vitamins & Health Food Sales5 VincienneDiana Ellieff1982-1983
D & L Bait & Tackle1100 O'BrienDan Anderson2005-2007
D & L Contractors199 PineDouglas A. Legarrie1982
D & L Grocery1100 O'BrienDon & Linda King1978-2003
1100 O'BrienDan & Lennette Anderson2003-2007
1100 O'BrienAtikokan Economic Development Corp2007-2008
Lone Pine Market1100 O'BrienJohn Williams2008-pres
D & L Laundromat206-214 Main W.Don & Linda King1994-pres
D.C. Rentals120 Zuke/599 O'BrienDoug Sanders & Carl Hensrud1990-1991
DDL TransportSee Stevenson Transport.
DSM Energy Efficient Windows & Doors212 O'BrienDerek Meilleur1993-1996
Dale's Husky Bulk Sales211 Mackenzie E.Dale Desserre1969-1973
Dale's Snow Removal399 SteerolaDale Gibson1986
Dan's Chainsaw Repair121 ZukeDan Desgroseilliers1985-1986
Ken Danard, distributor for Starcraft Trailers, Edson Campers & Marr's Marine accessories201 Mackenzie E.Ken Danard1973-1975
Danard's Gulf Sales (bulk)201 Mackenzie E.Ken Danard1973-1975
Danard's Machine & Repair Shop321 HancockR.W. Danard1953-1958
6 Mercury E.R.W. Danard1959-1967
Daniela's Dressmaking; Baff Dressmaking;44 SpruceMiss Daniela Baff1954
Daniela's Dress & Lingerie Shop; Exclusive Ladies Apparel Shop;201 Main W. (upstairs)Miss Daniela Baff1955
Daniela's Exclusive Ladies Apparel;304 Main W.Miss Daniela Baff/Gasparotto1955-1959
Daniela's Ladies & Junior Wear303 Main W.Daniela Gasparotto1959-1963
108 Main E.Daniela Gasparotto1964
113 Main E.Daniela Gasparotto1965-1971
105 Main W.Daniela Gasparotto1971-1973
113 Main E.Daniela Gasparotto1973-1975
214 O'BrienDaniela Gasparotto1975-1994
Danielson's Deliveries136 PineGeorge A. Danielson1969
Danielson's Wholesale113 Main E.Henry O. Danielson1970-1973
308 Mackenzie W.Henry O. Danielson1970-1978
Dan's Shuttle Service28 SpruceDan Henderson2010-2014
Danny's TaxiGorrieDan Jameus1949
220 O'BrienDan Jameus1950
Darrin's Photography2 VincienneDarrin Rusnick1989-1994
Dave's Appliance & Parts218 O'BrienJoan Wiens2008-pres
Dave's Appliance Repair & Outdoor109-115 Main W.Dave Bjorkman2006
Furnaces & Haven Security218 O'BrienDave Bjorkman2006-2008
Dave's Appliance Repairs206-214 Main W.Dave Bjorkman2006
Dave's Computer World113 Main E.Dave White1995-1996
105 MapleDave White1996-pres
Dave's Painting Service310 Mackenzie E. (Radisson)Dave Moran2005
Dave's Towing & Auto Service704 Mackenzie E.Dave & Tracy Brown2005-2012
B.R.Davidson Construction Ltd.;714 Mackenzie E.Bruce Davidson1971-1976
B.R. Davidson Mining & Development Ltd.;618-624 Mackenzie E.Bruce Davidson1978-1989
Surface Mining and Development Ltd.300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson1985-1988
703-705 Mackenzie E.Bruce Davidson1997-2004
701 Mackenzie E.Marlene Davidson, President2006
703-705 Mackenzie E.Bruce Davidson, President2003-2006
Davidson's Electric214 WhiteAlbert (Bert) Davidson1952-1970
J.B. Davidson - plastering38 PoplarJim Davidson1964-1965
Davidson Sewer Cleaning Service4 HaaralaWally Davidson1981-1983
Wm "Rip" Davies - minnows. (Sold business April, 1960)2 McRorieWm "Rip" Davies1955-1960
Day Caddo Viherjoki;Day Viherjoki Busniuk & Kelly109-115 Main W.1993-pres
Dayman's Car Wash422 Mackenzie E.Ray Dayman1968-1983
Dayman's Hauling422 Mackenzie E.Ray Dayman1968-1983
Ray Dayman1983-1991
Deeboo's Furniture and Cabinet102 HighlandRoy Lusignan1995-2011
DeGagne Apartments332 HancockAime DeGagne1951-1957
1211-1215 O'BrienAime DeGagne1956-1962
A. Degagne Fuels; Degagne Fuel Co.311 MarksAime Degagne1951
332 HancockAime Degagne1951-1952
(Coal shed)Mackenzie ??Aime Degagne1954
Degagne Drug StoreSee Atikokan Rexall Drug Store.
DeGagne Groceries & Meats414 FrontAmedee DeGagne1956-1958
DeGagne Quality Meats303 Main W.Amedee DeGagne1961-1962
Luigi Del Negro - iron railings300 Mackenzie W./117 MarksLuigi Del Negro1960
Del's Snack BarArena concessionDel & Doug McLeod1970-1977
Ball park concessionDel & Doug McLeod1970-1977
Delane's Stationery215 Main W.Frankie Swerda1980-1982
Delane's Stationery & Supply;215 Main W.Elaine Fraser & Edie Wilson1966
Delane's Stationery & Flowers215 Main W.Elaine Fraser1967-1980
Delivery service (dray business) : Horse & sleigh taxi service for Hospital.John O'Kroneg1914
Deluxe Baby Sitting & Time Call Service106 Main W.George Carleton & Len Koza1952
Deluxe Cabs106 Main W.George Carleton & Len Koza1952
Deluxe Taxi114-122 GorrieArnold Newton & Bill Chubey1958-1959
114-122 GorrieArnold Newton & Alvin MacDonald1959-1961
Deluxe Taxi Drive-In and Gas Services704 Mackenzie E.Arnold Newton1961
George Demchuk Jewellery115 Main E.George Demchuk1950-1953
124 GorrieGeorge Demchuk1952-1956
Denis' Upholstery Shop215 AlderDenis Bergeron1981-1984
Desaulniers' ConcessionsArena concessionDoug & Sharon Desaulniers1980-1992
Ball park concessionDoug & Sharon Desaulniers1980-1992
Design-Face Systems162 ElmJanice & Dave Boyko1994
De-Signs & Specialties1220 O'BrienKen Faykes1985-1986
Dale Desserre Hauling Ltd.204 PineDale Desserre1973-2004
Dale Desserre - Sand & Gravel, General Digging & Backfilling204 PineDale Desserre1973-2004
Jeff Devine Computer Consulting304 Mackenzie E.Jeff Devine2004-2006
Garry Devisscher Painting715 Mackenzie E.Garry Devisscher1982
Dewey's Snowplowing and Battery Boosting Service54 SpruceDewey Lind1982-1983
Diane's Beauty Salon208-210 Burns (Rockton)Diane Hensrud1970-1971
80 MapleDiane Hensrud1971-1980
80 MapleEvelyn McInnes1980-1982
Dickie Dee - ice cream bikes108 Main W.Wilbur & Audrey Burkart1990-1991
Pete Dickson's Load 'N Haul717-719 Mackenzie E.Pete Dickson1993-pres
Dickson's Spectrum Auto Body206-214 Main W.Pete Dickson1984
206-214 Main W.Pete Dickson & Morris Zandona1984-1986
Ding-a-ling Ice Cream1206 O'Brien (mobile)Harry & Mary Wiersema1969-1995
200 Main W.Bill Wiersema & Debbie Triskle1995-1996
Dinty's Kentucky Fried Chicken703 Mackenzie E.George Crompton1968-1970
District Hardware Electric Co. Ltd.108 Main W.Fred Loverin, mgr1951-1953
Do-It Corporation of Canada104-106 Main W.Glen Rawlings1986-1987
Carl Docters - landscaping44 SpruceCarl Docters1955
Dogcatcher/Animal Control OfficerRobert Dixon1946-1949
Allan Armstrong (game warden)1953-1955
May onlyLarry Marwick, Sr1955
William (Waino) Hamalainen1955-1958
February onlyEdward Asselin1958
William (Waino) Hamalainen1958-1962
Feb-Aug/62Jack May1962
Sept/62-July/64George Rahal1962-1964
July/64-May/73Larry Haney1964-1973
June/73-Feb/74Tom McLeod1973-1974
Mar/74-July/74Lorena Blair1974
Jul/74-Aug/74Harry Jones1974
Aug/74-Nov/76Doug Desaulniers1974-1976
Nov/76-Apr/78Walden Pfeifer1976-1978
Apr/78-Apr/81Brian Stimson1978-1981
Apr/81-Nov/81Jacques Fiset1981
Nov/81 - 6 daysWally Davidson1981
Dec/81-Jan/82 (temporary)Chris Gascoigne1981-1982
Feb/82 (temporary)Brian Stimson1982
Feb/82-Oct/82Frank Calvelli1982
Assistant dog catcher Aug/82-Oct/82Leslie Trepanier1982
Nov/82-May/83Mike Roy1982-1983
Jun/83-Sep/83Dan Fraser1983
Sep/83-Jan/84Fred Cuthbert1983-1984
Jan/84-Feb/84 (temporary)Brian Stimson1984
Mar/84-June/84David White1984
Aug/84-July/85Jacques Fiset1984-1985
July/85-June/02Vince Natale1985-2002
June/02 - ?/11Albert Clement2002-2011
Wild animal control officerAlbert Clement2001-2011
Dogwood Builders131 DogwoodMel Larson1986
Dolmar Motors401 Main W.Guido Dolcetti & Guido Marostica1948-1954
Aime DeGagne, mgr.
Dominion Life Assurance CompanyJohn Kostiniuk1950
Don's Electric134 HawthorneDon Legarree1981-1987
Don's Music131 Mercury E.Don & Yvonne Meilleur1968-1970
308 Main W.Don & Yvonne Meilleur1970-1971
304 Main W.Don & Yvonne Meilleur1971-1975
Don's Music Studio & Sales415 Mackenzie E.Don & Yvonne Meilleur2001-2004
724 Mackenzie E.Don & Yvonne Meilleur2004
Don's Music Sales & Instruction109-115 Main W.Don & Yvonne Meilleur2004-2009
316 O'BrienDon Meilleur2010-pres
Don Park Ball ParkBehind McRorie & Vincienne1952-pres
Don Park Community Services Centre (old hospital)24 HematiteTownship of Atikokan1976-1985
Building demolished 1986, except for portion being used by Crisis Centre.
Don Park Homesites LimitedHogarthSteep Rock Iron Mines1944-1986
Doug's Skiroule199 PineDoug Legarrie1973-1974
Doug's Texaco420 Mackenzie E.Doug Gillies1978-1985
M.E. Doyle Ltd219 FotheringhamManley Doyle1958
716 Mackenzie E.Manley Doyle1958-1968
Drabik Apartments506-508 Mackenzie E.Florian Drabik & George Hoszowski1963-1970
506-508 Mackenzie E.Florian Drabik1970-1981
Dragonfly Studios Pottery304 Mackenzie E.Linda Stewart2000-2002
Dravo of CanadaSteep Rock Mine SiteJoseph Pluff, mgr1965-1967
Designed and constructed pelletizing plant.
Driving InstructionRoger Armstrong1982
Drywalling & textured ceiling, ceramic tile124 Abbott? Johnsson1981
Dunlop Tire Sales & Service Ctr300 O'BrienTed Ripplinger, mgr1962-1968
300 O'BrienStan Johnston, mgr1968-1969
Dunnet's Photography114 BerryDoug Dunnet1997-2000
Dunwoody, Saul, Smith & Co205 Main W.Alvin Johnson, mgr1953-1955
205 Main W.Donald J. Ritchie, manager1955-1960
205 Main W.Val Zikmanis, mgr1961-1962
Dunwoody & Company201 Main W. (rear)1985-1987
109-115 Main W.1988-1990
BDO Dunwoody Ward Mallette305 Main W.1991-1995
Duraclean204 WrightGlen Gordon1972
Duraclean Rug & Upholstery Cleaners138 WillowArvi Metsala1967-1973
Duraclean Ward Co122 HemlockJohn Ward1975-1978
Dusty's613 Mackenzie E.George Dustin1957
Dusty's Place723 Mackenzie E.George & Eileen Dustin1977-2001
(Bill) Dutka ConstructionAliceBill Dutka1965-1993
Dutka Signs; Ed Dutka Signs123 AlderEd Dutka1989-1994
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Ed Dutka1994-2006
208 HawthorneEd Dutka2006-pres
Dyson-Riley Satellite Technology Inc.101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Gordon Dyson, Claude Riley, Vic Prokopchuk1982-1984
ELO; Employment Learning Opportunities;
COPE Atikokan
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Bob Shields, director1989-1995
Earl's Market GardenHwy 622 (Hardy Dam)Earl Rodger1982
Easy Growing Pretty Plants & Plenty Hydroponics112 Highland1995
Eaton's of Canada; T. Eaton Company of Canada Ltd; The T. Eaton Co.; Eaton's117 Gorrie (basement)(order office)1952-1955
216 O'Brien1955-1989
Eaton's Managers --J.W. Baxter, mgr1956-1962
Ray Dayman, mgr1962-1967
Bob Houston, mgr1969-1970
Mo Glenna, mgr1971-1972
1976 - Eaton's ends catalogue orders.Jessie Borrett, mgr1973-1980
Elsie Sander, mgr1980-1989
Economic Development Office & Officer24 Hematite (DPCSC)Brian Ross1978-1983
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Bill Esarik1984-1985
110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Bill Esarik1985-1986
Became independent corporation 1987110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Bob Michels1986-1988
109-115 Main W.Bob Michels1988-1992
109-115 Main W.Ted Couch1993-2001
109-115 Main W.Garry McKinnon2001-2009
206-214 Main W.Garry McKinnon2009-pres
Ed and Wilf's ElectricRolling (O'Neill's Tr Pk)Ed Gouliquer & Wilf Thorburn1971-1973
Ed's Arctic Cat Service; Ed's Cat; Ed's Cat Service626 Mackenzie E.Ed Gouliquer1972-1981
Highway 11BEd Gouliquer1981-1990
Ed's Cat Sales & ServiceHighway 11BEd Gouliquer1998
Ed's Cat Shop1 Mercury E.Doug Sampson1983-1985
Ed's Texaco (Bulk)619-621 Mackenzie E.Ed Brigham1980-1989
Ed's Towing & Repair713 Mackenzie E.Ed Stewart1979-1981
Edstrom & Evans310 Main W.Mel Edstrom & Doug Evans1954-1956
Edstrom, Evans & Lauder310 Main W.Mel Edstrom, Doug Evans & Chuck Lauder1956-1957
Edstrom & Lauder Insurance Ltd.310 Main W.Mel Edstrom & Chuck Lauder1957-1960
310 Main W.Patrick Riley1960-1961
Effective Programs & Planning; EPP506 Mackenzie W.Diana Ellieff2004-2006
Sean Ekstrom - DJ Service131 PineSean Ekstrom1997-2006
Eldon's Texaco ServiceSee Berard's Texaco.
Electricians (No company name)Jim Galbraith1980
George Ertl1980
145 WillowLloyd Hopkins1982
Tom Drobot1983
Jim Brooks1983
Richard Dwight Wilson1984
Joseph Gil1984
122 FrankJohn P. Nephin1984
Glen W. Ivall1986-1997
Brian Bedard1990
Larry Ford1990
110 ZukeLouis Barret1992-pres
Electrolux; Electrolux Canada Ltd.;400-402 FrontEmil Seppala1953-1954
Electrolux Supplies56 MapleN. Russell May1956-1957
159 HawthorneAmbrose Kuiack1958-1962
103-105 Main E.Ambrose Kuiack1959
R.G. Miller1963
123 BalsamD. Blanchette1964
Aade Saari1965-1967
9 VincienneW. Edward Shannon1967-1969
Radisson MotelSam (Salvador) Vetere1969
Hotel Steep RockArnold Falden1969
29 SpruceAade Saari1970
125 HemlockAlvin Marusyk1971
308 GorrieFritz Schoell1972
Rockton HotelAade Saari1972-1973
22 West End Tr. Ct.C.R. Pemberton1973-1974
Rockton HotelAade Saari1975
513 O'BrienJacques Fiset1975
211 AbbottBetty Booth1975
Ed Merrifield1976
23 GrenvilleDon Benjamin1976-1977
6 AutumnMorley Bolen1977
Steep Rock HotelDennis Wm. Smyk1978
22 PoplarDan Baxter1978
145 WillowLloyd & Rita Hopkins1979-1991
214 FotheringhamRoy Haney1980
Hotel Steep RockNick Zavajlia1981
351 O'BrienMary Krukoski1982
Radisson MotelLawrence Basaraba1982-1983
184 HawthorneM. Lawson1984
Brad Berry1986-1989
Radisson MotelA. Saari1989
307-309 Main W.ANFC1989
145 HemlockKaren Larson1990-1991
106 HighlandVivian Legaree1991
155 HawthorneLisa Johnson1992
154 CedarDag Sampson1993-1999
Dr. W.S. Elliot - dentist213 Main W.Dr. W.S. Elliot1949-1951
Elmcrest Apartments; Elmcrest TerraceElm/WillowCMHC - Bainbridge Agency, agents1961-1970
Elm/WillowCMHC - Gerald & Laverne Fisher, agent1970-1982
Elm/WillowCMHC - Laverne Fisher, agent1982-1983
Elm/WillowWestcan Properties of Winnipeg1984-1993
Elm/WillowCMHC - Cecil & Bev O'Flaherty, agents1988-1991
Elm/WillowSault Holdings Ltd (Reno Zanette)1995-1996
Elm/WillowSuperior Properties (Diane McKay, local mgr)1996-2001
Closed - buildings razed 2003Elm/WillowTownship of Atikokan2001-2003
Elmer's Carpet & Flooring Installation516 O'BrienElmer Truelove1998-1999
Emerald Bay Gems14 RawnGabrielle Marohnic2009-2011
Encore Studio593 O'BrienElizabeth Cronin2006-2009
Enge Enterprizes Ltd189 PineMel Enge (trucking)1971-2005
Entrée Computers104-106 Main W.Dennis Owcher1986
Environment Canada - Weather Station112 Saturn/DorothyMarcel Gillet, mgr1966-1975
112 Saturn/DorothyKal Koros, mgr1975-1983
112 Saturn/DorothyRolly Burbeck, mgr1983-1988
Centennial Parkautomated2000-pres
Equipment Mechanical & Welding Repairs201 AlderMel King1990-1991
Eric's Arctic Cat1117 O'BrienEric Yurick1988-1989
Errington Hall; The Iron Mine300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson1986-1989
300-302 Main W.Ev Tribe,Doug Tribe, Dagmar Sampson1989-1997
300-302 Main W.Ev Tribe1997-2012
Especially for You CateringSandra Doucette & Norma Necan2000-2005
High School CafeteriaSandra Doucette2005
Esso Petroleum Canada311 Mackenzie E.Robert Johnson, Sr1969-1990
Esther's Beauty Shop213 Main W.Esther Landry1950-1952
Esthetics By Georgia-Rae205 Main W.Georgia Miller1999-2000
Eustace & Smith - barristers314 Main W.Jack C. Smith1951-1952
Lawrence Eustace - lawyer123 MarksLawrence Eustace1974-1976
308 Main W.Lawrence Eustace1976-1987
Eustace Morgan & Derkson308 Main W.Lawrence Eustace1987-1992
Eva Lake Loo135 PineBrian Gouliquer1996-2004
D.C. Evans - insurance185 PineDoug Evans1957-1959
Sold to Bainbridge in 1966.218 O'Brien (upstairs)Doug Evans & Sam Matichuk1960-1966
Evelyn's Beauty Salon202 Main W.Evelyn Goodman/Veran1975-1979
202 Main W.Evelyn Veran1982-1987
8 HematiteEvelyn Veran1987
Everything Nice Bakery41 SpruceShawndra Ricci1998
EverCrete21 VincienneDavid Busch1996
Excavator1224 O'BrienEvan Collins2006-2011
Excel ConstructionGilbert LakeDon & Brad Meilleur1990-1992
Experience Gold410 Mackenzie W.JoAnne Gomes1990
Experience Health214 O'BrienHeather Dilley2007-2009
218 O'BrienHeather Dilley2009-pres
Exquisite Gold & Gems104-106 Main W.Kim Cross, mgr1990-1994
FJS EnterprisesVarious locationsFran Speer1985-pres
Fabricare Launderette703 Mackenzie E.Leo, Paul, Roger & Vinton Degagne1971-1976
Fabricare Launderette 1976703 Mackenzie E.Gord Peters & Clayton Shannon1976-1989
Factor Lake Rentals107 Partridge1985
Faith Lutheran Church418 O'Brien1975-pres
Family & Children's Services (FACS)24 HematiteGeorge Hoggarth1977-1984
21 HematiteGeorge Hoggarth1984-1990
206-214 Main W.George Hoggarth1990-1992
206-214 Main W.Brad Ricci, Director1992-1998
206-214 Main W.Bill Leonard, Director2000-2002
206-214 Main W.Jenny Billings2002-2009
209-211 Main W.Jenny Billings2009-2011
Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child & Family Services209-211 Main W.Jenny Billings2011-pres
Family Health Team123 Marks (Clinic)Cathe Hoszowski, executive director2008-2011
123 Marks (Clinic)Jennifer Learning, executive director2012-pres
Fantastic Frys & Freeze; Fantastic Fries200 Main W.Harry & Mary Wiersema1994-1997
200 Main W.Renee Matichuk1998-1999
Faris' Apartments207 FotheringhamReg & Mamie Faris1954-1973
215 FotheringhamReg & Mamie Faris1954-1982
215 FotheringhamMamie Faris1982-2011
217 FotheringhamReg & Mamie Faris1954-1982
217 FotheringhamMamie Faris1982-2011
Faris' Mercury Outboard Motors Sales & Service215 FotheringhamReg Faris1958-1961
103-105 Main E.Reg Faris1959
farmHwy 622J.P. Cannon1963-1967
Hwy 622Harold Antler1968-
Fashion Fabrics; Fashion Fabrics by Eleonor104-106 Main W.Eleonor Marquardt1978-1988
109-115 Main W.Eleonor Marquardt1988-2013
Bob Faykes Enterprises525 O'BrienBob Faykes1979
Faykes' Framing1220 O'BrienKen & Tammy Faykes2009-pres
FibraTECHIndustrial ParkDan Warren, owner; Mike Shusterman, mgr2004-2007
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Dan Warren, owner; Mike Shusterman, mgr2005-2007
105 GoodwinDan Warren, owner; Mike Shusterman, mgr2005-2007
Filter Queen Sales & Supplies310 Mackenzie E. (Radisson)Keith Goodman1974
133 WillowA.R. Miller1975-1976
31 West End Tr. Ct.Gloria Cryderman1977
Financial Systems Inc.122 HemlockJohn Ward1979
Fire Lake TaxidermyHighway 11 eastBob Schlingmann1982-1988
Firehall & Fire ChiefsNiven & BurnsWilliam Strachan1949-1953
Niven & BurnsBob Mathison1953-1956
Grant Anderson Fire Chief at SRIM214 Main E.Bob Mathison1956-1978
214 Main E.Fin Warren1978-1992
214 Main E.Garth Dyck1992-1996
101 GoodwinGarth Dyck1996-pres
Fireside Florals109 O'BrienCandace Bang1999-2000
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. of Canada Ltd725-727 Mackenzie E.1960-1979
First Baptist Church; Baptist Church110-124 Marks (Marks St. School Auditorium)1950-1951
410 Front1951-1955
88 Maple1955-pres
First Protestant ChurchSteep Rock Iron Mines Cookery1944-
Clark Street School194?-1946
227 Marks1946-1954
Fiset Sewer Cleaning513 O'BrienJacques Fiset1983-1984
Dr. R.H. Fisher400-402 FrontDr. Fisher1945
Fletcher CanoesHighway 11BRandy & Thelma Cameron1993-pres
Floral Creations109-115 Main W.Gayle Barry & Kathy Brigham1992-1994
109-115 Main W.Linda Thivierge1994-2005
Flower Power504 Mackenzie W.Dr. Bean (Laima Petruzelka)1993-1994
Flowers by Linda109-115 Main W.Garry & Linda Braun1987-1992
FoodlandSee Red & White Foodland
Foodland IGA118 O'BrienRay Gowriluk1975-1987
Foothills Timber LtdCaland Ore Mine SiteBill Salamon1985-1987
Caland Ore Mine SiteLaurie McGregor1986-1987
Finmac Lumber (owner of Foothills Timber)Caland Ore Mine SiteLaurie McGregor1986-1989
Foothills Timber (parent company Finmac Lumber of Wpg.)Mel King, mgr1986-1989
For Your Nails OnlyCarolle Labonte1996-1997
Forest Assessment Consultants Technical Surveys; FACTS44 PoplarFred Kimberley1986-1989
Forget-Me-Not17-37 Rawn (school)Ingrid Law, Marilyn & Shawndra Ricci, Michelle MacIntyre-Kelly, Laura Baxter1998-1999
17-37 Rawn (school)Ingrid Strand1999-2003
113 Main E.Ingrid Strand2003-2008
The Forget Me Not Shop101 Main E.Ingrid Strand2008-pres
Forsberg Construction Company;
Forsberg Mining Ltd.;
113 Main E.contract with Caland Ore1955-1956
Forsberg & Co. Ltd.22 Poplar1957
218 O'Brien (upstairs)1958
1204 O'Brien1958-1959
Fort Frances Community Credit Union Ltd.103-105 Main E.Selma Lee, mgr1972-1973
353 O'BrienSelma Lee, mgr1973-1977
353 O'BrienMavis Huntley, mgr1977
103-105 Main E.Bud Edwards, mgr1977-1979
103-105 Main E.Dennis Kitzul, mgr1979-1985
Fort Frances Remedial Therapy Clinic214 O'Brien1999-2000
Fotheringham Court; M.S. Fotheringham Court418 Steerola StreetSenior Citizens' Housing1976-pres
Foundation Company of CanadaSteep Rock Iron Mines site1957-1958
Built A2 dry & underground, concentrator & crusher.
Four Seasons Flower Shop222 O'BrienThelma Reed1959-1964
204 Main W.Thelma Reed1964-1984
Four Seasons Travel Ltd.201 Main W. (upstairs)Steven Erik Joenck1958-1959
201 Main W. (upstairs)Thelma Reed1959
222 O'BrienThelma Reed1959-1964
204 Main W.Thelma Reed1964-1984
222 O'BrienThelma Reed1984-1985
218 O'BrienVic & Madge Prokopchuk1985-1987
109-115 Main W.Vic & Madge Prokopchuk1987-1994
109-115 Main W.Bob & Peggy Michels1994-2002
Fourth Division Small Claims Court201 Main W.Township Office1952-1954
214 Main E.Township Office1954-1955
108 Main E.Thelma Reed1955
300 Mackenzie E.Thelma Reed1956
222 O'BrienThelma Reed1957-1964
204 Main W.Thelma Reed1964-1973
308 Main W.John Ossachuk1978-1979
112 GorrieJohn Ossachuk1980
Fraleigh's Rooming House310 Mackenzie W.William Fraleigh1951-1955
Frank's Food Store1100 O'BrienFrank Newell & Frank Eagles1976-1978
Frank's Frys200 Main W.Frank & Doreen Sanders1991-1994
Frank's Husky Service137 BurnsFrank Nish1972-1974
Frank's Shell Service Station1100 O'BrienFrank Newell & Frank Eagles1977
Frank's Upholstery1992
Frankie's Stationery & Flowers215 Main W.Frankie Swerda1982-1999
Frankie's Variety Shop; Frankie's Hobbies222A O'BrienFrankie Swerda1977-1979
Frankie's Stationery & Supply 80104-106 Main W.Frankie Swerda1979-1980
Fraser Electric; Jack Fraser Electric211 Main W.Jack Fraser1951-1961
Fred's Allied Hardware; Atikokan Home Hardware (1985)201 Main W.Robert & Shirley Olson1978-1989
Fred's Hardware & Furniture; Fred's Hardware201 Main W.Fred Loverin1956-1978
Freedom 55 Financial310 Mackenzie E. (Radisson)Mark Moran2001
Hwy 11 EastMikael Mantyla2005-2006
Frenchie's Tire Shop Ltd.See Morin Tire Service
Fresh Air for LifeHwy 11BSue Potts1996-1997
Friends of Quetico101 Main W.2008-2010
Friendship Theatre307-309 Main W.Colin Lindsay1991-1996
307-309 Main W.ANFC1998-2009
Frobisher-Ventures (Drill holes on Strawhat Lake)Jim Harquail, rep1948-1952
Frontier Homes Custom HomeVarious locationsJean Guy Gagnon1975-1983
Full Body Relaxation Massage109-115 Main W.Scott Spurrell1996
Full Gospel Assembly135 Maple1959-pres
Fuller BrushAtikokan HotelH. Anderson1952
A. DeGagne1955
132 MapleMartin Westerman1962
405 Steerola LaneRomeo Girard1963-1973
512 Main W.Melvin Haney1964
209 FotheringhamVicki Duguay1965
19 SpringJack Bellamy1973
502 Mackenzie W.Sjanie Baker1973
149 HemlockEd Korzenoski1973
F5 Elmcrest Apt.Hollister Hyatt1975
119 PartridgeR. Lewis1975-1976
122 HemlockJohn Ward1978
308 Mackenzie W.Twyla Chumway1979
182 PineCarol McOrmond1980
Hwy 11 EastSarah Haw1984
Furnace Ductwork Gas Appliance Installation & Service616 O'BrienJamie Lachance/McIntyre2004
Furniture Refinishing & Repair107 PineDavid Radley1984
furniture stripping & refinishing17 BirchRietje Van Arragon1999-2001
17 BirchJack Van Arragon2003-pres
Futurelube II119 RollingRandy Hayes1988
G & C Enterprises705 Mackenzie E.Gord Peters & Clayton Shannon1976-1989
G & H Distributors (wood stoves)104 TamaracJohn Maradyn1981-1982
G & L Custom Welding; G & L Welding721 Mackenzie E.Horace Sampson & Bill Galbraith1964-1966
721 Mackenzie E.Omer Sampson & Bill Galbraith1967-1968
G & L Flowerland104-106 Main W.Gary & Linda Braun1985-1987
G.I. Electric7 BirchGlen W. Ivall1997-pres
Garbage Collection -- Collected by Improvement District employees until 1951.
H.S. Mansfield1951-1952
R.G. Lloyd & Oswald L. Miller1953-1954
Oswald L. Miller1955-1959
Subcontractor of Oswald L. MillerFernando Giardino1960
Oswald L. Miller1961-1972
Oswald L. Miller & Larry Coulson1973-1981
Wayne Anness1981-1991
My Three Sons Trucking - Jim Johnson1991-1992
Don Campbell1992-1995
My Three Sons Trucking - Jim Johnson1995-pres
Garbage Dump Custodians --Steep Rock Mine RoadFrank Stamler1957
Highway 622William Post1976
Highway 622Public works department1977-1979
Highway 622Gordon King1979-1986
Highway 622Brian Burkart1986-1989
Highway 622Dan Henderson1989
Highway 622Gerald Desmeules1989-1997
Highway 622My Three Sons Trucking1997-pres
Garbage DumpsSteep Rock Mine Rd. (MC FF727)Bottom of hill by turn off to Pal Lake (north) across from Hogan's Beach DS1947-1960
Highway 6221960-pres
Garden tilling (no company name)115 Main E.Fred Booth1966
44 RawnRon Bailey1970
129 WillowGeorge Cusitar1970-1974
115 CedarJ.F. Haney1975-1976
626 FrontW.F. Cornell1975-1977
155 PineBill Mazurkewich1976-1980
602 FrontTauno Kivari1978-1979
134 AbbottBrian Armstrong1981
4 SummerBill McGowan1990
612-A FrontJack Pierce1991
Gardewin North619-621 Mackenzie E.Ed Brigham1993-2007
104 ReidDave Bjorkman2007-2008
104 ReidSam O'Flaherty2008-pres
Garry's True Value Garden Centre227 O'BrienGarry Girard2001
119 O'BrienGarry Girard2003-2006
220 O'BrienGarry Girard2007-2009
Gateway Building & SupplyHillcrest subdivisionGeorge Babcock1966
324 Mercury E.1970/1984
Gaynor Apartments332 HancockVey Gaynor1960-1972
Geoff's Mobile Sign Rentals190 PineGeoff McClain1986-1990
George's Confectionery213 Main W.George Grandmont1959-1962
Georgeson's Texaco Products619-621 Mackenzie E.Joe Georgeson1970-1980
Gerry's Gulf Service723 Mackenzie E.Gerry & Gail Jolicoeur1974-1975
Jim Gibson - bush contractor215 Mercury E.Jim Gibson1965-1975
Gibson's White Rose Station704 Mackenzie E.Jim Gibson1960-1961
Gil's Radio Electric; Gil's Furniture & Appliances LimitedGil Nephin1954-1955
102 Mercury W.Gil & Marguerite Nephin1955-1963
303 Main W.Gil & Marguerite Nephin1963-1964
109 Main E.Gil & Marguerite Nephin1964-1975
306 Mackenzie W.Gil & Marguerite Nephin1965-1966
Gil's Furniture Mart104-106 Main W.Gil & Marguerite Nephin1965-1967
113 Main E.Gil & Marguerite Nephin1975-1991
101 Main W.Gil & Marguerite Nephin1991-1995
101 Main W.Mike Nephin & Emma Bradshaw1995-2003
Gil's Radio Shack109-115 Main W.Cynthia Nephin, mgr1987-1989
Gil's Welding16 Starr - mobileGil Glisinski1986-1990
Dean Gill Electrical6 AutumnDean Gill1997-1999
Gillies' Apartments506-508 Mackenzie E.Doug & Mary Gillies1981-2006
Gillons' Insurance Brokers Ltd204 Main W.Don & Dale Boyd, manager1989-2004
204 Main W.Barb Ehelebe, manager2005-pres
Gingras Brothers - general woodworkers117 Mercury E.Armand & John Gingras1951
Girouard's Janitorial Service138 AbbottCharles Girouard1981-1982
28 StarrCharles Girouard1983-1984
110 Mercury E.Charles Girouard1985-1987
221 DorothyCharles Girouard1988
C. Girouard Saw Filing Shop113 BlackClaude Girouard1967-1974
Gizmo's Galaxy105 Main W.Terry Nephin1998
Glass-Tech (mobile windshield repair)217 FotheringhamIvan Levesque2000-2001
Gleeson Chiropractic Clinic205 Main W.Daniel S. Gleeson1964
211 O'Brien (SR Hotel)Daniel S. Gleeson1964-1968
310 Mackenzie E. (Radisson)Rod Gleeson1968
Glen's Bus Service (Bus service for St.Pat's school)40 MapleGlen Sampson (bingo bus)1964
Glen's GunsZukeGlen Armstrong
Glendon Realty Limited103-105 Main E.Charles Harvey & Ray Thompson1967
Glentronic Controls110 ZukeGary Poelman1978-1979
Globe Enterprises (Carpets)104-106 Main W.Peter Falinbigl1984-1986
Gold Pan Alley300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson & Jeri Savoy1981-1986
Gold Pan PizzaSee The Pizza Pub.
Golden Den Music500 Mackenzie W.Bertha Leochko1985-1986
Golf Course - Par 3Saturn Tr. Park Area1962-1964
Gomes' Apartments221 GorrieManuel & Aladina Gomes1973-1991
Gone Fishin'626 Mackenzie E.Jim Hrynuk Jr1990-1995
"Good Humour" Wagon11 Vincienne - mobileWilliam R. Gillman1971
Goodman Construction; Goodman Texturing212 AbbottLouis & Renold Goodman1976-1983
Gordon's Radio Repair102 Mercury W.D.B. Gordon1953-1954
20 GrenvilleD.B. Gordon1954
Graffitti Pit110 Clark2003
Youth drop-in centre - Intergenerational Centre.
Grand Paw's Den205 AbbottDarrell Chambers2009-pres
Grandmont Wholesale211 Main W.George Grandmont1962-1965
Green Funeral Home221 Marks1986-pres
Green's Furniture; R.V. Green Furniture Ltd.104-106 Main W.Van Green1976-1978
Greg & Max's Lawn Care114 PineGreg & Max Fulton2006-2007
114 PineGreg & Max Fulton2010
Greg's Electric34 MapleGreg Luczyk1984-1986
Gregg's Trucking126 HighlandGregg Pape1974
Dr. Gregory's FarmHwy 622 (Hardy Dam area)Dr. James E. Gregory1959-1963
Dr. James E. Gregory - dentistOutpost Hospital, Mackenzie W.James E. Gregory1949-1951
221 MarksJames E. Gregory1951-1954
306 Main W.James E. Gregory1954-1963
Grey Goose Bus Lines103-105 Main E.F.R. Quinn, agent1965
103-105 Main E.Ford Stockford, agent1966-1969
103-105 Main E.Joyce Mulholland, agent1969
103-105 Main E.Franklin Wesley Chapman, agent1969-1971
103-105 Main E.Roger & Marie Durand, agent1971-1979
103-105 Main E.Cherie & Leroy Carpenter, agent1979-1990
103-105 Main E.Spiros (Steve) & Debbie Politis, agent1990-1991
1 Mercury E.Bill & Terri Bell, agent1991-2000
628 Mackenzie E.Bill & Terri Bell, agent2000-2001
Grey Goose/Grey Hound704 Mackenzie E.Eugene & Diana Pryor, agent2001-2003
Greyhound628 Mackenzie E.Bill & Terri Bell, agent2003-2007
628 Mackenzie E.Terri Bell, agent2007-2008
Paul Gronski Contracting104 Mercury W.Paul Gronski1993-1998
Gulf Oil of Canada Ltd. (bulk)201 Mackenzie E.E.V.(Happy) McInnis1969-1970
201 Mackenzie E.Earl & Gerald Thurier1971-1973
Gunsmithing (no company name)157 HemlockArchie Donohue1958
145 PineLarry Hawkins1985-1990
Guns cleaned & repairedHwy 11BRick Stanley1995
Gwen's Flowers143 HemlockGwen Cornell1977-1979
104-106 Main W.Gwen Cornell1979-1985
H & R Block103-105 Main E.Annice P.Markham1972-1976
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Lena Kaartinen1977
50 RawnLena Kaartinen1976-1977
104-106 Main W.Lena Kaartinen1979-1980
145 ElmLena Kaartinen1978-1986
97 HighlandLana Vos2002
210 O'BrienLana Vos2002-2003
HMP Construction AtikokanVarious locationsCarl Hensrud/Don Meilleur/Jack Pierce1991
Various locationsCarl Hensrud & Jack Pierce1992-1995
Oscar Haarala : carpenter12 PoplarOscar Haarala1960-1961
George Hackett Construction1940's
Hacquoil LimitedCaland Hwy (Margaret Lake)1956-1959
Lerome Lake(Building removed in 1966)1962-1963
Hagarty's Coffee Corner100 Mercury E.James & Myrtle Hagarty1952-1962
Ken Haines Welding14 PoparKen Haines1979
Hairstyling in Motion124 Burns (mobile)Lucy Gasparotto1984-1985
Halina's Cuisine209 Main W.Marian & Halina Gierlach1998-1999
Halverson's Shell Service704 Mackenzie E.Leo & Shirley Halverson1972-1977
Hamilton Jewellers; Atikokan Jewellers224 O'BrienHarris Hamilton1946-1948
H.R. Hamilton Ltd.; Hamilton Bros.224 O'BrienHarris & Roy Hamilton1948-1952
224 O'BrienRoy Hamilton1952-1986
Doug Hampshire Logging Limited3 Mercury E.Doug Hampshire1995-pres
Syd Hancock - Ontario Land SurveyorSteep Rock Iron MinesSyd Hancock1940-1954
11 BirchSyd Hancock1954-1975
6 FirSyd Hancock1975-1990
Handcrafted by Dave Hanson101 Main E.Dave Hanson2012-pres
Handy Dan's Construction36 SpruceDan Ellis1993-1994
22 MapleDan Ellis1996
Handyman (no company name)115 KaskieJ. Skandera1965-1967
11 ErringtonDavid Poelman1982
Carl Hanlon Trucking143 WillowCarl Hanlon1981-1986
333 O'BrienCarl Hanlon1987-1991
Hansen's Mobile Welding111 PartridgeJohn Hansen1978-1982
422 Mackenzie E.John Hansen1984
150 CedarJohn Hansen1982-1985
Happy's Transfer116 Mercury W.Earle V. (Happy) McInnis1943-1950
417 SteerolaEarle V.( Happy) McInnis1951
R.S. Hardy RoadbuildersHighway 6221979
Harmony Wind EnergyDave Boileau2004-2006
206-214 Main W.Dave Boileau2006-2007
Pattrick Harrison and Co. LtdPatty Harrison1943-1948
Patty Harrison-1952
113 Main E.Patty Harrison1954-1960
Moose Lake (camp)Patty Harrison1958
Harry's Barber Shop115 Main E.Harry Kliesbefore 1954
201 Main W. (rear)Harry Klies1954-1955
Harry's Dairy Products (dist for Clover Valley)414 FrontHarry Wiersema1957-1961
Harry's Husky Service137 BurnsHarry Wiersema1969-1972
Harvey ConstructionBuilding on Caland Road near Hardy DamBill Harvey1954-1955
Hatch Mott MacDonald101 Goodwin2014-pres
Hans Haus, Art Painter (Murals)Hans Haus1956
Hava Java Koffee House & Bakery113 Main E.Sherry & Rob Botel2000-2002
101 Main E.Sherry & Rob Botel2002-2006
Haven Security Service Inc109-115 Main W.Dave Bjorkman2000
218 O'BrienDave Bjorkman2000
109-115 Main W.Dave Bjorkman2006
218 O'BrienDave Bjorkman2006-2008
218 O'BrienDave Bjorkman2008
Hawkeye Courier & Freight713 Mackenzie E.John Eluik1997-2005
Healthy Attitudes40 SpruceDeb Wasylenki1995-1998
Healthy Feet FootcareMobileTara Loveday-Michalchuk2008-2010
Heart 'n Home206-214 Main W.Dagmar & Carol Sampson1997-1999
215 Main W.Dagmar & Carol Sampson1999-2006
Heather's Treasures162 HawthorneHeather Hosick1978-pres
101 Main E.Heather Hosick2009-2010
Heights and Depths Adventures112 SumacDon Niskanen1996/2001
Helen's Hair Hut532 O'BrienHelen Hogan1986-pres
Helping for You12 StarrJessie Schedlosky2006
Hemiwood LtdIndustrial ParkErnie Hershey1981-1989
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Ernie Hershey1983-1988
Hemphill HeatingHwy 11 East (Fire Lake)Vance Hemphill2014-pres
Hemphill's Sawmill106 GoodwinDave Hemphill1994-2002
C Hensrud ConstructionVarious locationsCarl Hensrud1980-2005
C Hensrud Construction and Plumbing & HeatingVarious locationsCarl Hensrud & Ken Cain1988-1990
Herb's Husky Service137 BurnsHerb Seiler1965-1967
Herbal Choices34 MapleGreg Luczyk1997-1999
Highland Handwriting Analysis97 HighlandGabrielle Rutledge/Marohnic1995-1997
S.J. Hill & Sons Ltd720-722 Mackenzie E.(Sold Nash cars)1954
A. Hill ConstructionNym LakeAndy Hill1974
Hill Court Mobile Homes Ltd709 Mackenzie E.Alf Littleford1977-1978
Hill-Clark-Francis Limited : Construction firm
Construction of 50 Caland Ore homes1954
Built the Park Theatre1954-1955
Hillcrest Apartments214 MarksArmond Tefs & Bob Olimb1954-1959
214 MarksArmond Tefs & Bob Olimb1960-1962
Hillcrest Park/CampgroundBunnell Park
Hillcrest Park Ski Hill : ConcessionMrs. Gallson & Mrs. Gibson1969
Hillcrest Variety208 HawthorneDoug & Mary Gillies1997-2004
His 'N Hers Haircare; His & Hers Hairstyling113 Mercury E.Carol McOrmond1993-1996
mobileCarol Parent2002
113 Main E.Carol Parent2002-2008
Hi-Tek Saw Shop Ltd125 PineMarcel & Carolyn Huard1993-1996
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Marcel & Carolyn Huard1996-1997
704 Mackenzie E.Marcel & Carolyn Huard1997-1999
213 ClarkMarcel & Carolyn Huard1999-2011
Hoard's Husky137 BurnsDoug & Marlene Hoard1978-1984
Hogarth Memorial Library217 Burns (SM151 Lot 220)1954-1960
See Atikokan Public Library.
214 Clark (Old Hudson Bay Bldg from SRIM)1960-1967
Hogarth Pit300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson1986-1989
300-302 Main W.Ev & Doug Tribe & Dagmar Sampson1989-1997
300-302 Main W.Ev Tribe1997-2012
Ho Ho Restaurant; New Ho Ho Restaurant110 Main W.Ling You Au1969-1973
110 Main W.Ling & Hang-Yuen Au1974-1982
Holinshead Lake Outfitters129 AbbottMitch Hagen1995-1996
Holsum BreadSee Shaw Bakeries.
Home Electronics1223 O'BrienRhys Rissman1982-1986
Home Improvement19 ErringtonMac Cameron1980-1981
Home Renovations & Repair Service175 HawthorneMark Hoszowski1985-1987
home repairs134 HighlandDave White1991
Home Support for SeniorsSee Atikokan Alternatives to Institutional Care.
Homeguard Insulation Service12 PoplarErnie Coderre1968-1969
Hoot N HollerEva LakeClayton Thompson1956-1960
Hoppy's : ball park concessionLloyd & Rita Hopkins1965-1969
Hoppy's Drive-In628 Mackenzie E.Lloyd & Rita Hopkins1967-1982
628 Mackenzie E.Betty Baum1982-1987
628 Mackenzie E.Ken Hopkins1988-1991
628 Mackenzie E.Dan & Tammie Ellis1991-1996
628 Mackenzie E.Tammie Ellis1997
Hoppy's Gifts & Souvenirs628 Mackenzie E.Betty Baum1983-1985
Hoppy's Minature Golf Course628 Mackenzie E.Lloyd & Rita Hopkins1979-1982
628 Mackenzie E.Ken Hopkins1988-1991
628 Mackenzie E.Dan & Tammie Ellis1991-1996
HospitalsCaboose from 1929-1943N. side of Mackenzie W.Red Cross Outpost1926-1929
CN side of Mack W.Red Cross Outpost1929-1949
24 HematiteRed Cross Hospital1949-1952
24 HematiteAtikokan General Hospital1952-1976
120 DorothyAtikokan General Hospital1976-pres
Camp 4Pitts Hospital1943-1944
Steep Rock Iron MinesSteep Rock Lake Hospital1940-1951
Hospitals In-Common Laboratory Inc. (HICL)123 Marks1996-1997
Host Rent a Car209 Main W.John Babiak1975-1976
Hoszowski's Apartments207 FotheringhamMark Hoszowski1985-1988
Mark Hoszowski Contracting109 PineMark Hoszowski2009
25 BirchMark Hoszowski2009-2011
Hot Doggie112 Main W. & mobileNick Brown & Rodney Thomas1990
112 Main W. & mobileNick Brown1990-1993
112 Main W. & mobileColin Lindsay1994-1996
203 Main W. & mobileColin Lindsay1996-1998
213 Main W.Mary Anne Szabo1999-2000
Hot Tub Rentals301 MarksNancy Veal1994
Hotel Express40 SpruceDarren Swerda1993
Hotel Steep RockSee Steep Rock Hotel.
House of Style Beauty Salon; House of Styling Beauty Salon353 O'BrienLillian Praymayer1964-1966
House Check175 HawthorneCathe McIntosh & Mark Hoszowski1983
Murray Howard - heating51 RawnMurray Howard1957
C.D. Howe and CompanyBuilt dam at Marmion1951
Hudson's Bay Co.Steep Rock Mine Site1946-1949
101 Main W.1950-1954
109-115 Main W.1954-1984
Hudson's Bay managers --Martin Laspa, mgr1950-1953
Dick Maddams, mgr1953-1954
K.H. Ball, mgr1954-1958
Gordon Hills, mgr1958-1964
Bob Prime, mgr1964-1971
Al Rostad, mgr1971-1974
David Tisdall, mgr1974-1977
Ian Cumming, mgr1978-1980
Roger Dell, mgr1981-1982
George Kotelo, mgr1983
Amarjeet Margat, mgr1984
Alf Huhta Plumbing & Heating331 SteerolaAlf Huhta & Jack Kaskie1952-1955
60 MapleAlf Huhta1957-1974
Hurlenco Limited107 MapleLars Hurlen1974-1981
626 Mackenzie E.Lars Hurlen1981-1985
Husky Oil Ltd.; Husky Bulk Sales211 Mackenzie E.Robert Moffatt1954-1960
211 Mackenzie E.Tony Girard1960-1964
211 Mackenzie E.George Carleton1965-1967
211 Mackenzie E.Frank Nish1973-1974
211 Mackenzie E.??1974-1976
Hutton Building & Maintenance Co.Bob Hutton2013-pres
Hydraulic Hoses213 ClarkMarcel Huard2003
ice cream distributors134 MapleFord Stockford1959
134 MapleGraig F. Boileau1960-1962
Ice Cream WagonMobileWilliam R. Gillman1971
Ice for Sale117 KaskieLucien Thievierge1962-1965
ICG Utilities (Ontario) Ltd426 O'Brien1986-1990
Ideal Grocery & Confectionery100 Mercury W.Walter & Marjorie Wach1954-1958
Ideal Confectionery100 Mercury W.Marjorie Wach1958-1960
100 Mercury W.Milt & Marjorie Hirst1960-1970
100 Mercury W.Fred & Ruthe Gronski1970-1983
100 Mercury W.Zeke Latell1983-1997
Ideal Plumbing & Heating208 O'BrienAlf Huhta & Jack Kaskie1947-1950
Immaculate Heart of Mary (For sale in 1956)302 Mackenzie W.Roman Catholic Church1931-1953
Imperial Life Assurance Co. of Canada145 WillowOrval Osborne1966
Imperial Oil Agency115 Mackenzie E.J.A. (Sandy) Johnson1942-1952
115 Mackenzie E.Alex Slater1953-1959
Imperial Oil Limited; Imperial Esso311 Mackenzie E.Alex Slater1959-1968
311 Mackenzie E.Robert Johnson, Sr.1969-1990
Inch-Master214 BlackCheryl Carpenter1970
income tax returns (no company name)155 PineBill Mazurkewicz1970
IndisposablesHighway 11BCheryl Sampson1990
Industrial FoodsSteep Rock LakeHank Murdy, mgr1946-1951
Industrial Mall101 GoodwinTownship of Atikokan1981-pres
insurance129 BurnsJoseph Van De Ven1956
Intercity Custom CarpentryAliceBill Dutka, agent1976
Interior Designs by Maxyne114 ElmMaxyne Rheault1978-1979
International Auto Parts500 Mackenzie W.Bertha Leochko1984-1985
International Transit Company Limited211 O'Brien(Lakehead to Atikokan)1954-1965
Internet Café310 Mackenzie E. (Radisson)Mark Moran2002-2006
Investors Group; Investor's SyndicateRockton HotelKen Kennedy1953-1961
79 MapleRuss Waldie1966-1984
104-106 Main W.James Cochrane1986-1988
104-106 Main W.Bob Armit1988
212 AbbottDean Carson1992-1996
Iron City Builders & SupplyMackenzie E.1953-1954
Iron City Cleaners312 Main W.Armand & Rose Charbonneau1949-1972
312 Main W.John & Marianne Charbonneau1972-1997
312 Main W.Andrew & Tammy Charbonneau1997-2004
Iron Range Bus Lines Ltd402 Main W.Sam Logozzo (Len Koza, mgr)1954-1966
(Bus for opportunity class)102 Mackenzie E.Lewis Fogg, agent1964
406 Mackenzie E.Martin Green1966
208 HawthorneJason Logozzo (Diane Meilleur, mgr)2006-2013
105 GoodwinJason Logozzo (Diane Meilleur, mgr)2013-pres
Iron Range Inn208-210 BurnsTed Hebditch, manager1953-1955
Old Steep Rock bunkhouse. Name changed to Rockton Hotel in 1955.
Iron Range Painting308 GorrieFritz Schoell1981
Iron Range Painting & Decorating52 Poplar, 111? MainN. Christofferson1957-1960
105 DogwoodJules (Duke) Devisscher1962-1964
715 MackenzieJules (Duke) Devisscher1962-1979
Iron Range Stoves306 Mackenzie W.Brian Pikov1981-1988
Isabella Creations - Interior Design32 Starr & 22 VincienneMidge Bailey & Lorraine Calder1991-1992
It's Hair Tyme205 Main W.Zana Brezinski2000-2001
Iver's Grill; Iver's Lunch106 Main E.Oiva & Ellen Warpula1948-1949
106 Main E.Oiva & Ellen Warpula1951-1958
J's Lunch500 Mackenzie W.1949
J & D Shell Service1 Mercury E.Joe & Dagmar Kosik1972-1985
J & J Party Music513 O'BrienJacques Fiset1981-1985
J & J Sheet Metal225 ClarkJ.S. Anderson1951-1952
J & M Marketing129 PineBarry Brown1990
J & S Mobile Wash27 VinciennePhil Jackman & Larry Stefanick1982
J.C. Contracting511 O'BrienJim Clark1993
J.M. Northshore Roofing Inc.1220 O'BrienKen Faykes1997
J R Contracting618-624 Mackenzie E.Joseph Schur/Ray Manchuk1989-1991
J. R. Logging1991
JT's Fitness109-115 Main W.Justin Meilleur2014-pres
JW Catering and Management Services35 SpruceJohn Williams, Jr.1990-pres
Jack's Arcade226 O'BrienJack Boutillier1984-1985
500 Mackenzie W.Jack Boutillier1986-1987
Jack's Electric; Jack's Radio Service314 Main W.Jack Davis1949
108 Main W.Jack Davis1949-1951
Record shop, juke boxes & coin operated games.215 Main W.Jack Davis1950-1954
110 GorrieJack Davis1954-1957
406 O'BrienJack Davis1958-1959
401 O'BrienJack Davis1961
Jack's General Cartage208 GorrieJack Kaskie1949-1952
Jack Splash Incorporated - sign-mural painting109 BurnsRoy Lusignan & Ron Drews1976
Jackie's Hairstyling On Wheels52 Maple (mobile)Jackie Nephin1983-1984
Jamie's Lawn Mowing & Whipper Snipping137 CedarJamie Caouette1996-1997
Jandi's Taxi352 O'BrienDarryl & Janice McIntyre2008
Jarvis Radio & TV Service304 Main W.Tom Jarvis1969-1970
106 WillowTom Jarvis1971
Jay & Dee Training Association122 HemlockJohn Ward1979-1980
Jay & Jay Stereo308 Main W.Hollister Hyatt, mgr
(Martin & Janette Roy)
308 Main W.John Ossachuk1977-1992
Jean's Beauty Shop; Jean's Beauty Salon201 Main W. (rear)Jean Storczuk1952-1953
121 BurnsJean Storczuk1953-1964
Jean's CanteenArena concessionMonty & Jean Rundle1992-2002
Ball park concessionMonty & Jean Rundle1992-2002
Jean's Chainsaw Repair121 ZukeJean Desgroseilliers1981-1985
Jen's Shoppe; Jen's109 Main E.Jen Whitehead1949-1956
Jerry's Husky Service137 BurnsJerry Grennier1968-1969
Jet Construction147 HemlockSteve Twerdun1954
300 Mackenzie E.Steve Twerdun1954-1960
Jim's Taxi308 Main W.Jim Lafreniere1986
Jimmy's Taxi400-402 Front (Old Atikokan Hotel)Jimmy Rasmussen & Charlie British1938-
115 Main W.James Rasmussen1946-1953
(Sold to Paul Landry)301 Main W./MarksJames Rasmussen1954
Jimmy's Taxi or ???FrontPaul Landry1954
Jinx's Song Sensations10 Poplar CourtJeannine (Jinx) Stus1999-pres
Joe's Construction107 ElmJoe Zdrazil1971
Joe's Esso Service; Atikokan Motor Sales108-110 BurnsFernando "Spaghetti Joe" Giardino1959-1981
Joe's Service508 O'BrienFernando Giardino1959
Joerg's Financial PlanningSee Bartsch's Income Tax Etc.
John the Sportsmen's RestaurantSee The Sportsmen's Restaurant.
John's Main Billiards115 Main E.John Pendzii1949-1956
John's Motor Vehicle Repairs; John's MVR208 GorrieJohn Koroscil Jr.1982-pres
John's Pool Room115 Main E.John Pendzii1961
John's Repair Services?? WhiteJohn Picken1979-1980
114 PineJohn Picken1980
John's Taxi408 FrontJohn & Daisy Czepky1973-1974
Johnny's Barber Shopacross from MidwayJohn Kostyniuk1952-1953
353 O'BrienJohn Kostyniuk1953-1960
352 O'BrienJohn Kostyniuk1960-1971
Algot Johnson - trucker315-317 HancockAlgot Johnson1950
Harold Johnson - building contractor201 Main W.Harold Johnson1976
Karl Johnson - buses(Sold to British)Karl Johnson1945-1946
Ken Johnson Logging129 HemlockKen Johnson1978-1998
Johnson's Esso2 Mercury E.Debra & Bob (Jr.) Johnson1979-1992
2 Mercury E.Debra Johnson1992-2011
2 Mercury E.Kim Wiens, mgr (Fran Speer, owner)2011-2012
2 Mercury E.Gary Braun, mgr (Fran Speer, owner)2012-pres
Johnston's General Store414 FrontJ.A. (Sandy) Johnston1925-1945
Gordon Jones' Construction144 PineGordon Jones1987-1989
Jordan Motors216 WhiteBill Jordan1957-1959
Josephine's Beauty Salon202 Main W.Josephine Hart1973
202 Main W.Josephine Hart1975
516 FrontJosephine Hart2001
Joyce's Custom Sewing & Draperies1 ErringtonJoyce Strachan1982-1987
Joyce's Home Décor109-115 Main W.Joyce & Keith Strachan1987-1991
Julie's Restaurant; Julie's Snack Bar222 O'BrienJulie Peacosh1964-1966
Just Chillin'mobileVicki Hanlon2005
Just for Fun100 HighlandJoanne McLeod1996
"Just" Ray's Locks170 PineRay Gushulak1995-2007
Justice of the Peace (JP's)William Wright1946-1964
Until after 1991Wm "Rip" Davies1960-
Until after 1991Syd Hancock1946-
For Rainy River DistrictWalt Beyak1967-1995
For Province of OntarioWalt Beyak1979-1995
Myrna Stark1972-1978
For Rainy River DistrictRobert Wright1976-1995
For Province of OntarioRobert Wright1979-1995
No JP1995-2002
Bob Michels2003-2004
No JP2004-pres
K & J Strachan Enterprises1 ErringtonKeith & Joyce Strachan1991-1993
K and H Sash & Door715 Mackenzie E.H. Kardel & G. Hierzer1961-1962
K & K Hauling; K & K ContractingHighway 11 east (Gilbert)Ken Danard1979-1983
KAM Enterprise138 Mercury E.Kevin Marusyk1984-1987
KBJ Logging Ltd.Highway 11BBrent & Robin Johnson1994-2011
K.R. Concrete and Wood Preservatives Ltd.Kevin Riley1990
Kaltronics4 Poplar CourtKeith Lusignan1979-2005
Kan Klean Janitorial Service214 Mackenzie W.Don McCormick1984-1985
Marian Kapulica - painter356 O'BrienMarian Kapulica1961
Karen's Beauty Parlour208-210 Burns (Rockton)Karen Chaba1967-1968
Kashabowie Outposts109-115 Main W.Fern Duquette & Don Blair2006-2009
109-115 Main W.Fern Duquette2009-pres
Kaskie's General Store306 Mackenzie W.Frank Kaskie1939-1960
Kaskie's Store410 O'BrienFrank Kaskie1945-1947
Kat's Collectibles101 Main E.Kathy Lesnick2009-2010
Katy's Closet166 CedarCarol Cook1995
Kaus' Apartments44 SpruceArnold Kaus1953-1970
44 SpruceKen Bekesi1970-1972
44 SpruceGeorge & Betty Coulson1972-1983
44 SpruceJerry Spicer1983-1988
Keeta Koffee Korner; Nakokita Koffee Shop202 Main W.Nakokita Swim Club1997-1999
Dr. Richard Kelly - dentist218 O'Brien (upstairs)Dr. Richard Kelly1954-1969
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. Richard Kelly1969-1971
Kellough Bros Dairy Ltd314 Main W.Herb Zielke1959-1961
710 Mackenzie E.Bill Hansen, mgr1960-1962
710 Mackenzie E.Rocky Mason, sales mgr1962-1975
710 Mackenzie E.Ron Johnson, sales mgr1975-1977
Kellough Dairy Products208 GorrieJohn Koroscil Sr & Louis Wiersema1959-1964
Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child and Family ServicesSee Children's Aid Society.
Ken's Hobbies(Sold to Frankie Swerda)222A O'BrienKen Pfeifer1976-1977
Ken's Texaco420 Mackenzie E.Ken Johnson1978
Ken's Taxi; United Cab102 Main W.Ken Skirzuk1953-1954
Next to Iver's Grill.104 Main E.Ken Skirzyk1953-1956
S.J. Kernaghan Adjusters Limited204 Main W.1991-1996
Kilchiski Apartment Block212 GorrieJoe Kilchiski1956-1967
Ivan J. Kilpatrick - public accountant212 O'BrienIvan J. Kilpatrick1949-1951
Sold to Dunwoody205 Main W.Ivan J. Kilpatrick1951-1953
Kilpatrick Ins. & Real Estate Co.103-105 Main E.Ivan J. Kilpatrick1952-1954
Purchased from John Reid.
Kim's Kustom Kleaning142 HawthorneKim Jones1997-1998
Kim-Vi Chinese Restaurant110 Main W.Du & Vi Tran and Kim Nguyen1982-1986
110 Main W.Minh & Vinh Tran1986-1989
King Merritt & Co. (Canada) Ltd.331 O'BrienGordon R. Davidson, local sales rep1959
Don King Truckingvarious locationsDon King1964-pres
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnessesindividuals' houses1946-1966
221 Clark1966-2008
Pioneer Centre2008-2009
106 Dorothy2009-pres
Kingsway Transports Ltd705 Mackenzie E.G & C Enterprises1987-1988
Kitchen's Steamex RentalWest End Trailer CourtElton Kitchen1977
Kleen Line Painting64 NivenBrad Boutilier2009-pres
Klimek's Shoe Repair212 O'BrienEd Klimek1960-1961
311 O'BrienEd Klimek1961-1972
Klomp-Wakefield Dairy Products202 WrightHarry & Mary Wiersema1964-1965
1206 O'BrienHarry & Mary Wiersema1966-2004
Kobel Management Services Inc184 HawthorneKen Sawchuk1978-1995
Kokani Kennels (also grooming)134 HighlandKaren Kehler1986-1991
Koroscil's Minnows (bought from Rip 1960)208 GorrieJohn Koroscil Sr1960-1972
Jack Koza Ltd - machinery-miningO'BrienJack Koza1966
Krafty Kathy's Ceramics and Natken Health Foods103-105 Main E.Kathy Dunn1979-1981
Kresin Engineering110-124 MarksJim Donohue2003-2008
206-214 Main W.Jim Donohue2008-2011
Rick Krishka - building houses214 O'BrienRick Krishka1998
John Krishka Plumbing & Htg507 Mackenzie E.John Krishka1965-1983
Krishka Enterprises Ltd507 Mackenzie E.John & Rick Krishka1984-1985
507 Mackenzie E.Rick Krishka1985-1996
Krishka Mechanical214 O'BrienAlan Krishka1997-2000
Krupp Construction Co.; L. Krupp & Son500 Main W.1954
Kuybida's Jewellery; Atikokan Gift Shop222 O'BrienPeter Kuybida1952-1960
226 O'BrienPeter Kuybida1960-1966
Kwick Cupboards203 PineBob Shannon, Jr.1995
Kyle's Grass Cutting ServiceHighway 11BKyle Stanley2000-2002
L & D Paint500 Mackenzie W.Lawrence Barnard1977-1978
L & H Plumbing & Heating219 GorrieArt Ledger & Alf Huhta1951-1952
L & M CartageLouis Gingras1957
L & M Component Mfg104-106 Main W.Leonard Bingham & Morris Zandona1988-1989
132 HawthorneLeonard Bingham & Morris Zandona1990-1991
L & M Creative Decorating104-106 Main W.Lorraine Calder & Midge Bailey1992-1993
412 FrontLorraine Calder & Midge Bailey1994-1995
203 Main W.Lorraine Calder & Midge Bailey1995-2001
203 Main W.Lorraine Calder2002-2009
110 ClarkLorraine Calder2009
LCBO; Liquor Control Board of Ontario116 Main E.J.W. (Jim) LeBarron, mgr1951-1958
116 Main E.Blake Nicol, mgr1959
116 Main E.Charles Parsons, mgr1960-1973
116 Main E.W.W. Sanders, mgr1973-1982
116 Main E.Wayne Lackie, mgr1982-1987
116 Main E.Charlie Thomas, mgr1987-1992
116 Main E.Nancy Ashbee, interim mgr1992-1993
116 Main E.Bill Regnier, mgr1993-1999
116 Main E.Wendy Krukoski, mgr1999-pres
LVG Auction Ltd42 Starrauction of SRIM assets1979-1980
Lacey's Mobile Home Centre202 Main W.1951-1952
Lacoste Furniture Manufactuing Ltd.101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Mitch Lacoste1985
Lafarge ConcreteHwy 622 (Margaret Lake)2012-pres
Lafontaine's Electric212 GorrieJohn M. Lafontaine1953-1955
BalsamJohn M. Lafontaine1955
522 FrontJohn M. Lafontaine1955-1957
Lakehead Freightways Ltd.714 Mackenzie E.Norm Johnson, mgr1954
714 Mackenzie E.Ike Brown, mgr1954-1959
714 Mackenzie E.Stewart T. Irwin, mgr1959-1960
106 ReidMatt Prusky, mgr1960-1994
Lakehead UniversitySaturn Avenue Schoolcontact Bill Morrison1965-1968
Marks Street Schoolcontact Marlene Davidson1969-1970
Clark St. Schoolcontact Marlene Davidson1971
Atikokan High Schoolcontact John E. Lunn1972-1973
Atikokan High Schoolcontact Gary Human1974-1987
Atikokan High Schoolcontact Doris Brown1987-1990
Rawn Road Schoolcontact Doris Brown1990-1993
Voyageur Mallcontact Doris Brown1993-1995
William Lamm - dressmaker314 Main W.William Lamm1958
T.H. Landry - general contractorT.H. (Phil) Landry1953-1973
Landry Apartments (Rooming House)213 Main W.Frank X. Landry1949-1984
Landry's Jewellery Store213 Main W.Frank X. Landry1949-1958
213 Main W.Frank X. Landry1960
Landry's Realtor Inc.16 HematitePatricia Armstrong1986
Landry's SawmillHighland Lake areaPhil Landry
Landry sawmill, 1966Highway 11BF.X. Landry1956-1966
Landscape Gardening13 SpruceW. Kruger1955
Lane's Apartments332 HancockGeorge & Beverley Lane1960-1972
Laquerre Logging8 FirRay Laquerre1978-2002
Larry's Nym Lake StoreSee Nym Lake Store.
Larry's Onestop Auto Shop500 Mackenzie W.Larry Leochko1980-1983
Larry's One-Stop Body Shop206-214 Main W.Larry Leochko1982
Hans Larsen Construction Co. Ltd; Atikokan Wood Shop?? O'Brien StreetHans Larsen1953
715 Mackenzie E.Hans Larsen1954-1960
Floor sanding & refinish114 PineHans Larsen1962
Floor sanding & refinish157 HemlockHans Larsen1963-1967
Steve's Tattoos-n-Art108 ElmSteve Cunningham2004-2005
Laser Ink; Steve's Tattoos-n-Art218 O'BrienSteve Cunningham2005-2006
306 Main W.Steve Cunningham2006-2007
Laser North17-37 Rawn (old school)Bill & Sheila Hansson1996-2001
laundryPeter Herman1949
Law Office109-115 Main W.Bruce H. McKillop1990-1991
Lawn Ornaments, Wall Brackets, etc (made to order)106 PineJohn Ryan1959
Lawrence Painting & Decorating Service1953
Led-Jord Motors216 WhiteArt Ledger & Bill Jordan1953-1957
Lee's Steak Grill Dine & Dance110 Main W.Tom & Soon Lee1950-1953
(Harry Lee died Nov/65)110 Main W.Peter Lee Owen & Harry & Ling Lee1954-1969
Lee's Taxi200 Main W.Tom Lee & Mike Shane1951-1954
115 Main W.Tom Lee & Mike Shane1954-1955
Lee Tower Maintenance & Construction214 BlackRichard Lee1978-1979
Leishman's Pharmacy208 O'BrienBill Leishman1949-1982
Leishman's Tune Ups725-727 Mackenzie E.Andy Leishman1982-1983
Leishman's Tune Ups; Leishman's Welding736 Mackenzie E.Andy Leishman1983-2005
C.D. LeMay - lawyer218 O'Brien (upstairs)C.D. LeMay1954-1960
Len's Construction106 Mercury W.Leonard Howells1993
Lena's Tax Office (LLK Bookkeeping Service)various locationsLena Kaartinen1984-pres
Let It Rock126 SykesJohn Homer1994-2001
William Leveridge - tailor500 Mackenzie W.William Leveridge1949-
Dr. Levine - dentistRed Cross HospitalDr. Levine1946
Liberty Tax Services109 Main E.Kim Cross1999-2000
LibrariansSee Atikokan Public Library.
Library305 Main W.1952-1954
See Hogarth Memorial Library.
See Atikokan Public Library.
Licencing Bureaus - Motor Vehicles401 O'BrienAtikokan Transportation Ltd - E.J. British1951-1954
104 ReidAtikokan Transportation Ltd - E.J. British1955-1958
401 O'BrienAtikokan Transportation Ltd - E.J. British1958-1960
401 Main W.M & C Motors - John Covello Sr.1960-1973
103-105 Main E.Nor-Video Services - Vic Prokopchuk1973
626 Mackenzie E.Ed's Cat Service - Gail Gouliquer1973-1976
308 Main W.Jay & Jay Stereo - Hollister Hyatt1976
no issuer1976-1977
118 GorrieARC Industries1977
308 Main W.John Ossachuk1978-1979
112 GorrieJohn Ossachuk1980
215 Main W.Frankie's - Frankie Swerda1981-1999
215 Main W.Heart Home - Dagmar & Carol Sampson1999-2006
618 Mackenzie E.Carol Sampson2006-2008
108 Saturn/DorothyMNR (Service Ontario)2008-pres
life insurance, etc.208 Mercury E.Spencer Ross1975
Lightning General Contracting116 SykesRob Pailing1996
Lil's Mini-Mart217 AbbottLillian Vollans1979-1981
Lilly's Beauty Salon213 Main W.Lilly Batovanja1963-1964
306 Main W.Lilly Batovanja1964-1999
Lindgren Electric418 SteerolaA. Lindgren1976
Lindsay Apartments111 Main E.Owen Lindsay1959-1963
Lindsay's Home Furnishings303 Main W.Owen F. Lindsay1949-1959
111 Main E.Owen & Edith Lindsay1959-1963
Liquor store
Until Pioneer Hotel got liquor licence314 Mackenzie W.Alec Mills1903
314 Mackenzie W.Tom Rawnprior to 1928
P. Lisowecki - Rexair repair87 MaplePete Lisowecki1959
Little Bits Gallery101 Main E.Barb Thurier2008-pres
Little Darlings101 Main W.Rhonda Happy2010-2014
19-115 Main W.Rhonda Happy2014-pres
Little Falls CemeteryLittle Falls Road1964-pres
Little Falls Community CentreLittle Falls Road1975-pres
Little Falls Community Centre Dining RoomLittle Falls Road1976-pres
Dining Room & Lounge Operators --John & Lorraine Babiak1976-1979
Al & Bernice Wensley1979-1981
The LoftLeroy & Cherie Carpenter1981-1982
McKinnon Hospitality Management LtdGarry McKinnon1982-1986
Al & Marcia Ward1986-1989
John & Diane Williams1990-1991
Karen & Dave Kehler1991-1993
Rob Botel & Chris Warren1993-1995
Rob & Sherry Botel1995-1997
The 19th HoleJohn & Diane Williams1997-2000
Celebration CentreSandra Doucette & Norma Necan2000-2001
Rob & Sherry Botel2001-2002
Township of Atikokan2002-2004
Celebration CentreSandra & Chris Johnson2004-2005
John & Diane Williams2006-2008
Township of Atikokan2008-2011
Moe's CateringMaureen Ogden2011-pres
Little Falls Curling RinkLittle Falls Road1975-pres
Ice Makers at Little Falls --"Shorty" Anderson1975-1978
Richard & Mike Roy1978-1979
Doug Tribe1979-1989
Al Ward1989-1993
Rob Botel1993-1997
Al Ward1997-2001
Rob Botel2001-2009
Quetico Adventuring and SportsJason Johnson, ice maker2009-pres
Little Falls Golf CourseLittle Falls Road1974-pres
Proshop Attendants --Adrian Mitchell1978-1979
Doug Tribe1979-1988
Al Ward1989-1992
Rob Botel1993-1997
John Williams1998-2000
Rob Botel2001-2008
Little Falls Recreation Centre (Inc.)Little Falls Road1989-2002
Loaring Construction Co Ltd?? White1973
London Life Insurance724 Mackenzie E.Bruce Pailing1982-1983
Lone Pine Confectionery1100 O'BrienWally Abbott1957-1974
1100 O'BrienWally Abbott estate1974-1976
Lone Pine Drive-In and Lunch Bar1100 O'BrienHarry & Mary Wiersema1963-1967
Lone Pine Lunch Bar1100 O'BrienJune Baswick1960
Lone Pine MarketSee D & L Grocery.
Lone Pine Service1100 O'BrienA. Griffiths1958-1959
1100 O'BrienAlan & Jerry Grennier & Dave Wright1959-1960
401 O'BrienGerald & Alan Grennier1960
1100 O'BrienMelvin Bonnyman & Fred Munro1961-1962
1100 O'BrienGary Judson1966
1100 O'BrienGeorge Dustin1967-1977
Lone Pine Service Centre1100 O'BrienLarry Leochko1980
Lonor Industrial Electronics Ltd132 MapleLen Poelman1967-1976
Loomis Courier System705 Mackenzie E.G & C Enterprises1988
Lori's Nu-Image308 Main W.Lori Mercer1997-1998
212 O'BrienLori Johnson1998-2010
Lorne & Mart Auto Service1100 O'BrienMartin Berg & Laurie Gowerluk1962
Lorne's Electric717 Mackenzie E.Lorne1961
Lorne's Service; Lorne's Texaco429 O'BrienLorne Ferguson1989-2001
Lorne's Welding145 LarsonLorne Hedlund1984-2002
Lorraine's Creative Decorating and Garden Centre220 O'BrienLorraine Calder2010-pres
Lorraine's Subs & Sandwiches100 Mackenzie W.Lorraine St.Pierre1996-1997
Louise's Beauty Salon208-210 Burns (Rockton)Marge Lee1959-1961
Loveday's ????4 SpruceHarold Loveday-2007
Lowe's DairyCorner of White & Front???1951-1953
Luigi Music Studio222 O'BrienLuigi Soave1957
213 Main W.Luigi Soave1957-1959
304 Main W.Luigi Soave1958-1967
Luther 'Lectronics - radio & TV repairs212 O'BrienL. Luther1961
Lutheran ChurchAtikokan Continuation School1952
See Zion Lutheran.
See Calvary Lutheran.
See Faith Lutheran.
Luv Bug Photography and Design21 SpringAmy Holzwarth2011-pres
Lynx Photography136 LarsonDoug Strom2013-pres
Katie Lyons Photography58 MapleKatie Lyons2013-pres
M & C Husky Service137 BurnsFrank Covello Sr1974-1978
M & C Motors Ltd401 Main W.Joseph Maronese & Frank Covello Sr1954-1956
401 Main W.Frank Covello Sr1956-1980
401 Main W.John, Frank (Jr) & Tom Covello1980-1984
401 Main W.John Covello1984-1992
401 Main W.Frank Covello Jr1992-1999
401 Main W.John Covello1999-2005
M & C Motors (2005) Ltd401 Main W.Richard Wood2005-pres
M & C Motors Ltd. (car lot)107 Main W.Frank Covello Sr1959-1960
M & C Motors Ltd216 WhiteFrank Covello Sr1959-1961
M & D Enterprises43 RawnMilton & Dorlene Lampi1978-1982
M & S Bootery109-115 Main W.Russ King & Murray Wepruk1987
M & S Music Centre117 WestCandace Stus1978-1979
310 Main W.Candace Stus1978-1980
M & S Music & Wicker Shop310 Main W.Candace Stus1980-1983
MD Contracting207 AbbottMorley Gage2011
Mac'sSee Mike's Mart.
Mac's Café; Mac's Snack106 Main E.Ron McLeod1949-1950
Mac's Confectionery100 Mercury W.John & Antoinette McCarthy1950-1954
Don MacDonald's Rug Cleaning Service106 Main E.Don MacDonald2001-2002
Mack's Taxi109 SykesWalter Mack1966-1971
327 O'BrienWalter Mack1967-1971
Mackenzie Apartments506-508 Mackenzie E.John Nephin2006-pres
MacLeod's Store220 O'BrienAl & Ruth Ivall1970-1978
220 O'BrienGary Nicholettes1978-1980
220 O'BrienEugene Belisle1981-1983
206-214 Main W.Harley & Darcie Nespor1983-1986
206-214 Main W.Garry & Sally Girard1986-1993
MacLeod's True Value; MacLeod's216 O'BrienGarry & Sally Girard1993-1999
216 O'BrienGarry Girard1999-2008
Magic Shears Hairstyling105 MapleEvelyn McInnes1982-1985
Magnussen Tailor Shop226 O'BrienTrygve Magnussen1946-1960
Mahon Electric Co. Ltd.723 Mackenzie E.Frank Quinn1954-1958
Maid-2-Order41 SpruceMegan Ricci-Benoit2003
54 MapleMarilyn Ricci2003-2009
116 PineAnnette Tanner & Mike Zwicker2009-2011
131 HemlockAnnette Tanner & Mike Zwicker2011-2012
Main Country Market Fruit and Vegetable Stand;
Country Market Fruit and Vegetable Stand
103-105 Main E.Jacques Fiset1983
Main Naturopathic Clinic214 O'BrienBrenda Main2001
106 ElmBrenda (Hainey) Main2002-2003
Nature's Path Health and Healing; Naturopathic Doctor585 O'BrienBrenda Hainey2004-pres
Main St. Village Shoppes101 Main E.Rob & Sherry Botel2008-2012
Main Street Rooming House314 Main W.William & Vera Polischuk1972-1976
314 Main W.Manuel & Aldina Gomes1977-1991
314 Main W.John Gomes1991-2009
Major ElectricLuc Major1978-1979
Major Machine Works725-727 Mackenzie E.Henri Major1979-1983
Maki Apartments109 MarksSeth Maki1946-1970
Maki's Jewellers; S.W. Maki, Jeweller226 O'BrienSven W. Maki1949
308 Main W.Sven W. Maki1949-1964
Maki's Parts & Repair2 HematiteLes Maki1995
Maki's Transfer; Maki the Mover421 O'BrienPentti Maki1957-1968
Sold to Kichak in 1976.76 MaplePentti Maki1969-1976
Man O'sArena concessionWendy Urbanowicz2002-pres
Manitoulin Transport Inc.106 Reid1994
Maple Leaf Milling Co. Ltd.105 Mackenzie E.Clarence Rostie1954-1961
Maramac Leasing Ltd104-108 Main W.Glen Rawlings, Jack McTaggart & Bill Marr1975-1993
104-108 Main W.Wilbur & Audrey Burkart1993-1997
Mar-Lyn Beauty Salon202 Main W.Marlene Brown1969-1973
MarKat's Steak House310 Mackenzie E. (Radisson)Mark & Kathy Moran2000-2002
Marks Street Apartments109 MarksBruce Foy & Kathy Peacosh2005-pres
Marks Street Community Services Centre110-124 MarksTownship of Atikokan1985-2009
(Building demolished in 2009).
Marlintre Fitness & Leisure CentreSee Radisson Fitness & Leisure Centre
Marlintre Mortgage Services406 Mackenzie E.Mark Moran2004
Marlintre Motel (Marlintre)310 Mackenzie E.Mark Moran & Kathy Neagle2004-2006
Marmion Lake Timber Inc.114 ElmRemi Labonte1983-1985
Jim Marohnic - carpentry43 RawnJim Marohnic2010-pres
W.H. Marr Limited (outboard motors)200 Main W.Ture (Terry) Holmgren, serv mgr1954
703 Mackenzie E.Ture (Terry) Holmgren, serv mgr1954-1955
703 MackenzieCecil Taylor, local agent1956-1957
Front (West End)Pollard's Trailer Park, agent1959
Marr's Rexall Drugs; Atikokan Rexall Drugs204 Main W.Bill Marr1951-1961
104-106 Main W.William (Bill) H. Marr1961-1982
Marsha's Arts & Crafts104-106 Main W.Marsha Rydberg1985-1987
103-105 Main E.Marsha Rydberg1987-1988
104-106 Main W.Marsha Rydberg1988-1990
Marsha's Stained GlassNym LakeMarsha Rydberg1977-1985
104-106 Main W.Marsha Rydberg1985-1987
103-105 Main E.Marsha Rydberg1987-1988
104-106 Main W.Marsha Rydberg1988-1990
Nym LakeMarsha Rydberg1990-pres
Marshall Wells Store220 O'BrienClarence Wright1965-1969
105 Main W.Clarence Wright1969-1970
Robert Marshalok Realty Ltd415 Mackenzie E.Brenda Martin1990
109-115 Main W.Brenda Martin1991-1995
Martin & Stewart - Chartered Accountants;201 Main W. (upstairs)Ted Stewart1975-1976
Stewart & Sande - Chartered Accountants;308 Main W.Ted Stewart1976-1986
Stewart, Sande & Zimmerman308 Main W.Ted Stewart1986-1990
201 Main W. (rear)Ted Stewart1991-2004
201 Main W. (rear)Ted Stewart2004-2011
206-214 Main W.Ted Stewart2011-pres
B. Martin Construction105 PineBob Martin1992
Martin's Clothing Store; Martin's Men's Wear; Martin's Clothing Store210 Mackenzie W.Martin & Wiesje O'Kroneg1947-1975
210 Mackenzie W.Tom & Sharol McLeod1975-1978
Martin's Pool Hall210 Mackenzie W.Martin O'Kroneg1939-1946
Martin's Service1100 O'BrienMartin Berg1963-1964
401 O'BrienMartin Berg1964
Marty's Shoe Repairs209 O'BrienMartin Trepanier1954-1956
212 O'BrienMartin Trepanier1956
Alvin Marusyk - floor sanding & refinishing125 HemlockAlvin Marusyk1967-1969
Mary's Little Lambs101 Main W.Mike Nephin & Emma Bradshaw2002
Masonic TempleSee Atikokan Lodge No 668 AF & AM.
massage therapy (no company name)109-115 Main W.Adi Collition1997-1998
214 O'BrienAdi Collition1998
123 Marks (clinic)Jo-Ann Bahry1999
123 Marks (clinic)Lindsay Rysinski2001
123 Marks (clinic)Melissa Jaszczyszak2003-2004
123 Marks (clinic)Leslie Ernsting2004-2005
123 Marks (clinic)Melissa Sinclair2005
123 Marks (clinic)JoAnn Mersereau2005-2007
123 Marks (clinic)Kimberly Whitney2007
123 Marks (clinic)Kelly Stewart-Doromko2008-2012
123 Marks (clinic)Shannon Moore2012-2013
123 Marks (clinic)Leah Carr2013-pres
Mastercraft Upholstery Shop350 O'BrienJoseph Sarfi Sr1960-1974
Matt's Delivery (pop)328 HancockMatt Beyak1953-1954
Maunder's Rooming House25 HematiteMargaret Maunders (for SRIM)1950-1955
93 MapleMargaret Maunders (for SRIM)1955-1973
Mayfair Dress Shop212 O'BrienElma Roe1950-1953
Mazor General Construction Co. (houses)212 White (Lot 17)Frank Mazor1954-1955
McArthur Sawmill ("Overflow")Mouth of river (Mill Bay)J.D. McArthur - Charlie Blaikie, mgr1906-1914
(Sawmill employing 600 men).
McCarthy's Home Renovations101 Dogwood CourtDennis McCarthy2008-pres
McColl & Davidson - Plastering Contractors709 Mackenzie E.Harold McColl & Jim Davidson1958
721 Mackenzie E.Harold McColl & Jim Davidson1953-1961
McColl & Frontenac (bulk storage plant)619-621 Mackenzie E.1958
D.R. McCormick Electric Ltd.Steep Rock LakeD.Rex McCormick1966
Trudy K. McCormick; Trudy Barker305 Main W.Trudy K. Barker/McCormick1990-1999
McDougall Construction Co.Ltd.104 ReidGordon McDougall1956-1957
L.Y. McIntosh & Associates - architects218 O'Brien (upstairs)Lynden Y. McIntosh1953-1957
(Architect for Rawn Road School)222 O'BrienLynden Y. McIntosh1954-1955
McIntyre's Moving & Delivery512 Main W.Darryl (Bo) McIntyre1983-1985
McLellan Construction (houses)Dunbar Heights1954
McLennan, Pidlubny & Watt205 Main W.Charlie Watt1954-1957
McLennan & Wallace108 Main W.Arthur Douglas McLennan & Maurice Wallace1951-1952
205 Main W.Arthur Douglas McLennan & Maurice Wallace1951-1954
205 Main W.Arthur Douglas McLennan1954
McLennan & Watt205 Main W.Charlie Watt1957-1962
218 O'Brien (upstairs)Charlie Watt1963-1964
McLeod and Halverson Trucking Co. (1954)120 Balsam/148 PineDoug McLeod & Leo Halverson1954-1962
McLeod Bros. General Store414 FrontGordon MacLeod & Angus McLeod1945-1953
G.M. McLeod Construction Ltd.117 GorrieGeorge M. McLeod1952-1954
718 Mackenzie E.George M. McLeod1954-1969
McLeod Lumber415 Mackenzie E.George McLeod1956-1967
McLeod's Shell Service1 Mercury E.Doug & Adele McLeod1969-1972
McMullen Electric430 HancockDan McMullen1974-1996
422 Mackenzie E.Dan McMullen1978-1980
Roy McTaggart Enterprises104-106 Main W.Roy McTaggart1985-1987
McTaggart's Men's Wear; McTaggarts' Ltd; McTaggarts';400-402 Front (Old Atikokan Hotel)Jack McTaggart (Roy McTaggart & Sons)1948-1949
McTaggart's Department Store Ltd.;220 O'BrienJack McTaggart1949-1961
McTaggarts' Total Fashions108 Main W.Jack McTaggart1961-1984
(North beverage room of the Old Atikokan Hotel)108 Main W.John McTaggart, Gordon McTaggart,1984-1987
109-115 Main W.Richard Boileau, Tom Duchnicki, Robert Toster, Stewart Oglivie & Glen Toovey1987-2005
Norm McQuaker Trucking1208 O'BrienNorm McQuaker1984-1992
115 KaskieNorm McQuaker1992-pres
Meals on WheelsVarious locations1976-pres
Medallion Milk Co. Ltd.115 Mercury W.Kathy Brown1982-1989
Medical Officer of HealthDr. S.C. Robinson1946
Dr. R.H. Fisher1947-1948
Dr. A.B. Adey1948-1954
Dr. G.V. Kristjanson1954-1969
NW Health UnitDr. P.M. Playfair1969-1975
NW Health UnitDr. Patrick J. Halket (acting)1975-1979
NW Health UnitDr. Peter Frieson1979-1989
NW Health UnitDr. John Hammett1989-1993
NW Health UnitDr. David Williams (acting)1993
NW Health UnitDr. Peter Sarsfield1994-2007
NW Health UnitDr. Monika Dutt (acting)2007-2009
NW Health UnitDr. Jim Arthurs2009-2014
NW Health UnitDr. Kit Young-Hoon2014-pres
B.D. Meilleur Construction119 Mercury E.Brad Meilleur2006-pres
Brad Meilleur Construction508 O'BrienBrad Meilleur1983-1989
Don Meilleur Const. Ltd; Don Meilleur & Son ContractorsVarious locationsDon Meilleur1984-pres
E.J. Meilleur Construction - general contractorVarious locationsEd Meilleur1978-1979
Meilleur Brothers BuildingVarious locationsDon & Ed Meilleur1977
Meilleur ConstructionB8 Elmcrest AptDerek Meilleur1983-1984
Meilleur's MusicB8 Elmcrest AptDerek Meilleur1982-1984
212 O'BrienDerek Meilleur1993-1995
Mel's Auto Beauty & Body Shop108-110 BurnsMel Larson1981
Sold to Rick's Auto Body422 Mackenzie E.Mel Larson1981-1982
Mel's Book Nook116 SykesMelanie LaFroy1995
Mel's Husky137 BurnsMel & Lena Kaartinen1984-1990
Mel's Taxi400-402 Front (Old Atikokan Hotel)Mel G. Short1951-1953
(Changed name to Vet's 1953)downtown (corner of Marks & Main W.?)Mel G. Short1952
Mel's Upholstery112 BalsamMel & Shirley Thompson1994-2011
Mel's Well Drilling131 MapleKeith McCready, local contact1973
Melanie's Footcare & ReflexologyVarious locationsMelanie Murray
212 O'BrienMelanie Murray-present
David Melong - minnows311 MarksDavid Melong1956
Mercer Building131 AbbottBarney Mercer1976-1979
131 AbbottBarney Mercer1984-1996
Mercury Confectionery100 Mercury W.Sam & Julia Yawney1946-1950
Mertson's Apartments221 GorrieJuri Mertson1991-2010
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.F3 Elmcrest TerraceJim McGrath1958-1959
F3 Elmcrest TerraceCharles Lee1959-1961
R E Michels & Associates Ltd110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Bob Michels1987-1990
109-115 Main W.Bob Michels1990-2003
106 SumacBob Michels2003-2005
Mickey's; Mickey's Office Supplies215 Main W.Midge Bailey1964-1966
Mickey's Stationery & Music; Mickey's;111 Main W.Vi Eyton1953
Mickey's Stationery, Music & Flowers; Mickey's Stationery & Flowers; Mickey's Flowers & Gifts; Mickup215 Main W.Vi Eyton1954-1964
Microfurnace6 Poplar CourtKathy Livicker1985-1987
Mid-Town Barber Shop201 Main W. (rear)Alex Rahal1956-1965
201 Main W. (rear)Alex Rahal & Stan Wilkins1965
201 Main W. (rear)Stan Wilkins1965
Midland Fruit Co.Ltd.703 Mackenzie E.Laurie Gowerluk1954
703 Mackenzie E.Ray Gowriluk1954-1956
G & R Midway Auto Sales; Mid-Way Motors1120 O'BrienGary Goodfellow & Red D.L. Lucas1960
104 Main E.Gary Goodfellow & Red D.L. Lucas1960-1961
104 Main E.Red D.L. Lucas1961
Midway Meats & Groceries227 O'BrienFred Beaudoin1968-1970
Midway Meat Market227 O'BrienTony Dauksha & Walter Smith1945-1954
227 O'BrienWalter Smith1954-1968
Mihalich's Apartments207 FotheringhamA. & R. Mihalich1973-1985
Mike's Freelance Guiding Service81 SpruceMike Fogg Sr2002-2006
4 FirMike Fogg Sr2006-2011
Mike's Mart; Mac's137 BurnsKirt Pfeifer, mgr1990-1991
137 BurnsJeanette Payne, owner1991-1999
137 BurnsMargreat Anderson, mgr1999
137 BurnsRoselyn Ritchat, mgr1999-2000
137 BurnsTara Foy, mgr2001
137 BurnsRoselyn Ritchat, owner2001-2003
137 BurnsChristy Brasseur, mgr2003-2005
137 BurnsJeff Melville, owner2005-2006
137 BurnsBonnie Plourde, mgr2007-2008
137 BurnsLouise Gushulak, mgr2008-2009
Mike's MowingHighway 11BMike Cameron1986-1995
Mill's Apartments506-508 Mackenzie E.Hollie C. Mills1958-1963
Millie's Beauty Salon1204 O'BrienMillie Lambert1958-1959
Mine & Construction Tire Service313 Mackenzie E.George Stroud1948-1949
313 Mackenzie E.Romeo Oliver1949-1953
(for sale in 1955)313 Mackenzie E.warehouse1953-1957
300 O'BrienRomeo Oliver1953-1962
Mine & Yours Cleaning119 LarsonBarb Lange2000
Mining North Explorations Ltd125 DogwoodKen Nephin, Ken Sawchuk, Glen Rawlings1984
Ministry of Natural Resources409 Hancock1952-1976
108 Saturn/Dorothy1976-pres
Quetico Division Headquarters for the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests moved to Hancock Blvd. from Kawene - Chief Forest Ranger Bert Parker 1955.
Air base remained at Eva Lake - new air base being built at Nym Lake - 1956.
MNR new site at Nym, moved from Eva in 1957.
MNR office bldg - trailers on Hancock Blvd in 1974.
1972 - Chief Ranger Fred Dustak.
1974 - Fred Dustak - Field Services Supervisor.
(New designation)District ManagerMike Barker1973-1979
District ManagerAndy Harjula1979-1985
District ManagerSteve Toole1985-1991
Atikokan MNR area office 1991.
MNR area supervisorBob McColm1991-1996
MNR area supervisorJanice Bingham1996-2009
MNR area supervisorJeff Bonnema2010-pres
Ministry of Northern Affairs;123 Marks (clinic)Joe Kaliska1970-1977
Ministry of Northern Development & Mines - offices & Officers123 Marks (clinic)Huck Heerema1977-1983
123 Marks (clinic)Janis Tomkinson1984-1987
123 Marks (clinic)Francesco (Cheech) Morelli1987-1993
109-115 Main W.Francesco (Cheech) Morelli1993-1999
108 Saturn/DorothyFrancesco (Cheech) Morelli1999-2003
108 Saturn/DorothyRobert Derbyshire2004-2006
108 Saturn/DorothyLinda Braun2006-pres
Ministry of Transportation; Department of HighwaysHighway 11 east (French Lake)later Jr. Ranger base1954-1965
Highway 11 west1965-pres
minnows13 ErringtonGeorge Carleton1964-1965
1058 LarsonHarold Viita1968
134 AbbottDavid Gooselin1968
Mint Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning40 PoplarEugene Clairmont & George Harrison1991-2000
Miriah E. PhotographyMiriah Everett2011-pres
Mister Wiggles Bait Farm414 HancockLarry & DeNeille Guillet1987-1988
Mitch's Interior & Exterior Remodelling104 ReidMitch Lacoste1984
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Mitch Lacoste1984-1985
Mitchell Block221 GorrieGraham & Margaret Mitchell1953-1965
221 GorrieMargaret Mitchell1965-1973
Mitchell's 5 cent-$1 StoreSee Atikokan 5 cent-$1 Store.
Mitchell's Salon306 Main W.Barb Mitchell1999-2003
Mo's CateringLittle Falls RoadMaureen Ogden2011-pres
Mobile HairstylingmobilePam Gagne1985-1986
Modern Dairies414 FrontHarry & Mary Wiersema1956-1964
1206 O'BrienHarry & Mary Wiersema1976
Modern Taxi220 O'Brien1949-1950
P. Lysak1950
Moffatt's Service Station; Moffatt's Husky Service137 BurnsBob Moffatt1952-1955
137 BurnsErnie Webster, distributor1955-1956
137 BurnsBob Moffatt1959-1960
Moffatt Supply Ltd; Bob Moffatt Supply Ltd.137 Burns & 211 Mackenzie E.Bob Moffatt1954-1963
104 ReidBob Moffatt1963-1980
R.C. Moffatt Supply Ltd.104, 112, & 114 ReidDan Cox, Mark Clark, Howard Foshang, Jim Van Dusen, Rod Bryson, Rick Chevrier, Doug Van Dusen1980-1986
R.C. Moffatt Supply Ltd.725-727 Mackenzie E.Dan Cox, Mark Clark, Howard Foshang, Jim Van Dusen, Rod Bryson, Rick Chevrier, Doug Van Dusen1987-2011
R.C. Moffatt Supply Ltd.725-727 Mackenzie E.2011-2013
A. Moneta - saw filing10B MapleA. Moneta1962
Montgomery Apartments212 GorrieSam & Margaret Montgomery1973-1991
212 GorrieCarl Montgomery1991-pres
Montreal Demolitiion IncSteep Rock Mine Site1984
Monty's Jewellery124 GorrieMonty & Trudy Savinsky1957-1963
205 Main W.Monty & Trudy Savinsky1963-1987
109-115 Main W.Monty & Trudy Savinsky1987-1994
Ken Moore - marine repairs145 Mercury E.Ken Moore1960-1961
Ken Moore - trucking145 Mercury E.Ken Moore1953-1958
Moose Lake Café209 O'BrienWalter Manosky1952-1955
Moose Lodge No. 1672213 Marks1955-2008
Moose Track Enterprises108 Mackenzie E.Bob Schlingmann1988-2003
Highway 11 eastBob Schlingmann2003-pres
Morden's Mobile Welding29 StarrDoug Morden1984-1989
Andre Morin Jr. Contracting128 AbbottAndre Morin, Jr.1994-1999
Andre Morin Logging128 AbbottAndre Morin, Sr.1986-1998
Morin Tire Service; Frenchie's Tire Shop Ltd.725-727 Mackenzie E.Richard Morin1979-1983
Frenchie's Tire Shop Ltd; Morin Tire Service118 KaskieRichard Morin1983-1986
Dr. S.F. Morrill - physician & surgeon205 Main W.Dr. S.F. Morrill1953
Sally Morrison's Home Baking212 GorrieSally Morrison1970
Mother Hubbard's Cupboard103-105 Main E.Ron & Sandie Westby1987-1988
104-106 Main W.Ron & Sandie Westby1988-1990
Mount Lake Lodge129 PineBarry Brown1990
Mountainview Apartments408 FrontLajos Schiffner1962-1971
Mr. Sandman127 ZukeWayne Anderson2003-2011
Also see painter (no company name).
Muley's Aircraft MaintenanceMunicipal AirportGarf Carson1996-2008
Murkro Logging Ltd117 AlderDave Kroocmo1988-2002
Museums & Curators :
Atikokan Centennial MuseumCivic Centre1966-1997
214 Main E.1997-pres
Log CabinLegion Point (River Road)1979-pres
Curators --Evelyn Lynch1967-1968
Judy Morris1968-1971
Mary-Louise Drews1971-1977
Diane Labelle-Davey & Liz MacKay1977
Diane Labelle-Davey1977-1980
JoAnne (Lachapelle) Lachapelle-Beyak1980-1986
Lorraine Stromberg1987-1989
DeNeille Guillet1990-2001
Kim Watson2002-2006
Catherine Reilly2006-2012
Derek Kowalchuk2012-pres
Music CitySee Video Vision.
Music Express118 PineCarrie Frechette1996-1998
Muskoka Construction Co.400-402 Front (Old Atikokan Hotel)Lorne Caswell1952-1953
Mackenzie E.Lots 12 & 131952-1956
106 Reid1954-1956
(Responsible for the 2nd Steep Rock diversion in 1952 - one rock cut & two dams).
Mutual Investment Funds331 O'BrienGordon R. Davidson1959
Mutual Life of Canada201 Main W. (upstairs)William Kichak1982
Radisson MotelBill Murray1982-1983
My Three Sons Trucking311 Mackenzie E.Jim Johnson1984-1990
155 HawthorneJim Johnson1990-1992
123 HemlockJim Johnson1992-1996
157 WillowJim Johnson1996-pres
Myers Lumber Co415 Mackenzie E.Gary Thomson1967-1987
Myrna's Beauty Shop40 MapleMyrna Sampson1964-1965
NWONSee Atikokan Internet Services.
Nakokita Koffee ShopSee Keeta Koffee Korner.
Nakokita Swim Club Nevada Shop202 Main W.Nakokita Swim Club1983-1999
Napper's Confectionery411 Mackenzie E.Alvin & Helen Napper1961-1981
Natale's Riding Stable2 HighlandVince Natale1977-1981
Nate's Custom Graphic Designs119 O'BrienNathan Stonehouse2013-pres
Nature's Corner100 Mackenzie W.Angela Carter1998-1999
109 Main E.Angela Carter1999
109-115 Main W.Angela Carter1999-2000
113 Main E.Angela Carter2000-2001
Nature's Path Health and Healing; Naturopathic DoctorSee Main Naturopathic Clinic.
Nature Power Chews101 PineAnge Sponchia2001-pres
Neilson's Tackle & Marine5 SpringEric Neilson1990-1996
C.A. Nelson Insurance & Real Estate6 GrenvilleClarence A. Nelson1946-1950
4 StarrClarence A. Nelson1951-1953
205 Main W.Clarence A. Nelson1953-1967
Nelson Insurance Agency205 Main W.Don Boyd, mgr1967-1970
J P Nephin Electrical & Hometown Builders122 FrankJohn Nephin1992-pres
Nesbitt Pop139 HemlockDave Cox1960-1963
New Hair Design on WheelsmobileTina Desaulniers1986
New Horizons (Second Stage Housing); Rainy River District Women's Shelter of Hope (2009)24 Hematite1990-pres
New ImageSee Anne's New Image.
New Method Insulation Company93 MapleDon Hamilton1955
New Steep Rock Café500 Mackenzie W.Eric Zielke1952
Mel Newman Ltd.206-214 Main W.Adolph Werner, mgr1951-1955
(Previously Atikokan Motors Ltd.)206-214 Main W.Earl Newman, mgr1955-1963
206-214 Main W.Al Gunderson, mgr1963-1982
Newspaper Distributors
The Winnipeg Tribune314 Main W.Bill Webb, agent1950
O'BrienArt Chambers, agent1951
205 Main W.Clarence A. Nelson, agent1953
102 Main E.Mel Short, agent1954
Joe Murray, agent1956
O'BrienSteve Horychuk, agent1956
Mackenzie E.Jean Stinson, agent1956-
8 HematiteThelma Reed, agent1957-
119 CedarMichael Johnston, agent1968-1969
119 CedarDavid Johnston, agent1969-1970
16 ErringtonAllan Ripley, agent1971
16 ErringtonAudrey Ripley, agent1972
70 MapleBertha Leochko, agent1972
113 BurnsMatt Prusky, distributor1975-1980
Rolling (16 O'Neill's Tr Ct)Pete Peacosh, agent1977
E5 ElmcrestNathan Stonehouse, agent1979
The Winnipeg Tribune stopped publishing in 1980.
The Winnipeg Free Press4 VincienneBob Henderson, agent1951
501 Mackenzie W.Helen Kennedy, agent1951-
8 McRorieBrian Kennedy, rep1959
110 Mercury E.Mrs. W. Carlson,agent1967
16 ErringtonAudrey Ripley, agent1968-1969
104 AlderGwen Cornell, agent1971
129 LarsonBill Beyer, agent1971
22 GrenvilleBen Beaulieu, agent1971
RadissonMr. Metz, agent1971
204 WrightBill Snow, agent1974
113 BurnsMatt Prusky, agent1975-1979
E5 Elmcrest AptNathan Stonehouse, agent1979
News Chronicle350 O'BrienHerb Zielke, agent1957-1958
16 ErringtonAudrey Ripley, agent1967-1972
37 SpruceDoreen Coderre, agent1968
62 MapleDeanna Shields, agent1970
Daily Times-Journal105 LarsonFrank Kimmerle, agent1957
Daily Times-News129 LarsonBill Beyer, agent1972
132 ElmSteve Horychuk, agent1976-1977
2 VincienneNick Rusnick, agent1977
106 ElmTom Hainey, agent1977
Fort William Times-Journal; Daily Times-Journal62 MapleRalph Shields, agent1959
62 MapleFlo Shields, agent1963-1970
16 ErringtonAudrey Ripley, agent1971-1972
The Globe & Mail62 MapleDeanna Shields, agent1970
Star Weekly16 ErringtonAudrey Ripley, agent1972
The Times News127 AbbottMary Desaulniers, agent1980-1996
Chronicle Journal127 AbbottMary Desaulniers, agent1996
Nick's Picks38 StarrNick Nelson2006
Nimble Thimble Stitchworks220 O'BrienDorothy Jarvis1996-2003
Nite Club Restaurant208-210 BurnsLang Le & Lieu Phan1997-pres
Nite Club Tavern208-210 BurnsLang Le & Lieu Phan1990-pres
Nor Can Electric - general cont306 Mackenzie W.Sam Matichuk & Dan McMullen1970-1974
135 HighlandSam Matichuk1974-1980
Nor Min Supplies103-105 Main E.Vic Prokopchuk1969-1970
Nor Ontario; Norontair; Ontario NorthlandMunicipal Airport1975-1993
Nor-Video Services Ltd108 Main E.Vic Prokopchuk, Ben Briggs & Don Livicker1955-1960
Electrical contractors & cable TV.
222 O'BrienVic Prokopchuk1960-1961
220 O'Brien (downstairs)Vic Prokopchuk1961-1964
105 Main W.Vic Prokopchuk1965-1969
Nor-Video Services Ltd; Norwont Limited103-105 Main E.Vic Prokopchuk1969-1975
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Vic Prokopchuk1976-1982
Norfab Gazebos210 Mackenzie W.Wilbur Burkart, rep.1999
North American LifeSee The Monarch Life Assurance Co.
North American Lumber; North American Lumber & Supply101 Main E.1939-1987
(113 Mackenzie E. demolished 1983)113 Mackenzie E.(warehouse & coal shed)1945-1978
119 O'Brien(lumber yard)1939-1987
North American managers --Mr. S.E. Crook, mgr1942
Russ Waldie, mgr1950-1967
Lawrence Bates, mgr1967-1970
Lorne Topley, mgr1971-1979
Bob Bray, mgr1982-1987
North American Van LinesRockton HotelE. Bociurko, sales rep.1962
128 CedarR. Lynn Caul1968
North Country Paddles Ltd623 Mackenzie E.Don Meany & Greg Cowan1972-1973
North Country Video Productions79 MapleEd Chasty1989-1990
North Star Oil Ltd.701 Mackenzie E.Ron Vollans1954-1964
North West Arc222 AbbottBill Curtis2002-2008
North Woods Alpaca FarmHwy 11BRick & Carol Stanley2009-pres
Northern & Central Gas Corp Ltd; NC Gas426 O'Brien1970-1986
Northern Auto Repair318 O'BrienDoug Koroscil1984-
Northern Distributors102 HighlandBruce Clapp1955
Northern Equipment Repair Ont Ltd109-115 Main W.Bob Zerebeski1990
105 GoodwinBob Zerebeski1991-1992
Northern Kids308 Main W.Michelle Alexiuk1997
212 O'BrienMichelle Alexiuk1997
Northern Lights Solar Systems44 PoplarFred Kimberley1984-pres
Northern Telephone Company108 Main E.Patrick Hogan, mgr1949-1955
110 Main E.Patrick Hogan, mgr1955
110 Main E.J.J. Watterson, mgr1955-1962
110 Main E.Sam Arbuckle, mgr1962-1969
Northern TimberSee Stevenson Trucking.
Northern Variety210 O'BrienDoreen Vos1998-2004
210 O'BrienLoudon Bros. Ltd.;
Jennifer Anderson, mgr
Marg's Northern Variety210 O'BrienMarg Sodtke2008-pres
Northland Painters124 Mercury E.Alfred Klatt1969-1971
Northland Renovations & Flooring127 RollingGavin Nolan2002-2003
Northside Paddler Inc231 DorothyGarth Stromberg2000-2001
410-414 FrontGarth Stromberg2001-2005
Northwest Appliance Repairs107 DogwoodJ. (Jack) W. Price1970-1972
Northwest Catholic District School Board2010-pres
Northwest Community Legal Clinic305 Main W.Yvonne Hutton, Community Legal Worker2009-pres
Northwest Hoisting of Atikokan32 MapleCliff Robinson1977-1982
Northwest Ontario Recycle Association1991-
NorthWest Photo Services133 HawthornePaul & Pam Money1978-1986
Northwestern Health Unit214 Main E.1968
123 Marks (clinic)1969-2008
109-115 Main W.2008-pres
NorthWestern Heli-Arc Welding114 ZukeHowie Hawkes1975-1980
Northwestern Ontario Canadian Carpenters212 GorrieCody Masson2010
Northwestern Transport Ltd118 KaskieBob Faykes, local rep.1979-1983
Nor-West Animal ClinicLone Pine Comm. CtrDr. Bob Boneshyn & Bob Georgeson1972
7 Mercury E.Dr. Bob Boneshyn & Bob Georgeson1972-1975
7 Mercury E.Dr. Dan Pierroz1975
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Dr. Dan Pierroz1976-1985
110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Dr. Dan Pierroz1986-2009
101 GoodwinDr. Dan Pierroz2009-pres
Nor-West Auto Supply109 Main E.Archie Whitehead & Clarence Mitchell1961-1963
Nor-West Building Centre; Northwest Do-It Centre101 Main E.Gary Thomson1987-2001
(lumber yard)119 O'BrienGary Thomson1987-2001
(storage)415 Mackenzie E.Gary Thomson1987-1998
NorWest Call CentreSee Atikokan Call Centre.
Nor-West Foam Insulation146 HawthorneRay Doyle1976-1977
Norwest Food Supply Ltd302 GorrieDarren Swerda & Ken Davies1998-1999
302 GorrieKen Davies1999-2000
Nor-West Repair Service429 O'BrienZeke Latell1990-1996
Norwont LimitedSee Nor-Video Services Ltd.
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Vic Prokopchuk1982-1985
110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Vic Prokopchuk1986-1995
Novels & Tea105 Main W.Lydia Jordan & Marlene Thomas2008
Novelty Express215 ClarkJackie Johnson1998-2000
218 O'BrienJackie Johnson2000-2004
109-115 Main W.Jackie & Alvin Johnson2004-2006
Novelty Express & 98 Cent Plus101 Main W.Jackie & Alvin Johnson2006-2008
Nu-Image212 O'BrienDebbie Ducharme2010-pres
Nu Mode Dress Shop400 Main W.Fred & Dorothy Dustak1947-1954
Nu-Way Cleaners112 GorrieRobert Olimb1960-1968
Nu-Way Food Service (Lakehead) Ltd.520 FrontRoss Pope1962
Nym Lake Store; Larry's Nym Lake StoreHighway 11 eastLarry Marwick Sr1961-1966
Nym Lake Timber Ltd155 HawthorneMilan Mrakic1978-1982
537 O'BrienMilan Mrakic1983-1984
(warehouse)?? MackenzieMilan Mrakic1981
O & M warehouse/office; Ontario Minnesota Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd.107 Mackenzie E.1950-1971
119 Rolling1971-1973
O'Brien Service Station429 O'BrienFritz Latell & Siegfried Liedke1959
429 O'BrienFritz Latell1959-1984
429 O'BrienPat Bradshaw1984-1985
429 O'BrienFritz Latell1985-1989
Miss O'Neil - hairdresserMiss O'Neil-1946
F. O'Neill - minnowsRolling (O'Neill's Trailer Ct)Frank O'Neill1953-1957
O'Neill's Trailer ParkRollingFrank O'Neill1953-1983
Odd Guy for Odd Jobs12 MapleKen Danard2008-2009
Odd Jobs111 WillowAndy Roehrig1981
Office Advantage107 ElmJoAnne Degagne1995-pres
Oggie's Landscaping42 SpruceLarry & Maureen Ogden1996-pres
Olchowecki's Grocery109 BurnsPaul Olchowecki1945-1949
Sam Olchowecki Insurance Agency353 O'BrienSam Olchowecki1949-1950
46 StarrSam Olchowecki1950-1953
135 BurnsSam Olchowecki1952-1953
322 O'BrienSam Olchowecki1954-1956
Olie's Service Station429 O'BrienOleh Harasym1954-1959
Joe Oliverson Lumber Ltd110 BalsamJoe Oliverson1985-1987
Olson, George -- sawmillWagita Bay-1941
One Guy Plumbing & Heating104 BalsamJohn Cain1996-1997
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)John Cain1997-2001
308 Mackenzie W.John Cain2001-2004
Ontario Automobile AssociationFront W.S.J. Pollard1959
Steep Rock LakeJ. Fraser1959
102 Main W.J. Fraser1959
306 Main W.J. Fraser1959-1963
F6 ElmcrestCharlie Yurick1969-1973
Ontario Central AirlinesNym Lake1957-1958
Caland Airstrip1958
201 Main W. (Roseman bldg )1958
Ontario Drilling Supply; Superior Rock Bit Canada Inc105 Main W.Vic Prokopchuk1966-1969
103-105 Main E.Vic Prokopchuk1969-1976
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Vic Prokopchuk1977
422 Mackenzie E.Vic Prokopchuk1978-1980
Municipal AirportVic Prokopchuk1981-1988
109-115 Main W.Vic Prokopchuk1990-1994
Ontario Hydro343 O'Brien (warehouse)1945-1970
113 Main E. (office)1955-1956
306 Main W. (office)1956-1957
117 Gorrie (office)1957-1962
Moose Lake Transmission StationMoose Lake1944-pres
Atikokan Transmission StationHwy 11B1969-pres
Local managers --George Weaver1951-1955
John Hamer1956
Stanley Roslyn1957-1958
Jess G. Pike1959-1961
Ontario Motor League56 MapleN. Russell May1956-1957
308 Main W.N. Russell May1958-1959
137 BurnsTed's Service1958
1 Mercury E.Ron's Service1964
127 WillowBruce James1977-1984
Optometrists (no company name listed)Atikokan HotelDr. Irvin Rechtshaffen1947-1951
Atikokan HotelDr. O.G. Snyder1950
400-402 Front (old Atikokan Hotel)Dr. Alex J. Devon1951
212 O'BrienDr. Don A. Bruce1951-1954
Tansley & Bruce Optometrists - 1963201 Main W. (rear)Dr. Don A. Bruce1955-1963
201 Main W. (rear)Dr. Lester V. Dennis1963-1967
123 Marks (clinic)Dr. R.E. Zenner1978-1979
205 Main W.Dr. Tom Cousineau1988-1999
Orchid Beauty Shop; Orchid Beauty Salon; The Orchid Beauticians158? FrontRose Jacques1951-1952
222 O'BrienRose Jacques1952-1955
129 BurnsRose Jacques1957-1965
Osborne Wholesale613A Mackenzie E.Orville Osborne1962-1965
Osisko Mining Corp.105 Main W.2010-2014
103 Goodwin2010-2014
101 Goodwin2010-2014
Ron Oswald - roofer11 RawnRon Oswald1984-1985
Out of the Woodsvarious locationsVal Fraser2002-pres
Outback Products Inc.724 Mackenzie E.Gerry Charbonneau2001
Outdoor FurnacesHighway 11BRandy & Thelma Cameron1993-1994
Outdoor MoviesBall ParkEvery Sunday night, summers of 1955-1961
Hemlock Ave/Rawn Rd school grounds1955
Dunbar Heights PlaygroundEvery Wednesday night, summer of 1957
Vincienne Community building1960
Oval Tex Inc.540 O'Brien1988
Owl EscortHighway 11 east (Gilbert)Ken Danard1984-1985
P & G Grill406 O'BrienGertrude Larocque1969-1970
P & H Pets; P & H Pets & Hobbies222A O'BrienKen Pfeifer & Eric Hunter1975-1976
P & S Painting Contractors10 MapleGlen Johnson1978
PJ's Pizza & Pasta; Papa Joe's107 Main E.Mark & Pat Winters2001-pres
P R Enterprises - Portrait Photography129 WestPeter "Scotty" Rickis1970-1978
Pace Distributor22 PoplarDan Baxter1978
Painting and Decorating (no company name) --
painting, carpentry64 PoplarGary Blair1993
painting117 GorrieFrank B. Allen1950-1951
painting, decorating, floor sandingM. Bergen1954
painting, gyproc filling, hardwood finishing356 O'BrienMike Kapulica1954
interior & exterior painting161 HemlockHarold Whillans1957-1961
inside & outside painting/laying floor tiles42 MapleJ. Breedweld1961
painter127 ZukeWayne Anderson1984-2003
painting, drywalling, etc40 SpruceDarren Swerda1993-1994
painter715 Mackenzie E.Wayne (Duke) Devisscher1999-2009
painter314 Main W.Jody O'Leary2004-2009
painter22 RawnJody O'Leary2009-2012
interior/exterior house painting207 FotheringhamWarren Marusyk2012-pres
painting & decorating138 WillowArvi Metsala1971
221 GorrieArvi Metsala1985
Palm Dairies Ltd10 Mercury E.Len Wach1969-1990
Palmai Electric9 HematiteJeff Palmai1995-1997
9 HematiteJeff Palmai2007-pres
Palmer's General Store414 FrontW. Palmer1920-1925
Papa Joe's Pizza & Pasta107 Main E.John Winters1988-1999
Pape's Sand & Gravel, landfilling126 HighlandGregg Pape1976
Paragon Autobody10 Mercury E.Melvin Barnard2003-pres
Park Theatre307-309 Main W.Peter Mollenhauer, mgr1955-1957
307-309 Main W.Steve Horychuk, mgr1957-1986
Parkmount Restaurant103-105 Main E.Roger & Marie Durand1971-1979
Parnell Breaddoor-to-doorBill Grant1951-1954
Partie Sound Music Services9 VincienneLance Beauregard1974-1977
Parties by Design130 Mercury E.Arlene Spilchuk1990
Party Sound; Parti Sound127 BalsamHoward Blair1978-1979
Pastry shop (Atikokan Bakery)211 Main W.Clarence Rostie1961
Patches Inc. (2167666 Ont. Inc.)414 Mackenzie W.Pierre Savoie2009-2010
Patenaude's Pool Hall & Arcade210 Mackenzie W.Joe & Anita Patenaude1978-1983
Paul's Lumber703 Mackenzie E.Paul Degagne1975-1976
Paul's Saw Sharpening703 Mackenzie E.Paul Degagne1974-1975
306 Mackenzie W.Paul Degagne1978-1981
Paul's Shoe Shop; Paul's Shoe Repair212 O'BrienPaul Stamborski1957-1960
Paws 'n Claws206-214 Main W.Tim Kehler & Twyla Chumway1996-2000
Tom Payne's Music Centre201 Main W.Thomas Payne1955
Peggy Lynn Bakery and Coffee Bar104-106 Main W.Ford & Tina Stockford1964-1966
Peggy Lynn Cafeteria103-105 Main E.Ford & Tina Stockford1966-1969
103-105 Main E.Joyce Mulholland1969
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada110-124 Marks (Marks St. School Auditorium)1955-1959
213 Marks (Moose Hall)1959
See Full Gospel Assembly.
Perfect Touch Esthetics214 O'BrienAnn Marie Gouliquer2007-2009
Perimeter Aviation (Airways)Municipal Airport1983-2000
Perron's Photo; Perron's Custom Framing & Instant Passport47 SpruceJacques & Theresa Perron1968-2009
Stopped photography around 2000.
Personal Car Care Clinic422 Mackenzie E.Morris Zandona1986-1993
Perth's Cleaners Launderers & Furriers112 GorrieRobert Olimb1968-1973
Dale Perusse - Plaster & Stucco Contractor125 PineDale Perusse1965-1967
Charles Peschek - painter68 MapleCharles Peschek1955-1966
Pete's Barber Shop204 Mackenzie W.Pete Leduchowski1950
200 Main W.Pete Leduchowski1951-1952
202 Main W.Pete Leduchowski1952-1983
Pete's Rooming House408 FrontPete Lochowich1950-1960
Peters' Taxi613C Mackenzie E.Gordon Peters1971-1973
Peterson's Shell Service704 Mackenzie E.Norman & Janet Peterson1977-1984
Linda Pfeifer - hairdressing110 ElmLinda Pfeifer1983
Pfeifer's riding trails & stables134 Highland ParkRon Pfeifer1977-
Phil's Taxi ServiceMainPhilip J. Sequin1949-1950
Lawrence G. Phillips - lawyer305 Main W.Lawrence G. Phillips1977-1978
Phillips McKillop305 Main W.Lawrence G.Phillips & Bruce H.McKillop1978-1979
112 GorrieLawrence G.Phillips & Bruce H.McKillop1979-1986
104-106 Main W.Lawrence G.Phillips & Bruce H.McKillop1986-1987
109-115 Main W.Lawrence G.Phillips & Bruce H.McKillop1987-1990
Piano Tuning17 BirchBen Van Arragon1995-1998
Piano Tuning & Repairs, furniture stripping & refinishing17 BirchRietje Van Arragon1999-2001
Piano Tuning17 BirchBen Van Arragon2001-2002
Piano Tuning & Repairs, furniture stripping & refinishing17 BirchJack Van Arragon2003-pres
Picture This Home Decor101 Main W.Donna Hobbs2012-2013
109-115 Main W.Donna Hobbs2013-pres
Jack Pierce Electric; Pierce Electric Contracting612A FrontJack Pierce1979-pres
Pierre's Ice527 O'BrienErnie & Mary Ellen St. Pierre1982-1987
Pines Tea Room(2000' east of Nym road)Highway 11 eastC. Shortland1958-1959
Pinewood Sports and Marine214 Main WestC. Arpin1982
Pioneer CentreBurns1975-pres
Pioneer Hotel400-402 FrontTom Rawn1900-1925
400-402 FrontSnelgrove Bros.1925-1929
400-402 FrontPeter Shelepiuk1929-1935
C.A. Pitts General Contractor Ltd.111 O'BrienCharlie A. Pitts1941-1948
Diversion work on hwy 11.near Zuke's farm1952
?? Mackenzie1959
J.N. Pitts Construction CompanyJ.N. Pitts1944
Built railroad spur from Atikokan to Steep Rock Iron Mines.
Pizza Hut Express137 BurnsJamie MacDonald, manager1998-2001
Placemakers Interior Design412 HancockCatherine Reily2003-2012
Placken's Heating Service109 O'BrienBruce Placken1997-2000
Placken's Heating & Contractingvarious locationsBruce Placken2000-pres
Plant & Blair - carpet and upholstery shampooing140 Larson/172 PineAlexander "Sandy" Plant & Norman Blair1961-1962
playgroundsArea surrounded by Spruce, Birch & MapleDunbar Heights Playground1953-pres
Plowing, Roto-tilling, Lawn Grading104 AbbottE.W. Sanders1959
plumbers (no company name)105 Highland ParkBrian R. Duffield1984
Plumbing & Heating307 MarksEd Meilleur1976-1977
157 HemlockBill (some connection to Ed Meilleur)1977
Pluswood of Canada Inc.; Pluswood Mfg LtdIndustrial ParkFran & Ann Boschwitz1975-1991
Rudy Becker, mgr during construction1974-1975
Industrial ParkPaul Heenan, mgr1975-1980
Industrial ParkAl Rees, mgr1980-1987
Poirier's Trailer ParkSee West End Trailer Park.
Poli-Shelters Inc70 SpruceDennis Fredrickson1992-pres
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Dennis Fredrickson1993-1995
Police & Police Chief
The jail and courtroom were built in 1949. The police station at 314 Mackenzie W. was purchased from the OPP in 1958. The OPP used the small building in the rear of the Municipal Police Office between 1958 and 1963.
314 Mackenzie W.OPP Constable Len Savage1941-1951
314 Mackenzie W.OPP Corporal E.W. (Ek) Miller1951-1957
314 Mackenzie W.E.W. (Ek) Miller, acting chief1958
314 Mackenzie W.Bruce Crawford (5 days)1958
314 Mackenzie W.Fred Jarvis1958-1960
314 Mackenzie W.Jim Hampton1960-1976
314 Mackenzie W.Ken Stainthorpe1976-1980
314 Mackenzie W.John McInnis1981-2000
314 Mackenzie W.Bill Baxter2000
101 GoodwinBill Baxter2000-2005
101 GoodwinTim Fairbairn, acting chief2005
Ontario Provincial PoliceHighway 6221963-pres
Pollard's Key Shop; The Key Shop112 GorrieFrances Pollard1952-1956
Pollard's Trailer ParkFront (West End)Sidney Pollard1954-1968
Pope's Esso Service Station2 Mercury E.Ross Pope1970-1974
Porta-Bote Canada Ltd; Porta Boat Canada Ltd101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Sam Matichuk1983-1987
1932 atikokan postmark
Post Offices404 Front1902-1929
414 Front1929-1953
117 Gorrie1953-1956
200 Main E.1956-pres
Steep Rock Mine1945-1962
Postmasters, etc.Postmaster404 FrontWilliam Felton1902-1903
Postmaster404 FrontWilliam Snelgrove1903-1912
Postmaster404 FrontFrank J. Schieder1912-1929
Postmaster414 FrontJ.A. (Sandy) Johnson1929-1945
Postmaster414 FrontAngus E. McLeod1945-1953
Postmaster117 GorrieA.W. Brooks, acting1953
Postmaster117 GorrieAlex Borrett1953-1956
Postmaster200 Main E.Alex Borrett1956-1968
Postmaster200 Main E.Lorne Stimson1968-1981
Postmaster200 Main E.Jamie Gibson (acting)1981-1982
Postmaster200 Main E.Vern LeClair1982
Postmaster200 Main E.Jamie Gibson1982-1986
Postmaster200 Main E.Murray Van Dusen1986-1989
Postmaster200 Main E.Elvene Hamilton1989-1990
Postmaster200 Main E.Peter Magnan1990-1991
Lead Hand200 Main E.Connie Carlson1991-1995
Lead Hand200 Main E.Cindy Maki1995-1996
Lead Hand200 Main E.Eric Carlson1996-2001
Lead Hand200 Main E.Nancy Campbell2001-pres
PostmasterSteep Rock Mine SiteWilliam Wright1945
PostmasterSteep Rock Mine SitePeggy Campbell1945-1962
Pick-up from street boxes --John Koroscil Sr1957-1966
Bert Baxter1966-1983
Mail delivery --
Mail delivery to Steep Rock post office.Stan Scales1951-1958
Mail delivery to Steep Rock post office & town post office & railway.Lorne Vandecar1958-1962
Mail delivery between post office and railwayRon Vollans1962
Potter & Kerr314 Main W.wholesale store1958-1959
Prairie Nurseries Limited214 MarksJ.M. Briggs, sales rep1957-1959
522 FrontJ.M. Briggs, sales rep1959
Premium Iron OresCharleson areaT. Brown1966
Presbyterian ChurchAtikokan Continuation School1953-1955
110-124 Marks (Marks St. School Auditorium)1955
See St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.
Presley Motors619-621 Mackenzie E.Ralph Presley1965-1966
Pride 4 Homes10 VincienneTammy Zerebeski2007-2008
2 SpringTammy Zerebeski2008-2009
Prime Cuts & Deli104-106 Main W.Doug Sabean & Mary Mason1990-1991
Primerica28 RawnRyan Bryk1999
Prince Enterprises; Prince Radio Repair Shop305 Main W.W. Clifford Prince & John Olson1952-1953
305 Main W.W. Prince1956
Prism Auto Body422 Mackenzie E.Eric & Susan Yurick1989-1993
420 Mackenzie E.Eric & Susan Yurick1993-2002
Proboard Ltd. 1988Industrial ParkTom Plouffe, mgr1987-1991
Proboard LtdIndustrial ParkTom Plouffe, owner1991-2003
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Tom Plouffe, owner1994-1999
Producers' Co-op Creamery214 O'Brien1951-1953
Professional Carpet Cleaner110 Mercury E.Charlie Girouard1986-1987
Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning513 O'BrienJacques Fiset1981
Professional Carpet installing122 WestBob Everett1982
512 Main W.Darrell McIntyre1984
Professional Dog Grooming139 ElmSusan Fall1986-1989
Professional Installation -ceramics, tiles & carpets125 AbbottKarl Maguhn1977
Professional Knife Sharpening352 O'BrienDarrell McIntyre2010-2011
Professional Rug Steam Cleaning134 CedarBob Everett1975-1976
Professional Signs1 SpringLea Ledger1977
Prospect Hall300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson & Jeri Savoy1981-1986
Provincial Painters & Decorators158? FrontAlbert McArthur1953
Prudential Insurance Company of America208 GorrieSandy Baswick1959-1960
Art Orme1977
White OtterBob Montgomery-1987
Public Health Nurse214 Main E. (twp office)Mrs. Maude Boone1957-1968
Northwestern Health Unit 1968-present123 Marks (clinic)Mrs. Maude Boone1969
123 Marks (clinic)Mrs. Dorothy Muriel Loucks1969-1970
123 Marks (clinic)Miss Doris McGlashon1970-1977
123 Marks (clinic)Mrs. Lorraine Thomson1977-1978
123 Marks (clinic)Ruth Poshenrieder1978-1979
123 Marks (clinic)Mrs. Kathy Grayson1980-1990
123 Marks (clinic)Mrs. Lorraine Repo1981-1998
123 Marks (clinic)Mrs. Darlene Desmoulin-Lewis1999-2004
123 Marks (clinic)Ms. Eva Shields2004-2008
123 Marks (clinic)Mrs. Laura Homer2007-2008
109-115 Main W.Ms. Eva Shields2008-pres
109-115 Main W.Mrs. Laura Homer2008-pres
Public Works Yard, Township GarageNiven (beside O'Brien bridge)1949
Burns & Nivengarage built 19511949-1958
9 Mercury E.garage & office bldg built 19651958-pres
Engineers & Department Head -- Road SuperintendentWilliam Croome1946-1947
Road SuperintendentWilliam Boyko1947-1948
Road SuperintendentWilliam Strachan1948-1967
Municipal EngineerJohn P. Miller1951-1952
Municipal EngineerEd O. LaFontaine1953-1955
Municipal EngineerWilbur C. Purcell1955-1957
Temp Part-time Township EngineerC.A. McDougal of SRIM1957
Municipal EngineerOtto Van Deurs1957-1958
Township Engineer, Public Works DirectorJohn Tindale1959-1963
No Engineer from 1963-1966
Municipal EngineerJohn Tindale1966-1972
Public Works DirectorJohn Tindale1972-1976
Town EngineerF. John "Mitch" Kemp1976-1977
Public Works SupervisorJim Obbard1978-1986
Public Works SupervisorBob Shannon1986-1987
Public Works Co-ordinatorWally Davidson1987-1993
Public Works Engineer/Co-ordinatorPeter Kerr1996-2003
Public Works DirectorSteve Lychowyd2004-2005
Public Works DirectorRadu Apavaloae2005-2010
Director of Public WorksPeter Burbeck2012-pres
Pure North R.O.27 BirchMichael Cameron2008-pres
Purolator15 PoplarSyd Jones1988-1998
130 PineCharlie Girard1998-2010
Push Button Palace305 Main W.Bruce Davidson & Jeri Savoy (Ron & Mary Lou Martin, mgr)1983-1984
Puzey Construction - General Contractor117 GorrieHarry L. (Slim) Puzey1950-1951
Pye Bros. Fuel Ltd619-621 Mackenzie E.Ed Brigham1999-2007
619-621 Mackenzie E.Lisa Johnson2007-2009
Pyramid Homes628 Mackenzie E.Lloyd Hopkins1977-1978
Quality Classic Replicars (Canada) Inc101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Bob Martin, general mgr1987-1988
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Jack Pierce, general mgr1988-1990
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Garry McKinnon, general mgr1990-1991
Quality Construction Co. Ltd. Of Winnipeg (houses)1953
Quality Masonry121 MarksJoe1992-1994
Quality Roofing111 PineDave Morrison1989
Quality Sound108-110 BurnsJoe Machura1996
Quetico Adventuring and Sports46 MapleJason Johnson2009-pres
Quetico Bus Lines402 Main W.Frank Covello, Bob Clarke & Steve Horychuk1966-1970
713 Mackenzie E.Frank Covello, Bob Clarke & Steve Horychuk1970-1975
713 Mackenzie E.Steve Horychuk1975-1994
713 Mackenzie E.John & Judy Eluik1994-2005
(Iron Range Bus Lines was 50% owner of Quetico Bus Lines until 1992).
Quetico Cakes111 CedarAniela-Jane Hannaford2011-2012
114 MapleAniela-Jane Hannaford2012-pres
Quetico Conference & Training Centre310 Main W.office1962
117 Gorrieoffice1962-1963
Quetico Country113 Main E.Karen & Dave Kehler1993-1996
206-214 Main W.Karen & Dave Kehler1996-1997
Quetico Discovery Tours18 BirchJohn Stradiotto1990-1996
Quetico Electric113 Main E.Tim Kehler & Twyla Chumway1994-1996
206-214 Main W.Tim Kehler & Twyla Chumway1996-2001
111 Main E.Tim Kehler & Twyla Chumway2001-2004
Quetico Inn310 Mackenzie E.Mike & Rod Blahy2008-pres
Quetico Internet MarketingSee Atikokan On Line.
Quetico Tackle & Sports Ltd.211 Main W.Glen Rawlings1966-1969
138 ElmGlenn Rawlings1966-1970
104-106 Main W.Glen Rawlings1970-1985
Quetico Wilderness Outfitters; Caribou Wilderness Canoe OutfittersHwy 11 east (Sylvan Lake)Ben & Vi Eyton1962-1982
Hwy 11 east (Sylvan Lake)Bob Bigwood1982-1988
1966 - Wilderness Outfitters-Atikokan - owned by Ben & Vi Eyton, Jim Pascoe & Robert LaTourell, managed by Eytons.
Quetico Wood Industries IncCaland Mine SitePekka, Hannu & Matti Kormano1985-1989
Quinn's CabinsReidFrank Quinn1965-1973
F.R. Quinn Electric; F.R. Quinn Ltd.723 Mackenzie E.Frank Quinn1958-1965
103-105 Main E.Frank Quinn1965-1990
113 ReidFrank Quinn1990-1992
Quinton-Roszell Renovations162 Pine CrescentMark Hoszowski1999-2002
R & L Cleaners112 GorrieRay Dayman & Larry Guillet1973-1976
R & L Contracting219 FotheringhamRoy (Deeboo) Lusignan2011-pres
R & R Sharpening107 PineDon Radley1981-1991
R & T Cameron & SonsHighway 11BRandy & Thelma Cameron1993-1994
RBC Royal BankSee Royal Bank of Canada.
RLC Contracting140 LarsonRod Chevrier1993-1997
RPM Racing101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Jamie Richardson & Alan Dutka1996-1997
RTA Thrift Shop213 Main W.Theresa Avanthay1983
R.W.L. Enterprises520 FrontRandy Larson1981
Race Trac GasSee Brown's Convenience & Auto Service.
Radio Electronics Sales & Service212 O'BrienW. Prince1955
222 O'BrienW. Prince1955-1956
Radisson Fitness & Leisure Centre; Marlintre Fitness & Leisure Centre406 Mackenzie E.Mark & Kathy Moran2001-2005
Radisson Motel310 Mackenzie E.Bob Martin & Bob Clarke1963-1966
310 Mackenzie E.Bob Martin & Frank Martin1966-1972
(Mirri Holdings Ltd)310 Mackenzie E.Bob Martin1972-1979
310 Mackenzie E.Rudy Scheske & Wm Karlicki1979
(Prairie Dawn Holdings)310 Mackenzie E.Jim & Diane Balonyk1979-1987
310 Mackenzie E.Victor & Vera Brar1988-1997
(Marlintre)310 Mackenzie E.Mark Moran & Kathy Neagle1997-2004
Rainbow Bathtub Refinishing13 SpruceTed Cottingham1983-1984
172 WillowBob Bigwood Jr.1990-1991
Rainbow Day Care Centre; Atikokan Day Care17-37 RawnSusan Halasz, director1989-2014
117-37 Rawn2014-pres
Rainy Lake Dairy Ltd.Lou Martin1950-1951
(Taken over by Lowes)409 O'BrienAldino Cenerini1951
Rainy River Building Supplies Ltd.104 ReidJohn Reid1957-1959
Rainy River District Community Legal Clinic; The Legal Clinic305 Main W.Sally Burns, Community Legal Worker1988-1990
314 Main W., Apt #2Sally Burns, Community Legal Worker1990
222A O'BrienSally Burns, Community Legal Worker1990-1999
222A O'BrienJohn Collition, Community Legal Worker1999-2000
305 Main W.John Collition, Community Legal Worker2000-2008
305 Main W.Yvonne Hutton, Community Legal Worker2008-2009
Rainy River District General Construction Co.; District Construction (houses)135 Burns - officeJohn Billard1953-1955
Rainy River District Mental Health ServicesSee Atikokan Community Counselling.
Rainy River District School Board (suboffice)110 Clark1997-1998
324 Mercury E.1998-2003
Rainy River District Social Services (welfare)110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Shelley Henry, Atikokan worker1988
110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Kathy Livicker, Field Worker1989
110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Sheila Faykes, Field Worker1989-1993
206-214 Main W.Sheila Faykes, Field Worker1993-1998
17-37 RawnSheila Faykes, Field Worker1998-pres
Rainy River District Women's Shelter of Hope (2009)See New Horizons (Second Stage Housing).
Douglas D. Ramsay - income tax44 SpruceDouglas D. Ramsay1963
Eric Rasinaho Contractingvarious locationsEric Rasinaho1977-pres
Ratson's Clothing Store105 Main W.A. Harry Ratson1949-1962
Ravenwood Autobody422 Mackenzie E.Joe & Kim Hamrak1996-pres
Rawlings Fishing Systems Ltd104-106 Main W.Bruce Staines, mgr1985-1987
Rawlings Painting & Decorating Service206 FotheringhamClaude Rawlings1952-1955
147 HemlockClaude Rawlings1955-1957
Rawn FarmHwy 622 (Hardy Dam area)Phil & Anna Rawn1914-1916
Rawn Mining Company; Rawn Iron MinesThomas L. Rawn1940-1945
Rawn Road Apartment43 RawnWilhelm & Elfriede Eschweiler1953-1956
43 RawnJohn Brzoza1957-1959
43 RawnRobert & Katheryn Morden1960-1961
43 RawnJohn Brzoza1962-1963
43 RawnIvan Tokich1964-1974
43 RawnJ. & J. Lunn1974-1975
43 RawnMurray & Jackie Quinn1975-1978
(M & D Enterprises)43 RawnMilton & Dorlene Lampi1978-1982
43 Rawnone of the banks1982-1983
43 RawnCarol Huber1983-1988
43 RawnJohn & Richard Cain1988-2000
Ray Cole's Minnow Ranch723 Mackenzie E.Ray & Vimy Cole1968-1972
723 Mackenzie E.Colin & Linda Lindsay1972-1973
Raymond's Repair Shop620 FrontRaymond Gosselin1988-pres
Ray's Digging Services148 LarsonRay Carlson2001-2003
Ray's Yamaha Service620 FrontRaymond Gosselin1973-1974
Ray's Siding & Windows127 BurnsRay Manchuk1991
Ray's Texaco Service420 Mackenzie E.Ray Dayman1967-1974
Reading Plus110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Louise Leduchowski, Co-ordinator1988-1991
21 HematiteLouise Leduchowski, Co-ordinator1991-1999
Atikokan Literacy Incorporated17-37 Rawn (Rawn Rd Sch)Louise Leduchowski, Co-ordinator1999-2008
The Adult Learning Centre17-37 Rawn (Rawn Rd School)Becky Groulx, Director2008-pres
Recreation DepartmentOld Rec Office by outside swimming pool1952
1948 Atikokan Athletic and Recreation Commission314 Mackenzie W. (old jail)1953-1954
214 Main E. (Township Office)1955-1957
Possibly 1959.306 Main W. (upstairs)1957-1958
Temporarily in Engineering Office, Township Hall214 Main E. (Township Office)1959
Clark & Niven1959-1968
Temporarily in Council Chambers & Community Crafts bldg after fire 1972.
225 White (arena)1969-1976
24 Hematite (DPCSC)1976-1986
110-124 Marks (MSCSC)1986-1987
225 White (arena)1987-1993
214 Clark (pool)1988
214 Clark (pool)1993-2009
110-124 Marks (new town hall)2009-pres
Recreation Directors
Tom Stewart was the unofficial Rec Director when population was 300. He came to Atikokan in 1912 - in charge of sports for July 1st. Icemaker for two-lane curling rink and outdoor skating rink at CNR.
Hockey dressing room at skating/curling rink - 1951.
Continuation School - 1952.
Recreation & Sports Director --Joe L. Ferry1948-1949
E.A. (Ted) Hebditch1949-1951
C.M. (Bidda) McIntosh1952-1958
Harry Sirett1958-1960
John Copoc1961-1964
Roly Groulx1964-1965
Art Morris1965-1971
Brian Collins1971-1975
Edgar Morrissette1975-2001
Manager of Community Services --Nicole Halasz2009-pres
Red & White Foodland410 O'BrienGuido Prior & Frank Georges1957-1961
Foodland; Red & White Foodland104-106 Main W.Guido Prior1961-1966
104-106 Main W.Ray Gowriluk1966-1975
Red & White Foodland Bakery104-106 Main W.Ford & Tina Stockford1962-1964
Red Cross Nursesbox car - track on Mackenzie W.Gladys Read1929-
Mary Sanderson1930's
Maude (Weaver) Boone1933-1934
Miss M.G. Finnemore1934-1938
Miss Minnie E. Bartlett1939-1940
Irene "Peggy" (Day) McLeod1946-1947
Red's Book Store and Library224? O'BrienRed Bailey1951-1952
Red's Painting and Sign Writing Service224? O'BrienRed Bailey1952
Redland ConstructionHwy 11 eastEric Rasinaho1982-1991
Rees Realty Corporation11 BirchBarb Rees1984-1988
116 BalsamSally Speck1988-1992
Reflections Beauty Salon104-106 Main W.Marianne Perrier/Hensrud1980-1984
218 O'BrienMarianne Hensrud1984-1985
218 O'BrienLeon & Hilda Perrier1985-1992
Refrigeration and Electrical Appliance Service305 Main W.Frank Sponarski1949-1954
Patrick Reid & Associates109-115 Main W.Pat Reid2005-2007
John Reid Construction Co. Ltd.; John Reid & Co. Ltd.112 Main W.John Reid1952-1953
220 O'Brien (upstairs)John Reid1956-1957
104 ReidJohn Reid1957-1960
106 ReidJohn Reid1956-1960
112 Reid (garage)John Reid1955-1956
Reid's Insurance Agency112 Main W.John Reid1950-1952
Reid Motors (Atikokan) Ltd104 ReidJohn Reid1953-1955
401 O'BrienJohn Reid1955-1958
Relaxation Massage123 Marks (clinic)Melissa Sinclair2003
Reliable Secretarial Service104-106 Main W.Liz McKay1982-1987
109-115 Main W.Liz McKay1987-1988
Remax131 HemlockVal Fraser1997-1998
Remax First Choice Realty (TB) Ltd15 BirchSandi Cress1996-1997
Remax Harbourview Realty Inc187 PineSandy Cress1988-1991
Rember VanSee United Van Lines.
Remington Rand Ltd.412 FrontJohn Solilo1952
Renate Fashions; Sewing & Alterations583 O'BrienRenate Brueggeman2001
Renee's Cuts & Curls202 Main W.Renee Veran1987-1988
109-115 Main W.Renee Veran1988-pres
Rent-A-Tent; Tents for Rent203 PineCecil Cropley1960
Rentech Inc.Industrial Park2013-pres
Revco Carpet Centre103-105 Main E.George Revus1977-1978
109-115 Main W.George Revus1988
202 WrightBob & Barb Everett, sales person1988-1989
204 WrightKim & Barb Wiens, rep1995
Revive101 Main E.Jana Anderson2014-pres
Rewind Shop109 MarksI. Klicek1976-1977
Rex's Atikokan Motor Sales108-110 BurnsRex Stevenson1981-1985
Rexair Supplies112 GorrieFrances Pollard1954
87 MaplePete Lisowecki1959
Richardson Performance Machines4 HematiteJamie Richardson1994
Rich's Numbers104 ElmRichard Pfeifer1995
Rick's Auto Body422 Mackenzie E. (200 Kaskie)Rick Fournier1982-1983
Peter "Scotty" Rickis - photography332-334 HancockPeter "Scotty" Rickis1955-1957
Riley Kernahan Travel Service201 Main W. (upstairs)Steven Erik Joenck1958
Rina's Camera Shop213 Main W.Rina Del Negro1959-1960
108 Main E.Rina Del Negro1961-1962
Rina Film Development and Printing213 Main W.Rina Del Negro1958
Gordon Ringius Fine Art Gallery45 PoplarGordon Ringius2008-pres
rinksHemlock Outdoor Rink1954-pres
Lone Pine Community Centre1950's-pres
Ritchie Bros. AuctioneersCaland Ore1980
River Lakes Oil - Bulk Sales211 Mackenzie E.R.C. Moffatt1952-1954
(Amalgamated with Husky Oil in 1954).
Rivercrest Terrace100 RiverSenior Citizen's Housing1991-pres
Riverside Trailer ParkRollingBert Christofferson1983-1987
RollingHenry & Mary Mason1987-2002
Riverland FarmFront (West End)Anita Poirier1987-1988
Riverside Automotive10 Mercury E.Morris Zandona1990-2000
Riverside Service216 WhiteDick McMillen & Jerry Grennier1962
401 O'BrienDick McMillen & Jerry Grennier1962-1963
Riverview United Church169 Pine1955-pres
Rob's Computers - Sales & ServicesE-3 ElmcrestRob McKay1997-1998
H H RobertsonMarmion Lake1987
H. Robertson - garden tilling146 Mercury E.Howard Robertson1961-1962
Robin's Donuts724 Mackenzie E.Kelly Spicer & Guy Donaldson2004-2008
724 Mackenzie E.Sherry Tattrie2008-pres
Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd623 MackenzieRon & Lil Vollans1954-1966
Cliff Robinson Construction32 MapleCliff Robinson1974-2001
Bill Robinson Welding422 Mackenzie E.Bill Robinson1978
Rockton Hotel208-210 BurnsBen Shuckett, owner; Ted Hebditch, manager1955-1964
208-210 BurnsHarry Franchuk1964-1965
208-210 BurnsNick Pidmurny1965-1969
208-210 BurnsJohn Homenko1969-1972
(Atrock Hotel Investments)208-210 BurnsSam Blahy1972-1976
(Aufrar Investments)208-210 BurnsAugust & Frances Olson, Arthur Dame1976-1982
208-210 BurnsJack Perchalak1982-1983
(Fortsim)208-210 BurnsSam Blahy1983-1985
(Natyna Enterprises)208-210 BurnsVern & Debbie Hill1985-1989
Rockton Hotel Barber Shop208-210 BurnsGeorge Bonney1957-1961
208-210 BurnsLen Swanson1961-1962
208-210 BurnsNick Storozuk1962-1964
Rockton Hotel Beauty Parlour208-210 Burns (Rockton)Zana Brezinski1968
Rockton Hotel Dining Room208-210 Burns1956-1988
208-210 BurnsRemi & Elaine Pinette1977
208-210 BurnsJoyce Lockman & Marcia Kraft1982
208-210 BurnsTim McEvoy1985
E & T Rodger Construction109 BurnsEarl Rodger1976
Earl Rodger - general construction109 BurnsEarl Rodger1973-1978
Rodger's Lucky Dollar Grocery109 BurnsEarl & Norma Rodger1972-1975
Rodney Tailoring Co.723 Mackenzie E.Gerry Jolicoeur1975
Herb Roehrig's Ski Shop111 WillowHerb Roehrig Sr1960-1962
111 Main E.Herb Roehrig Sr1962-1964
212 O'BrienHerb Roehrig Sr1964-1972
227 O'BrienHerb Roehrig Sr1972-2000
Roger's Tire & Auto Service; Roger's Service713 Mackenzie E.Roger Machura1982-1985
Roger's Service108-110 BurnsRoger & Velma Machura1986-1999
Building burned Jan/06.108-110 BurnsAnthony & Lisa Machura1999-2006
Ron's Rock 'n Roll Video Road Show29 HematiteRon Rowsell1992
Ron's Rototilling; Ron's Lawn CareHighway 11BRon Cameron1990-1994
Highway 11BRon Cameron1998
2 SpringRon Cameron2000
Ron's Service1 Mercury E.Ron & Lil Vollans1954-1969
rooming house115 Main E.John Pendzii1949-1961
115 Main E.Township of Atikokan1961-1965
115 Main E.Joe Dolinski1965-1981
115 Main E.George & Wanda Hoszowski1981-1988
Roseman Building201 Main W.Sam Roseman1949-1956
Roseman's Furniture Store201 Main W.Sam Roseman1949-1956
Brian Ross Financial Services109-115 Main W.Brian Ross2001-2006
218 O'BrienBrian Ross2006-2008
Ross' Rooming House314 Main W.Albert & Sarah Ross1959-1963
314 Main W.Sarah Ross1963-1971
Rostie's BakerySee Atikokan Bakery.
Roussel Family Chiropractic109-115 Main W.Dr. Robert M. Roussel1996-1998
214 O'BrienDr. Robert M. Roussel1998-2010
Row HousingElm/WillowBen Solomon of Wpg; Clarence Nelson, agent1957-1961
Roy and Towle Logging Ltd68 Spruce/123 WhiteMike Roy & Dave Towle1990
Mike Roy Logging68 SpruceMike Roy1990
Roy's Minnows127 Mercury E.A. (Butch) Roy2002-2010
Roy's Rooming House310 Main W.Dennis Roy1970-1972
(Dennis died Mar/72).310 Main W.Myrtle Roy1972-1974
Roy's Taxi613C Mackenzie E.Roy Stromberg1973
211 Mackenzie E.Roy Stromberg1974-1987
211 Mackenzie E.Ruth Stromberg1987-1988
211 Mackenzie E.Chris Stromberg1988-1989
211 Mackenzie E.Doug Patzell1989-1992
354 O'BrienDoug Patzel1993
8 MelvilleDoug Patzell1993-1995
1212 O'BrienTim Plant1996-pres
Royal Mining CorpCaland Mine SiteBob Martin, mgr1980-1983
Royal Bank of Canada114 Main W.William "Scotty" G. Anderson, mgr1955-1961
114 Main W.Mel B. MacDonnell, manager1961-1964
114 Main W.Gordon S. Fingas, manager1964-1967
114 Main W.R.Jack Lewis, manager1967-1970
114 Main W.Al R. Mensch, manager1971-1972
114 Main W.Garth A.J. Napper, manager1972-1989
114 Main W.Brian G. Miles, manager1989-1995
114 Main W.Mark M. Moran, manager1995-1999
114 Main W.Cheryl A. Fairbairn, manager1999-2013
114 Main W.Tammy Beyak, manager2013-pres
Royal Canadian Legion; Canadian Legion314 Mackenzie W. (rear)1940-1948
(Royal added in 1960).111 O'Brien1948-pres
Royal Gaseteria200 Main W.Tony Girard1954-1955
Royal TaxiO'Brien (close to Midway)Ensti Panneula1950-1951
Royal Trust Real Estate11 BirchBarb Rees1980-1984
Ruff Cuts - Dog Grooming Salon17 VincienneTracy MacDonald1993-1995
17 VincienneTracy MacDonald1998
rug, carpet and upholstery shampooing522 MulliganNorman Blair1960
Rug Shampooing and Floor & Wall Cleaning143 HawthorneAl Broski1968
Run With Scissors404 O'BrienMarcia Cross2008-2013
205 Main W.Marcia Cross2013-pres
Ruth's Drive In200 Main W.Ruth Dickson1964-1966
Ryder Truck Rental124 BalsamRalph Brown1979-1980
S.S. Kresge Co. Ltd101 Main W.1954-1990
SAAN Store102-104 Main E.1976-2008
SAAN Store Managers --R. Dhaliwal1976-
Pat Williams1978
Diana Brown
Dave McQuaid-1984
Mary Ann Ferguson1984-2008
H. Sampson; H. Sampson Co. Ltd.;Horace Sampson1950-1955
Sampson's Sand and Gravel Company103-105 Main E.Horace Sampson1955-1959
H. Sampson - Sand, Gravel, Fill, & Excavating104 ReidHorace Sampson1959-1963
112 ReidHorace Sampson1960
721 Mackenzie E.Horace Sampson1959-1963
Sampson Gravel PitSteep Rock Road (across from old garbage dump)Horace Sampson1952-1959
(Gravel pit MC 726, 727 & Pcl B, Schwenger Twp.)
Sanders Block & Brick Work134 HawthorneFrancis (Jeff) Sanders1962-1990
112 HighlandFrancis (Jeff) Sanders1991-1992
Sanders Construction128 HighlandJeff Sanders Jr1992
Sanders' Pop Shoppe305 Main W.Frank & Doreen Sanders1984-1985
Sanders' Woodcraft120 ZukeDoug & Grace Sanders1990-1995
109-115 Main W.Doug & Grace Sanders1996-1997
Sandy's216 WhiteSandy Plant1963
Sandy's Café101 Main W.Sandy Morden2007-2008
Saturn Ave. Campgrounds; Saturn Tenting GroundsDorothy/PartridgeTownship of Atikokan1964-1973
Saturn Ave. Trailer CourtDorothy/Heron/PartridgeSRIM1956-1961
(1/2 of Park - 41 spaces)Dorothy/Heron/PartridgeTownship of Atikokan1958-1961
(10 lots 1972, 20 lots 73)Dorothy/Heron/PartridgeTownship of Atikokan1972-1973
Pierce's Trailer CourtDorothy/Heron/PartridgeJack & Shirley Pierce1973-1988
E.H. Sauermilch - elec cont181 HawthorneHans Sauermilch1958-1962
Sault Holdings724 Mackenzie E.Rino Zanette1987
Savings Warehouse410 O'BrienMel Larson1988
Sawatzky Construction Ltd.Main1956
Dr. Ken Sawchuk Professional Dentistry Corp.218 O'Brien (upstairs)Dr. Kenneth Sawchuk1973-pres
Scheider's General Store404 FrontFrank Scheider1904-1931
Schneider's Apartments207 FotheringhamA. Schneider1988-
Fritz Schoell Painting & Decorating Service123 KaskieFritz Schoell1962-1963
308 GorrieFritz Schoell1971-1980
See Iron Range Painting.
SchoolsSee Atikokan School System History & Teacher Lists.
First school was the jail.Mackenzie W.1902-1922
Atikokan Public School110 Clark1922-1950
Atikokan Continuation School110 Clark1950-1954
Atikokan High School110 Clark1954-1957
324 Mercury E.1957-pres
Clark Street School110 Clark1957-2000
Marks Street School110-124 Marks1948-1984
Rawn Road School17-37 Rawn1953-1985
Hemlock Avenue SchoolHemlock1954-1998
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic SchoolHawthorne1954-2000
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic School160 Hemlock2000-pres
Saturn Avenue School209 Hawthorne1958-1998
North Star School209 Hawthorne1998-pres
Hillcrest (Saturn Avenue Annex)108 Cedar1975-1979
Ukrainian National School304 Mackenzie W.1947-1956
Private Kindergartens
Atikokan Day NurseryGwen Tryhurn1954
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church HallMrs. Nina Hrychuk1957-1959
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church HallMrs. Ab Wray1959-1960
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church HallMrs. D. Suttie (Suthie)1960-1961
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church HallMrs. Ruby Chumway1961-1962
Church of the Good ShepherdMrs Mulligan & Mrs Wray ??1960-1962
Snow White Playroom (3-5 year olds)Calvary Lutheran ChurchPierrette Maxwell & Bonnie Mulder1968-1969
Kindergarten introduced to schools in 1962. Junior Kindergarten introduced to schools in 1975.
Schram's Hydraulics154 ElmDennis Schram1980-1981
Scotty's Quetico Safaris718 Mackenzie E.Scotty Baxter1973-1974
Scrapped Books101 Main E.Sherry Botel2008-2009
Seaplane BaseIcy LakeCaland Ore Company1955-1981
Upper Steep Rock LakeTownship of Atikokan1981-1998
Sears Canada Inc; Sears;308 Main W.Irene Maki1951-1953
Simpsons-Sears Limited; Robert Simpson Co.214 O'Brien1954-1975
Sears Managers --Tony Belluz, mgr1954-1955
Heddy Clark, mgr1955-1967
Oni Williams, mgr1967-1973
Dorothy Dustak, mgr
Rosemary Perron, mgr-1975
Sears Canada Inc; Sears107 Main E.1975-1988
109-115 Main W.FJS Enterprises1988-1993
109 GorrieFJS Enterprises1993-1998
101 Main W.Mike Nephin & Emma Bradshaw1998-2003
209-211 Main W.Willie Bain2003-2009
415 Mackenzie E.Willie Bain2009-2010
109 GorriePhil Colvin2010-pres
Second Edition305 Main W.Deb Rasinaho1987
Second Hand Furniture220 O'BrienLionel Spector1984
second hand store (no company name)213 Main W.Darryl (Bo) McIntyre1984
Russell Sedor Home Maintenance137 HemlockRuss Sedor1979-1996
Seine River Power Company (subdivision of Ontario and Minnesota Pulp & Paper Company)Big Falls - power dam (where Seine River entered Steep Rock Lake)1924-1944
Sensual Elegance101 Main W.Lisa Dron2006-2007
Service Barber Shop410 FrontMike Zabirka1947-1951
210 O'BrienMike Zabirka1951-1990
104 Mackenzie W.Mike Zabirka1990-1994
Service Ontario108 Saturn/Dorothy2008-pres
Service Taxicorner of Niven 227 GorrieJohn Koroscil Sr1954-1955
102 Main W.John Koroscil Sr1956-1959
200 Main W.John Koroscil Sr1959-1962
(Only taxi in Dec, 1964)208 GorrieJohn Koroscil Sr1962-1967
Sewage Treatment Plant OCWAMackenzie W.Monty Rundle, temp chief operator1981
Opened in 1981Mackenzie W.Edward Zillman, chief operator1981-1987
Mackenzie W.Dave Versteeg, chief operator1987-1990
Mackenzie W.Keith Lusignan, superintendent1990-1997
Mackenzie W.Miles Brown, regional asst manager1998-2009
Mackenzie W.Larry Wachter, reg'l asst manager2009-2011
Sewing Machine Repairs144 Mercury E.George LaBonte1990
Shaffer, Jobbitt109-115 Main W.Keith Jobbitt1993-1998
305 Main W.Keith Jobbitt1999-2009
206-214 Main W.Keith Jobbitt2009-pres
Shaffer, Jobbitt, Stead, Halabisky, Karlstead & Fillmore186 HawthorneTrudy Barker1987-1988
Shaffer, Jobbitt, Stead, Halabisky, Karlstead, Fillmore & Barker109-115 Main W.Trudy Barker1988-1990
305 Main W.Trudy Barker1990-1993
Shaklee1102 O'BrienCliff & Betty Holborn1978-1979
143 WillowPatricia Hanlon1982
(Hana Sales - 1598)538 O'BrienMargaret Hanninen1987
6 MelvilleViolet Seltzer1988
Shannon's Photo9 VincienneEd Shannon1967
Sharon's Craft Stop212 O'BrienSharon Meilleur1993-1995
Sharp 'N Shop309 GorrieJerry Zajac1973-pres
225 White (arena)Jerry Zajac1981-1987
Shaw Bakeries; Holsum Bread48 SpruceGraig Boileau1968-1993
36 SpruceDan Ellis1993
101 SumacDave Maynard & Tom Hainey Jr1993-1997
161 CedarMary Antolovich1997-2002
Shaw Cable110-124 Marks (MSCSC)2002-2009
308 Mackenzie W.2009-pres
Shearcroft's Computer Services; Shearcrofts/The Tamaracks10 HogarthRick Harrington1987
308 Main W.Rick Harrington1989-1990
109-115 Main W.Rick Harrington1990-1991
109-115 Main W.Rick Harrington1991-1992
Shearway Shingles Ltd104 GoodwinRodney & Charlotte Shears2001
Shell Canada Limited (bulk) (North Star Oil)701 Mackenzie E.Matt Beyak1964-1966
Shell Oil of Canada Ltd; Shell-White Rose701 Mackenzie E.Fraser Smith1966-1979
Shelter of HopeSee Atikokan Crisis Centre.
Sherman Signs105 Main W.Sherman Ratson1954-1956
Sherrill's Beauty Salon202 Main W.Sherrill Wilson1974
Sherry's Custom Catering & Baking159 PineSherry Botel1998
109-115 Main W.Sherry Botel1999-2000
113 Main E.Sherry Botel2000
L Shine Cleaning559 O'BrienLiz Shine (Ward)2001-pres
Shirley Ann's Beauty Salon202 Main W.Shirley Foshang1967-1969
shoe repair (no company name)353 O'BrienWalter Manosky1945-1949
109 MapleAlbert Jameus1973
Shop Easy Stores Ltd109-115 Main W.1955-1974
Shotgun Exploration406 Mackenzie E.Todd Ryznar2011-pres
Showerall101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Bernice Cottingham1992-1993
Sidewinder Cycle & Sports101 ZukeGord Martin2002-2008
Sigurdsson's Painting1954
Silhouette Beauty Salon208-210 Burns (Rockton)Myrna Ekstrom1960-1963
Vern Silver - general contractor300 Mackenzie E.Vern Silver1975-1990
Silverwood's Deluxe Ice Cream (Lowe's Dairy)500 Mackenzie W.Fred A. Roulston1952
Sinclair's Restaurant209 Main W.Jim & Susanna Sinclair1950-1956
Jim died in 1956209 Main W.Susanna Sinclair1956-1958
209 Main W.Bill & Susan Harrison1958-1974
209 Main W.Ira Melong, operator1967-1969
209 Main W.Pat & Sharon McCormick, operator1970-1974
Singer Sewer CentreAtikokan HotelWilliam Stanchukearly 50's
Atikokan HotelA. (Fred) Dejardins1952-1953
Atikokan HotelHarry Grady1953
Atikokan HotelEd Johnston1954
8 McRorieBrian Kennedy1959-1961
Rockton HotelWilliam Stanchuk1962-1967
Rockton HotelMr. W. Madge1967-1969
Radisson MotelWilliam Stanchuk1970-1981
Radisson MotelPeter McLaren1971
Radisson MotelMr. C. Smith1977
Radisson MotelRob Biggar1981-1987
Ski Hills & SlidingAurora Ski Club hill - Charleson area?1951
Birch/Mercury E. (west slope of hill behind SR guest house - beginners)1956
Near Margaret Lake (advanced)1956
Hardy Dam1957-1958
Highway 622 (Hawthorne)1958-pres
Fairweather Dam1965-pres
Skidder's Family Beauty Salon105 Main W.Toni Manchuk1992-1993
Skidder's Family Restaurant105 Main W.Ray & Toni Manchuk1992-1994
Skrynski's Grocery Store204 Mackenzie W.Mike Skrynski1942-1945
Slater's Sheet Metal and Heating716 Mackenzie E.Alex Slater1957
Small Business Books104-106 Main W.1979
Smart Alex410 FrontAlex & Ethel Broski1989-1997
Smiley's Place208-210 BurnsNatalie Urbanowicz1987-1988
J.C. Smith, barrister400-402 Front (Old Atikokan Hotel)Jack C. Smith1952-1955
211 O'Brien (SR Hotel)Jack C. Smith1955-1957
Smith's Canadian Oil; Canadian Oil Companies Ltd701 Mackenzie E.Fraser Smith1957-1963
Smith's Service Station704 Mackenzie E.Fraser Smith1963-1972
Snack Barbowling alley concessionGeorge & Sim Carleton1952
Snack Shack (Concession)ski hill (old)Atikokan & District 1967-1968
Snap-on-Tools401 SteerolaLeo Gosselin, local rep1968
Snelgrove Bros. General Store404 Front1900-1904
Snip & Snip113 Main E.Lillian St. Pierre1991-1995
218 O'BrienLillian St. Pierre1995-2000
109 Main E.Lillian St. Pierre2000-2001
205 Main W.Lillian St. Pierre2001-2003
205 Main W.Lillian St. Pierre2006-2013
Sno-Line Products1215 O'BrienGary Poelman1991-1992
Snow Lake Fish Farms; Atikokan Fish Co-opCaland Ore Mine SiteDave Lindsay1988-2006
113 Main E. (office)Dave Lindsay1996
Snow Lake Processing Inc105 GoodwinDavid Lindsay1999-2003
Snow Lake Inc114 Elm2004
Social Ballroom Dancing106 Main E.Jeorg & Lori Bartsch2003-2010
106 Main E.Jeorg Bartsch2010-pres
Soft Wilderness Adventures70 SpruceDennis Fredrickson1992-2008
Solid Masonry Sanders' Construction128 HighlandJeff Sanders Jr1995-1996
Sound EffectsSee The Movie Hut.
Souris River Canoes104-114 ReidKeith & Arlene Robinson1992-pres
101 GoodwinKeith & Arlene Robinson1994
101 GoodwinKeith & Arlene Robinson1997-1999
Southbay Automotive Dist Ltd.104-106 Main W.1980
Southwestern Petroleum Corp. Products323 HancockT.W. Seeley, representative1965
Sparky's Chip Truck200 Main W.Gordon Clark (owned by Mark Clark)1978-1988
200 Main W.Andy & Marilyn Olson1988-1991
Specialized Photo Service81 MapleMichael Proskurniak1957
Spectrum Auto Body; Spectrum Auto Body & Sales206-214 Main W.Pete Dickson & Eric Yurick1982
206-214 Main W.Eric Yurick1982-1985
Phil Spence Construction Co LtdGeorge M. McLeod, manager1950
117 GorrieGeorge M. McLeod, manager1951-1952
Spoke's Bike Repair216 O'BrienDoug Vinkle1993-1995
Sports In Motion Ltd101 ZukeRay Gowriluk, Bob Martin & Blair Scott1985-1987
Sportsgear Plus109-115 Main W.Cheryl & Brad Marusyk1995-2000
147 PineCheryl & Brad Marusyk2000-pres
St. Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchPine1955-1997
St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox Church304 (Ukrainian Hall) Mackenzie W.1950-1955
141 Maple1955-1997
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic ChurchHemlock/Hawthorne1953-pres
St. Peter & Paul Hall; Ukrainian Catholic Parish Hall12 Maple1955-2002
St. Peter & St. Paul Parish302 Mackenzie W.1954-pres
(Chapel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - Ukrainian Catholics)
Mike St. Pierre's Music8 SpruceMike St. Pierre2000-2008
Stampin' Up162 HawthorneHeather Hosick2006-pres
Stan's Barber Shop213 Main W.Stan Wilkins1978-1986
220 O'BrienStan Wilkins1986
220 FotheringhamStan Wilkins1987-1994
Stan's Locksmithing105 Main W.Stan Wilkins1971-1977
220 FotheringhamStan Wilkins1978
213 Main W.Stan Wilkins1978-1986
220 O'BrienStan Wilkins1986
220 FotheringhamStan Wilkins1987-1994
Stan's Taxi404 FrontStan Scales1949-1950
(Corner of Main & Gorrie)115 Main W.Stan Scales1951-1952
Stan's Trucking522 FrontStan Scales1953
118 BalsamStan Scales1954-1956
Stan's Village PizzeriaSee The Village Pizzeria & Restaurant.
Stanczyk Apartments212 GorrieJohn & Olga Stanczyk1967-1973
Geoff Stanger ConstructionSee Wolverine Construction.
Star Taxi114-122 GorrieJohn Pendzii1951
114-122 GorrieMike Stus1952-1955
Stark's Coffee Bar111 Main E.?Reinhold Stark ??1951-1952
Stark's Rooming House111 Main E.Reinhold (Ray) Stark1952-1959
Stead & LindstromBuilt Rawn Road school1953
Built addition to High School.1962
Built addition to High School.1982-1983
Steel Shoe Riding StablesHwy 11BNoreen (Marr) Champion1987-1989
Steep Rock Café500 Mackenzie W.Alf Foreacre1938-1949
500 Mackenzie W.Charles Wong Fivhin1949-1951
500 Mackenzie W.William Dumonski & son1952
Steep Rock Curling RinkSteep Rock Mine Site1946-1951
Steep Rock Hotel Dining Room211 O'Brien (SR Hotel)1979-2003
Steep Rock Inn; Hotel Steep Rock; Steep Rock Hotel211 O'BrienJohn Reid & William Benidickson1954-1963
211 O'BrienMr & Mrs Ivan Hayduk & Anton Leson1963-1968
211 O'BrienSteve Kalyn1968-1971
211 O'BrienMike & Freda Kadychuk1971-1975
211 O'BrienEarl & Lorna Larsen1975-1979
211 O'BrienMel/Diane Hensrud & Jim/Diane Balonyk1979-1989
211 O'BrienMel & Diane Hensrud1989-1994
211 O'BrienDiane Hensrud1994-2001
211 O'BrienKerri Hensrud2001-2007
Steep Rock Inn Restaurant211 O'BrienDagmar Kosik & Carol Sampson1986
Steep Rock Insurance Agencies1949
Steep Rock Iron Mines Employment Office117 Gorrie1956-1960
205 Main W.1964
Steep Rock Iron Mines Ltd; Steep Rock Resources Inc.Steep Rock Mine Rd1939-1979
Owned by Canadian Pacific Investment LtdSteep Rock Mine Rd1976-1979
Joseph Errington, President1939-1942
Major General Donald M. Hogarth, President1942-1950
Morson Scarth "Pop" Fotheringham, Pres.1950-1967
Neil Edmonstone, President1967-1970
F. Ray Jones, President1970-1976
Larry Lamb, President1976-1979
Steep Rock Iron Mines Trailer ParkSaturn Trailer ParkDorothy, Heron, Partridge1956-1961
Steep Rock Lumber & Supply Co.104 ReidJohn Reid1955-1958
Steep Rock Range Laboratories708 Mackenzie E.Ben Eyton1958-1962
Steerola Exploration Company LimitedJoseph Errington, President1938-1939
Original company at Steep Rock.
Step Easy Footcare ServicesHwy 11 East (mobile)Sharon Wright1994-1996
Stephanie's Beauty Salon220 O'BrienStephanie Torbiak1969-1972
119 MarksStephanie Torbiak1972-1989
Vic Stertz Construction29 SpruceVic Stertz1953-1956
159 PineVic Stertz1956-1968
Steve's Baits103-105 Main E.Spiros (Steve) & Debbie Politis2006-pres
Steve's Tattoos-n-Art108 ElmSteve Cunningham2004-2005
See Laser Ink.
Stevenson Construction Ltd108-110 BurnsRex Stevenson1981-1985
Stevenson Transport; DDL Transport618 Mackenzie E.Rex Stevenson2000-pres
Stevenson Trucking; Northern Timber522 FrontRex Stevenson1976-pres
Scott Stevenson Trucking114 SykesScott Stevenson1998-2009
Chad Stewart Logging204 BlackChad Stewart2000-2008
132 LarsonChad Stewart2008-2009
George Stewart - dray businessGeorge Stewart1971
Tom Stewart - barberRoundhouseTom Stewartearly 1900's-1951
Stewart & Sande - Chartered AccountantsSee Martin & Stewart.
Stewart Motors400-402 FrontO.J. Sharpe1951
Stinson Chiropractic Clinic400-402 Front (Old Atikokan Hotel)Robert Stinson & William Stinson1951-1954
211 O'Brien (SR Hotel)Robert Stinson & William Stinson1954-1962
Stitch in Time190 PineEdna McClain1991
Stone's Wholesale613A Mackenzie E.Keith & Elsie Stone1965
113 Main E.Keith & Elsie Stone1966-1970
Stratton Equipment Sales & Services Ltd3 Mercury E.Al & Bernice Wensley1987-1988
101 ZukeAl & Bernice Wensley1988-1998
Soren Stricker Radio & TV Repair131 WillowSoren Stricker1964-1995
Strom's Shindiawa Sales & Service112 SumacDavid & Lorna Strom1987
Stromberg Pepsi26 RawnRoy Stromberg1962-1986
Stump Removal Service38 StarrAllan Nelson2006-pres
Stus Grocery & Lunch; Stus' Confectionery411 Mackenzie E.Mike & Irma Stus1981-1985
Stus' Rooming House310 Main W.Mike & Irma Stus1975-1991
310 Main W.Mike Stus1991-1997
310 Main W.Candace Chobotar & Dale Stus1997-pres
Stutvoet's Apartments506-508 Mackenzie E.Harm Stutvoet1954-1958
Styles for You105 Main W.Roxanne Thurier2002-2007
404 O'BrienRoxanne Thurier2007-2008
Sub Terra Company of North Bay1952
(Responsible for the clearing required in the 2nd Steep Rock diversion).
"Success" Finder Locator Inc.131 DogwoodMel Larson1988
Suds-N-Stuff23 SpringLisa Vos1990
Sue Diamond Counselling109-115 Main W.Sue Diamond/Potts1997
Sue-Pro Photo & Advertising231 DorothySue Prokopchuk1998-2004
Sugar Mountain Craft & Doll RepairFrontAnita Poirier1984
620 FrontBridgette Gosselin & Anita Poirier1987-1989
Sun Dog Toy Lending Library & Parenting17-37 Rawn (Rawn Rd Sch)1993-pres
Resource Centre; Sun Dog Family Resource ProgramLinda Stewart, Co-ordinator1993-1999
and Ontario Early Years Centre; Best Start HubCarol Gosselin, Co-ordinator1999-
Sheila Ferguson, Co-ordinator2002-
Tania Bimm, Supervisor2006-pres
Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada212 GorrieMax Clark1955-1960
110 ZukeA.M.W. "Alf" Bruer1959
27 BirchBernice Taylor1977-1978
Sun Life of CanadaWhite OtterAndy Morrow1988
109-115 Main W.Brian Ross & Annely Kozar1997-1998
214 O'BrienBrian Ross & Annely Kozar1998
Sun Life Financial122 BlackShawna Manford2014-pres
Sundown Drywall107 LarsonSteve Anderson2004-2008
Sunray Studios226 O'BrienJohn Carragher & Harold Magnussen1950-1954
304 Main W.Peter Rickis & John Carragher1955-1962
Sunrise Industries Limited (milk)1211-1215 O'BrienAime DeGagne1961
Sunset Country Call Centre Inc109-115 Main W.Ted Couch, operations mgr1999
109-115 Main W.Richard Whitfield, operations mgr1999-2001
(Partnership of CCAC, Rainy River Future Development Corporation & AEDC).
Sunset Country Roofing; Sunset Contracting400 HancockTed McLeod2008-2009
Sunset Country Sports Ltd104-106 Main W.Peter Falinbigl, mgr1985-1986
104-106 Main W.Tom Eagles, mgr1986-1988
104-106 Main W.Lorna Mattson, mgr1988-1989
Sunset Furniture101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Employment Learning Opportunities1991-1995
Sunset Heights Campground and Driving RangeHighway 11BDan & Wendy Warren1985
Sunset Square104-108 Main W.Maramac Rental Ltd1988-1993
104-108 Main W.Maramac Rentals (W. Burkart)1993-1997
Sunset Windows & Doors509 Mackenzie W.Barry Hemphill1994-2006
220 MarksBarry Hemphill2006-2011
429 O'BrienBarry Hemphill2011-pres
Super Valet Cleaning Service613A Mackenzie E.Gord Peters1964-1968
Superior Airways Ltd.Elm1962
Superior Cartage (Lakehead) Ltd48 PoplarMarion Parker, agent1971
113 PineGrant Knowles, agent1980
Superior Gourmet Foods101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)John Williams1991-1997
Superior Rock Bit Canada Inc.; Ontario Drilling SupplySee Ontario Drilling Supply.
Swimming Pools
Outdoor PoolRiver's edge end of Mackenzie1900-1951
Outdoor Pool Civic CentreRiver edge 100 yd east of O'Brien bridge1951-1955
Atikokan Swimming Pool (above ground)?? SpringCentennial Park leased from SRIM1955-1973
Atikokan Municipal Swimming Pool (indoor)214 Clark1974-pres
Synergy Wood Products101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Mike Shusterman2007-2008
T 'n P Plowing118 Hemlock/1235 O'BrienTodd Alexander & Pete Halasz1981
T.L.C. Hair Design104-106 Main W.Tammy Kraft1995
308 Main W.Tammy Kraft/Charbonneau1995-1997
TJ's Burger Basket; The Burger Basket628 Mackenzie E.Teri Bell2000-2004
TJ's Restaurant1 Mercury E.Teri Bell1985-2000
TV Atikokan Productions StudioAtikokan High SchoolMentioned in 1974 Council minutes
24 Hematite (DPCSC)Ray Belanger1979-1985
Started prior to 1978110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Ray Belanger1986-2008
110-124 Marks (new bldg)2008-pres
Tansley & Bruce Optometrists - 1963See Optometrists.
Andre Tardiff Agency - card lock fuel service105 GoodwinGraham Warburton2009-pres
Taro Properties Inc418 Steerola1976
Built Fotheringham Ct.
Tarob Pet Sitting; Tarob Boarding Kennels14 RawnTawny Roblin1997-1998
taxi operators (unknown company name)William Bodnar, R. McIntyre?1947
C. Thompson & E. Boyko1948
Earl Partridge & Roy Gregg?1950
taxidermy work (no company name)153 HawthornePeter Romanson1970-1971
Arnold Taylor - barrister222 O'BrienArnold Taylor1969-1970
305 Main W.Arnold Taylor1970-1976
Taylor-Fraser Electric211 Main W.Jack Fraser & Frank Taylor1950
Tech-Services MCMXCII125 CedarDon Leduchowski1992-1995
Ted's Service137 BurnsEdward Black1956-1959
Teen's Fashions; Teen and Ladies' Fashions; Teen & Ladies' Wear226 O'BrienDoris Plant & Elsie Stertz1966-1968
Tennis Courts55 MapleKiwanis Club1958-pres
Tent Trailers for Rent12 PoplarErnie Coderre1967
Terry's Painting & Decorating132 LarsonTerry Jourdain1997
Texaco Canada Ltd.619-621 Mackenzie E.Ralph Presley1959-1970
Texaco Service Station420 Mackenzie E.Joe Georgeson1974
Textured Ceilings203 PineEugene Belisle1979
9 Starr/203 PineMel Larson & Eugene Belisle1982
The Adult Learning CentreSee Reading Plus.
The Aquarium & Pet Shop150 WillowSimon Payne1998-1999
109-115 Main W.Simon Payne1999-2000
105 Main W.Simon Payne2000-2001
308 Main W.Simon Payne2001-2004
The Art of Business158 PineSandra Gauthier-Poelman1998-pres
The Atikokan Progress; Atikokan Printing314 Mackenzie W. (rear)Bob Clarke, Reno Rinaldi & Bill Harrison1950-1951
412 FrontR.W.Clarke & Wm Harrison1951-1952
412 FrontRobert W. Clarke & Norm C. Dick1952-1954
226 BurnsBob Clarke & Norm Dick1954-1982
Atikokan Printing 1982 Ltd226 BurnsVic Prokopchuk & Larry Fontana1982-1994
Atikokan Printing (1994) Ltd226 BurnsMike McKinnon & Eve Shine1994-2001
109 Main E.Mike McKinnon & Eve Shine2001-pres
The Atikokan Progress Editors --Robert Clarke1950-1982
Tori Dunn Kosinec1983-1985
Sandra Gowriluk1985
Lester Glantz1985-1986
Carol Stanley1986-1987
Mike McKinnon1987-pres
The Bait Shop704 Mackenzie E.Elvio & Pauline Campagnolo1984-1987
704 Mackenzie E.Roger & Nancy Bottos1987-1994
The Bargain! Shop102-104 Main E.Mary Ann Ferguson, mgr2008-pres
The Barn109 Main E.Lanny & Kim Cross1995-2001
The Beanery501 Front1911-1967
Beanery Managers --Frank Scheider1911-1915
Ed Zuefle1939
Mel G. Short1947-1950
Hans Fass1954-1956
Al Funk1956-
Harold Whillans1958
N.J. Kozodoj1959-1960
Casey Sitar1961
Norman Hildrum1962
Dennis Roy1963
W.J. Reid1964
Gerry Pitrie1965-1967
The Beckery124 AbbottRebekka DeCorte2008-pres
The Beer StoreSee Brewer's Retail.
The Big "A" Western Dining Lounge400-402 FrontStephanie Torbiak1984-pres
The Big G SupermarketSee Foodland IGA.
The Bowladromebowling alley concessionHenry & Margaret Morel1954-
The Burger BasketSee TJ's Burger Basket.
The Canada Life Assurance CompanyJan P. Nelisson1954
The Car Wash422 Mackenzie E.Joe & Kim Hamrak2005-pres
The Carpet Cleaner510 Polaris? Thompson1986
The Cave Restaurant; The Cave Dine & Dance; Walt's Dine and Dance209 O'BrienWalter Manosky1957-1960
(Building demolished 1964).
The Ceramic Stop104-106 Main W.Connie Wood1995
The Coffee Bar111 Main E.?Mrs. E. Melong & Dan Jack1951
The Coffee Cup109-115 Main W.Sharon & Tammy Desaulniers1992-2002
109-115 Main W.Sherwin & Jeanine Durand2002-2006
101 Main W.Sherwin & Jeanine Durand2006-2007
The Co-Operators; Co-Operator's Insurance Assoc.;434 HancockMary McRann1961-1980
The Co-operators-CIAG Insurance525 O'BrienSheila Faykes1980-1986
The Cottage Bistro101 Main E.Jonathan Wynn2006-2008
109-115 Main W.Jonathan Wynn2008-pres
The Country Kitchen406 O'BrienAlex & Ethel Broski1964-1967
406 O'BrienOrph Strachan1967
406 O'BrienKarl Baldus1967
406 O'BrienBill & Mavis Rushak1968
406 O'BrienDel & Doug McLeod1968
The Cutting Edge218 O'BrienDebbie Peacosh1992-2000
109 Main E.Debbie Peacosh2000-2001
205 Main W.Debbie Peacosh2001
The Diversion300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson1986-1989
300-302 Main W.Ev Tribe,Doug Tribe & Dagmar Sampson1989-1997
300-302 Main W.Ev Tribe1997-2012
The Drive Inn200 Main W.Carrie Tindale1967-1968
The Enchanted Florist105 Main W.Karen Van Doorne2005-2007
109-115 Main W.Karen Van Doorne2007-pres
The Fish & Chip Joint310 Mack E. (Radisson)Mark & Kathy Moran2004-2005
The Gold 'N' Pine RoomHighway 11 east (Sylvan)Caribou Motel1962-1965
The Golden Den Arcade500 Mackenzie W.Larry/Bertha Leochko1985-1986
The Great West Life Assurance Company202 PineGarry McKinnon1987-1988
The House Doctor100 Mercury E.Peter Beseau1985
The House of Creations202 Main W.Carlo Lombardo & Frank Morabito1988
The House of Wallpaper31 BirchLauren Brown1993-1995
The Ice Cream Truck2 SpruceJerry Sawicki1973
The Ice House; The Ice House & Locker Service354 O'BrienBob Maddams1987-2000
The Internet Café109-115 Main W.Sherwin & Jeanine Durand2002-2006
101 Main W.Sherwin & Jeanine Durand2006-2007
101 Main W.Sherwin Durand2007-2008
The Iron Mine300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson1986-1989
300-302 Main W.Ev Tribe,Doug Tribe & Dagmar Sampson1989-1997
300-302 Main W.Ev Tribe1997-2012
The Key ShopSee Pollard's Key Shop.
The Kids' Zone113 Main E.Jean Zerebeski2003
The Kozy Corner Grill500 Mackenzie W.William Dumonski & son1952
500 Mackenzie W.Lorne Vandecar1952
The Legal ClinicSee Rainy River District Community Legal Clinic.
The Loon's Nest; Loon's Nest Plus Inc704 Mackenzie E.Marcel & Carolyn Huard1998-2000
704 Mackenzie E.Marcel Huard & Eugene Pryor2000
The Loon's Nest704 Mackenzie E.Eugene & Diana Pryor2000-2003
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company6 StarrKen Bekesi1969-1979
The Mini-Mall104-106 Main W.Maramac Rental Ltd1979-1988
The Monarch Life Assurance Co522 FrontJoseph Van De Ven1956-1958
420 HancockDave Wright1958
115 WillowPeter Wiebe1959-1965
116 WillowWarren Goodwin1965-1969
211 Main W.Warren Goodwin1967-1969
201 Main W. (upstairs)Clarence Graham1971-1974
123 WillowRocky Mason1975-1980
201 Main W. (upstairs)Rocky Mason1975-1981
White Otter InnRoy Whyte1981-1983
John Nadeau1982
The Monarch Life; North American LifeWhite Otter InnRoy Whyte1985
The Movie Hut305 Main W.Frank & Doreen Sanders1984-1986
222 O'BrienFrank & Doreen Sanders1986
222 O'BrienKrista McNeil1986-1987
109-115 Main W.Krista McNeil1987-1988
The Movie Hut;Sound Effects109-115 Main W.Brian Usiski1988-1995
The Music BoxSee Atikokan Music Box.
The Music Machine114 WillowHart Armstrong1978-1979
The Nu-Fashion Beauty Salon201 Main W. (upstairs)Rose MacDonald1954
The Or-ke Dress Shop212 O'BrienOrph & Keith Strachan1953-1956
The Outdoorsman Restaurant103-105 Main E.Spiros (Steve) & Debbie Politis1992-pres
The Pastry Shop102 Main W.Ford & Tina Stockford1957-1958
The Pictograph Gallery109-115 Main W.1987-pres
The Pines MotelHighway 11 eastDave & Ira Melong1963-1974
Highway 11 eastPhil & Sybil Pearce1974-1977
Highway 11 eastEric & Shirley Rasinaho1977-1985
Highway 11 eastArt & Elva Hiebert1985-1986
Highway 11 eastEric & Shirley Rasinaho1987-1996
The Pit Stop1 Mercury E.Leonard Cournoyer1976-1978
1100 O'BrienLeonard Cournoyer1978-1979
The Pizza Barn109 Main E.Bernice Cottingham & Jackie Bowery1975-1978
109 Main E.Al & Bernice Wensley1978-1981
109 Main E.Terri & Garnet Hart1982-1983
109 Main E.Greg & Lori Alexander1983-1987
The Pizza Connection109 Main E.Julian Morelli1988
The Pizza Pub; Gold Pan Pizza300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson & Jeri Savoy1983-1986
The Place212 O'BrienAtikokan Arts & Crafts Association1972
The Pop Shoppe305 Main W.Darryl (Bo) & Janis McIntyre1984
The Prudential218 O'BrienBob Montgomery1988-1991
The Recycle Barn109 Main E.Lyle Cross1999-2000
The Royal Bank of CanadaSee Royal Bank of Canada.
The Snack BarWhite Street Ball ParkPhyllis & Glen Barr2004-pres
The Sportsman's Wishbook of Canada Ltd104-106 Main W.Glen Rawlings1983-1987
The Sportsmen's Restaurant; John the Sportsmen's Restaurant209 Main W.John & Lorraine Babiak1974-1983
The Stag Shop213 Main W.Ken Bekesi1967
222 O'BrienKen Bekesi1968
The Strand Theatre103-105 Main E.Ivan J. Kilpatrick, mgr1950-1954
103-105 Main E.Peter Mollenhauer, mgr1954-1955
The Tamaracks; Tamaracks Atikokan109-115 Main W.Liz MacKay1988-1990
The Toronto-Dominion Bank; The Dominion Bank; TD Canada Trust314 Main W.Thomas R. Cluff, manager1949-1950
100 Main E.Thomas R. Cluff, manager1950-1953
100 Main E.Geoffrey Grinrod, manager1953-1958
100 Main E.William G. Graham, manager1958-1963
100 Main E.J. Keith Stuart, manager1963-1964
100 Main E.Neal E. Baldwin, manager1964-1970
100 Main E.Grant White, manager1970-1979
100 Main E.Mindy Sveinbjornson, manager1979-1984
100 Main E.Pat J. Auger, manager1984-1994
100 Main E.Murray Bell, manager1994-1996
100 Main E.Randy Moore, manager1996-1998
100 Main E.Susan Forbes, manager1998-2000
100 Main E.Maureen James, manager2000-pres
The Travelers Insurance Company208 GorrieSandy Baswick1961
104-106 Main W.Sandy Baswick1961
The Village Inn209 Main W.Jim & Irene Milko1948-1950
The Village Pizzeria & Restaurant103-105 Main E.Franklin Wesley Chapman1969-1971
The Wee Shoppe308 Main W.Jeanette Payne2002-2004
The Wulf's DenHighway 11 eastAnny & William Wulf1986-1994
Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage214 O'BrienKari Miller2005-2007
Thomas Cook Travel109-115 Main W.Charlie Grant2002-2004
Thomas Cook Travel/Marlin Travel109-115 Main W.Janice (Beauregard) Burton2006-2007
D H Thompson of Canada (Thompson Tackle Tools)104-106 Main W.Glen Rawlings1982-1987
Thunder Bay Bearings Apartments111 Main E.Thunder Bay Bearings1964-2000
Thunder Bay Bearings Ltd; National Bearings113 Main E.1961-1964
111 Main E.1964-2000
(Propane) (bldg demolished 1983)417 Mackenzie E.1972-1978
Thunder Bay Co-op Dairy Ltd10 Mercury E.Len Wach1959-1968
Thunder Bay Duracleaners311 MarksDave Melong1958
(Chesterfield & rug cleaning).
Thunder Bay Insurance Services Limited109-115 Main W.Judi Nault1997-2006
218 O'BrienJudi Nault2006-2009
Tibby's Café222 O'BrienOlive (Tibby) Johnson1966
Tilden-Avis Rent-A-Car Service104 ReidReid Motors (Atikokan)1956
401 O'BrienReid Motors (Atikokan)1956-1958
Tilden Car and Truck Rentals87 MapleBill Kichak1978
Kenneth Tilson & Bruce McKillop - lawyers24 Hematite (DPCSC)Kenneth Tilson & Bruce McKillop1977
Time 4 You109 Main E.Alicia Robb2000
John Tindale Jr - sale of ice29 BirchJohn Tindale Jr1980
Today's Casuals222 O'BrienLinda Schedlosky1978
Tom McDonald Fuels619-621 Mackenzie E.Ed Brigham1989-1999
Tom's Store410 O'BrienTom Wilkins1967-1979
410 O'BrienJim Murphy1979-1987
Tom-Boy Foods; Tom-Boy109-115 Main W.Bob Zimmerman & Andrew Lindsay1974
109-115 Main W.Bob & Iris Zimmerman1974-1983
109-115 Main W.B & I Food Ltd (Iris Zimmerman)1983-1985
Tomboy Foodland118 O'BrienFran Speer & Kathy Peacosh1987-1993
118 O'BrienFJS Enterprises1993-1999
Tony's Cartage & Contracting23 GrenvilleTony Marinaro Jr.1988
tool & die shop (no company name)178 PineGordon Patton1977
Top Hat Bus Lines402 Main W.Sam Logozzo (Len Koza, mgr)1952-1954
Topless Saw Sharpening114 ElmArt Rheault1976-1979
Total Home Care22 ErringtonBrian Marusyk1997-1998
Tourism Co-Ordinator & Office24 Hematite (DPCSC)Robin Stuart1980-1985
110-124 Marks (MSCSC)Dan Wright1985-1990
Tourist Bureau
travel trailer312 Mackenzie E.Jaycees - 1961prior to 1967
travel trailer102 Main E.Atikokan Business & Prof. Women1967-1969
travel trailerJunction Highway 11 & 11BChamber of Commerce1970
travel trailer102 Main E.Township of Atikokan1971
travel trailerBurns (behind Post Office)Township of Atikokan1972-1973
octagon or hexagonBurns (behind Post Office)1974-1980
Junction Highway 11 & 11BChamber of Commerce1981-1989
Junction Highway 11 & 11BEmployment Learning Opportunities1990-1991
Junction Highway 11 & 11BChamber of Commerce1991-pres
Town & Country Restaurant400-402 FrontStephanie Torbiak1990-pres
Town Talk Dress Shop115 Main E. (Main & Burns opp. LCBO)1953
Township office & Clerk-Treasurers
Secretary-TreasurerClark Street SchoolC.J. FitzgeraldApril-July 1945
Secretary-TreasurerClark Street SchoolG.A. DawsonJuly-Oct. 1945
Secretary-Treasurer116 Mercury W. (McInnis)Molly (Mary B.) McInnis1945-1947
Secretary-TreasurerClark Street SchoolWilliam Hembroff1947-1949
Secretary-Treasurer411 Mackenzie W.Frederick Arthur Cox1949-1951
Secretary-Treasurer201 Main W. (rear)Frederick Arthur Cox1952-1953
Secretary-Treasurer (temporary)201 Main W. (rear)Emmy GavinMay 1953
Secretary-Treasurer201 Main W. (rear)Douglas R. Buie1953-1954
Clerk-Treasurer214 Main E.Douglas R. Buie1955-1973
Clerk-Treasurer, CAO214 Main E.Emmy Gavin1973-1985
Clerk-Treasurer214 Main E.Glenn Treftlin1986-1988
Clerk-Treasurer214 Main E.Susan Bryk1988-1989
Clerk-Treasurer110-124 MarksSusan Bryk1989-2003
Clerk-Treasurer110-124 MarksJackie QuinnDec. 2003
Team Leader/Recreation Director110-124 MarksWarren Paulson2001-2002
Town Manager/Recreation Director110-124 MarksWarren Paulson2002-2004
Clerk-CAO110-124 MarksWarren Paulson2004-2007
Treasurer110-124 MarksAndre Morin2003-2007
Treasurer, Acting CAO110-124 MarksAndre Morin2007-2008
CAO-Treasurer110-124 MarksAndre Morin2008-2009
Clerk110-124 MarksAngela Sharbot2008-2009
CAO-Treasurer110-124 Marks (new)Andre Morin2009-2011
Clerk110-124 Marks (new)Angela Sharbot2009-2012
CAO110-124 Marks (new)Andre Morin2011-2012
Treasurer110-124 Marks (new)Lonny Maunu2011-2013
CAO/Clerk110-124 Marks (new)Angela Sharbot2012-pres
Treasurer110-124 Marks (new)Brandy Coulson2014-pres
Traeder Vic's104-106 Main W.Vic Turpin1964
Tramin Ltd; Tramin Mining and Industrial Services415 Mackenzie E.Gord Martin1988-1990
109-115 Main W.Gord Martin1991-2001
105 Main W.Gord Martin2001-2002
101 ZukeGord Martin2002-pres
102 GoodwinGordon Martin1996-pres
Highway 11BGord Martin2011-pres
Transamerica Occidental Life309 GorrieJeff McWhinney1984
Transitional Counsellor24 HematiteFran Kolton1979-1980
Rosaire Tremblay - trucker105 GoodwinRosaire Tremblay
Tri Star Service Centre106 Main E.Don MacDonald2000-2001
Triple C Carpet Cleaning106 Alder1977-1978
Triple G Confectionery100 Mercury W.Garry Girard2004-2008
Triple "S" Woodwork120 AlderDon Meilleur1978
Triple T Lunch Bar & Confectionery411 Mackenzie E.Wendy Tutkaluk1989-pres
J L Triskle Contracting & Cartage Service210 Mackenzie W.Jeff Triskle (Smerchinski)1985-1986
109 HeronJeff Triskle (Smerchinski)1987
Tri-Us Auto Wrecking354 O'BrienClarence Gordon1978
Tri-Us Tire Sales & Service118 KaskieRay Dayman & Clarence Gordon1977-1978
Trivia 'N Treasures103-105 Main E.Cherie & Leroy Carpenter1984-1987
True Value Building Centre227 O'BrienGarry Girard2001-2002
True Value Castle Building Centre119 O'BrienGarry Girard2002-2011
Try Tom Turner Ltd104 Main E.Gary Goodfellow1964-1965
Tudor Products308 Mackenzie W.Dave T. Thomas1955-1972
Tuff-Craft Products120 AlderDon Meilleur1980-1981
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Don Meilleur1981-1983
120 AlderDon Meilleur1983-1984
Turtle Wood Enterprises101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Ken Faykes2008-2010
216 O'BrienKen Faykes2010-pres
Twin City Gas Co Ltd305 Main W.Granted franchise in 19591953-1969
426 O'Brien1969-1970
Twin City Truck Service Ltd.714 Mackenzie E.1967
Tyler's Lawn Care106 MapleTyler Belanger2008
Tyne Motor Co.414 FrontE.J. Nixon1951
U & R Tax Depot104-106 Main W.Kim Cross1990-1993
308 Main W.Kim Cross1994-1995
109 Main E.Kim Cross1995-1998
U-Haul Company Ltd420 Mackenzie E.Ray Dayman1970
Uhlig Block220-222 O'BrienMax Uhlig1949-1983
220-222 O'BrienJacques Fiset1983-1986
220-222 O'BrienArdith Yesis1986-
Max Uhlig General Contractor - storm sash & doors220 O'BrienMax Uhlig1950-1953
Ukrainian Catholic Parish HallSee St. Peter & Paul Hall.1955-2002
Ukrainian Hall304 Mackenzie W.1943-1956
Uncle Lee's Toys109-115 Main W.Lee & Gayle White1988
Underwood LimitedAtikokan HotelFred Bragnalo, rep1951-1957
207 FotheringhamKlaus Leibholz1958
Unemployment Office208-210 Burns Rockton)Ted Hebditch1958-1959
207 Main W.Walt Beyak1959-1968
723 Mackenzie ERay Cole1968-1971
123 Marks (clinic)Florence Gutwein1971-1972
See Canada Manpower Centre Dept of Manpower & Immigration/UIC.
Union Bowling Alleys300-302 Main W.1951-1981
Union Gas426 O'Brien1998-pres
Union Pub; Olde Union Pub300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson & Jeri Savoy1981-1986
300-302 Main W.Bruce Davidson1986-1989
300-302 Main W.Ev & Doug Tribe & Dagmar Sampson1989-1997
300-302 Main W.Ev Tribe1997-2012
United CabSee Ken's Taxi.
United Church110-124 Marks (Marks St. School Auditorium)1954-1955
See Riverview United Church.
United Steel Workers of America300-302 Main W.1959-1981
Local 3466Steep Rock Iron Mines1944-1979
Presidents --Roy Ellis1944-
Joe Shannon
Bruce Lindesay
Paper says 1948 for one termPeter Sweeney1947-1949
Owen Lindsay1949-
Pres in 1951 when bldg officially openedJames Hill
Ivan Boyd
Paper say June/52-June/54 & replaced Jim HillTom Pooley1951-1954
Alex O'Neill1954-1979
Local 5855Caland Ore Mines
Presidents --John Kaludjersuspended in 1956
Erik Tornblom1957-1960
John Hamrak-1979
United Tire300 O'Brien1969-1970
United Van Lines; Rember Van128 WestDale Desserre1964
509 O'BrienMarcel Geurts1964-1969
724 Mackenzie E.Floyd Parker1969-1970
Universal Sounds (DJ's)113 Sumac/110 ElmSean Ekstrom & Kirt Pfeifer1992-1996
Universal Taxi (formerly Lee's)200 Main W.Jimmy Rasmussen1954
upholstery, slip covers, etc (no company name)121 WestLil Smith1955
Uptown Service200 Main W.John Koroscil Sr1960-1962
Valenca Restaurant105 Main W.Manuel & Aldina Gomes1978-1992
Valerie Falls Power Company; Valerie Falls Power Inc.; Valerie Falls LimitedHighway 622Dave & Graig Boileau & Alex MacIver1990-1993
Highway 622Dave Boileau & Great Lakes Power1993-2003
Van Lindonk's Dutch Bakery; Dutch Homemade Bakery406 O'BrienGiles & Maria Van Lindonk1959-1962
Van Lindonk's restaurant & bakery222 O'BrienGiles & Maria Van Lindonk1959
Van's Cartage412-414 FrontR.Lorne Vandecar1953-1957
505 Mackenzie WR.Lorne Vandecar1953-1954
(Sold to A Gouliquer Oct/57)500 Mackenzie W.R.Lorne Vandecar1954-1955
Vance's Mowing & Trimming50 SpruceVance Hemphill1991-1992
Vee's Bee's Body Balm563 O'BrienVivian Gilmour2004-pres
Fred Veldhuis - public accountant326 HancockFred Veldhuis1961-1962
Vet's Taxi102 Main E.Mel Short1953-1956
Veterans' General ConstructionFront1951
Veteran's Taxi1951
veterinary surgeon201 Main W. (rear)Dr. P.G. Everett1954
Victorian Order of Nurses; VON123 Marks (clinic)1998-2003
Victory Shoe Store213 Main W.Robert Charland1959-1960
Video Max209-211 Main W.Willie Bain2000-2009
Video Photography111 PineChris Stromberg1985-1986
Video Service113 Main E.Lillian St.Pierre1995
Video Vision; Video Vision/Music City104-106 Main W.Faye McAllister1986-1995
109 Main E.Faye McAllister1995-1997
Video Vision109 Main E.Corrina McCallum & Jo-Ann Brown1997-1999
Video Vision Movie & Machine Rentals104-106 Main W.Dave McQuaid1984-1986
Videon110-124 Marks (MSCSC)1995-2001
Vienna Beauty Salon68 MapleGiesela Peschek1955-1963
Viking Industrial Supplies & Contracting626 Mackenzie E.Lars Hurlen1981-1982
Pete Vinet Trucking101 LarsonPete Vinet1979-1990
Dissolved 1993118 KaskiePete Vinet1986
Volcanic Video Rock 'n Road Show117 AlderDonna Kroocmo1987-1990
Blair Vollans Renovations8 MelvilleBlair Vollans1986
Voyageur Bait and TackleHighway 11BEric Mosley1990-1997
Highway 11BDale & Heather Larocque1997-pres
Voyageur Books & Gifts109-115 Main W.Liz & Don MacKay1993-2012
109-115 Main W.Annette Tanner & Mike Zwicker2012-pres
Voyageur Canoe Outfitters; Le Voyageur Lodge703 Mackenzie E.Charlie Erickson & Bonnie Goff1963-1968
Voyageur Ford Mercury Ltd206-214 Main W.Ron Martin, manager1988-1989
206-214 Main W.Dave Ogden, manager1989-1990
Voyageur Minerals Inc.126 WillowRay Bernatchez2007-2011
Dr. Oldrich Vtipil - dentist218 O'Brien (upstairs)Dr. Oldrich Vtipil1970-1973
Vulcan Machinery and Equipment Ltd.716 Mackenzie E.Bob Smith, mgr1967-1968
W B Delivery Services(Purchased Maki's Transfer)
87 MapleWm Kichak1976-1979
48 RawnBill Kichak1980
202 Main W.Bill Kichak1981
W.B. Leasing & Rental87 MapleBill Kichak1978
Vic Wagner Photo108 PineVic Wagner1969-1977
Walker's Mower Repair115 ZukeHarvey Walker1984-1985
Walker's Power Washing128 TamaracWalker Smith2004
Wally's Travel Trailers1117 O'BrienWally Abbott1974
Walnut Room211 O'Brien (SR Hotel)dining room1954-1979
Walt's Confectionery209 O'BrienWalter Manosky1956
Walt's Dine and DanceSee The Cave Restaurant.
Walt's Dry Goods207 Main W.Walt & Millie Beyak1950-1986
207 Main W.Randy Beyak & John & Bayne Collition1986-1994
207 Main W.Randy Beyak1994-pres
Walt's Wood Works144 LarsonWalter Nash1997-2010
Warburton Holdings207 FotheringhamGraham Warburton1992
314 GorrieGraham Warburton1993-1994
328 HancockGraham Warburton1995-2003
101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Graham Warburton2003-2008
105 GoodwinGraham Warburton2008-pres
Ward's Painting & Decorating312 O'Brien1954-1955
Ward's Service - oil burners, motors, transformers37 Starr1961
Ward's Welding717 Mackenzie E.Claude Ward1980-1988
Matt Warren Contracting123 LarsonMatt Warren1994-pres
Water PlantsDemolished 1958Frank (Lot 16)no on-site staff1948-1955
Little Fallsno on-site staff1955-1988
Water Treatment Plant (OCWA)Little FallsDave Versteeg, chief operator1988-1990
Little FallsKeith Lusignan, Superintendent1990-1997
Little FallsMiles Brown, regional assistant mgr1998-2009
Little FallsLarry Wachter, reg'l asst manager2009-2011
Little Falls2011-pres
Watkins Quality ProductsEverett E. Sliter1955
20 MelvilleWilliam Dumonski1956-1957
Pollard's Tr. Ct.S.J. Pollard1957
BlackA.E. Pearson1958
123 BurnsGeorge Finlay1958
Aade Saari1964
128 AbbottMillicent M. Durand1965
64 NivenKathy O'Neil1966
9 VincienneEd Shannon1968
560 O'BrienGeorge Barnard1970
351 O'BrienMary Krukoski1971
Judy Plant1977
219 GorrieFlorence Komaransky1982
108 Main W.Wilbur Burkart1989
504 Mackenzie W.Laima Petruzelka1993
113 Main E.Carol Parent2005-2008
101 Main E.Barb Thurier2008-pres
Charles Watt - barrister218 O'Brien (upstairs)Charlie Watt1964-1966
310 Mack E. (Radisson)Charlie Watt1966-1972
We Can Do That Co.25 SpringLyle Cross2011-2012
613-B Mackenze E.Lyle Cross2012-pres
"Wear-Ever" Aluminum GoodsA.H. Larson1953
332 HancockAimee Degagne1955
Weather Wear (Rainy River) Inc308 Main W.Susan Sekulich, mgr1984-1985
WeathermanWilliam Wright1912-1964
Webb's; Webb's Sporting Goods314 Main W.Bill Webb1950-1952
Website Designs108 OlsonTim Thorburn2000-pres
Wensley Enterprises101 ZukeAl, Bernice & Wally Wensley1998-2001
West End Meat Market; Wollen's Grocery414 FrontFric Wollen1954-1956
West End Trailer Park/Poirier's Trailer ParkFrontCyprien & Anita Poirier1968-1987
Western Life Insurance222 O'BrienSam Matichuk1965
Western Paint & Auto Body Works402 Main W.Len Koza1958-1962
Western Tire & Auto Supply Ltd109 Main E.Archie Whitehead & Clarence Mitchell1956-1961
Westhaven Apartments221 GorrieRod West2010-pres
Weston Bread110 GorrieR. Cyril Newman1955
118 ? O'BrienLouie Wiersema1959-1960
48 SpruceGraig Boileau1960-1968
Whalley Logging Ltd723 Mackenzie E.Rod Whalley2001-pres
What's Your Beef184 PineGreg Sanders2010-pres
Whimsey - Atikokan101 Main E.Diana Ellieff2008-2010
506 Mackenzie W.Diana Ellieff2010-pres
White's Apartments109 MarksHarold White1970-1980
White's Meat Market218 O'BrienHarold & Wally White1953-1976
White Otter Inn714-718 Mackenzie E.Bruce Davidson, Larry Fontana, Vic Prokopchuk1978-1989
714-718 Mackenzie E.Larry Fontana & Vic Prokopchuk1989-1994
714-718 Mackenzie E.Larry & Betty Fontana1994-2002
714-718 Mackenzie E.Joe Marion2002
714-718 Mackenzie E.Rene & Gisele Marion2002-pres
White Otter Wilderness AdventuresFinlayson LakeCurtis Degagne2008-pres
White Rose Fuel (bulk)701 Mackenzie E.Fraser Smith1963-1965
David White Signs & Showcards583 O'BrienDavid White1978-1988
White Street Ball ParkWhite Street - purchased from Women's Institute in 19531949-pres
wholesale216-218 MarksVictor Price1966-1967
216-218 MarksKen H. Robertson1968
Wholesale Products2 VincienneJ. Rusnick1983
Wild Country Roses Restaurant300 Main W.Jean-Guy & Chantal Lavergne2013-pres
Wild River Canoe Company216 BlackJoe Meany1973
300 O'BrienJoe Meany1973
Wilderness Canoe OutfittersSee Quetico Wilderness Outfitters.
Wilderness Canoe Trips Inc (1973)See Canoe Canada Outfitters Inc.
Wildwood Country; Wildwood Country Crafts113 Main E.Linda & Christy Manford1997-2000
105 Main W.Linda & Christy Manford2000
105 Main W.Linda Manford2000-2007
Wilf's Electric108 OlsonWilf Thorburn1974-1993
Tom Wilkins - landscaping10 VincienneTom Wilkins1953-1954
Will's Nursery307 GorrieJoe Alexa, agent1955
Lloyd Willet - general contractor123 DogwoodLloyd Willet1977-1986
Will-He-Wiggle Bait Farm (Willie Wiggle)Highway 11BEd Gouliquer1980-1985
Highway 11BRichard Bowes1985-1988
Highway 11BRoy & Judy Plant1988-1989
Willie Transport1995-1997
Wilma's Beauty Salon202 Main W.Wilma Kichak1979-1981
WindEau Investments Inc.206-214 Main W.Dave Boileau2006-2007
Window Painting1220 O'BrienKen Faykes1998-pres
Wittler Wood Products101 Goodwin (Ind Mall)Ernie Hershey1983-1988
Fred Woch's Painting & Decorating Service153 HemlockFred Woch1956-1957
Wolder & McLennan103-105 Main E.Ian McLennan1980-1990
104-106 Main W.Ian McLennan1990
Wolf Den Native Gift Shop227 O'BrienMary Jane Bigwood2002-2005
Wollen's GrocerySee West End Meat Market.
Wolverine Construction; Geoff Stanger Construction; Atikokan Construction Ltd.15 BirchGeoff Stanger2000-2006
Women's Shelter of Hope (2009)See New Horizons (Second Stage Housing).
WordCRAFT32 StarrMargaret Metsala1993
Words & Pictures217 FotheringhamWarren Paulson1992-1996
World Wide Satellite & Electronics108 Main W.Bill McGowan1990
Wright's Funeral Home
(Beside old Twp garage)Burns (Lot 217)Bob Wright1950-1957
221 MarksRobert Wright1957-1986
Wright's general storeSteep Rock Mine SiteBill Wright-1945
William Wright plus 2 partners -- general store at Steep Rock Lake, closed when Hudson's Bay started.
Wright's general store412 FrontWm Wright1931-1946
Wrightway Store; Wrightway410 O'BrienDave M. Wright1947-1957
XY Company623 Mackenzie E.Don Meany1973-1980
626 Mackenzie E.Don Meany1990-2000
626 Mackenzie E.Spencer Meany2000-pres
yardwork34 MapleGreg Luczyk1997
Julia Yawney's hairdressing parlour100 Mercury W.Julia Yawney1946
Youth Centre215 Main W.2011-pres
Zana's Beauty Salon208-210 Burns (Rockton)Zana Brezinski1968-1970
353 O'BrienZana Brezinski1970-1973
Zanette's Apartments (old CN bunkhouse)115 WhiteReno Zanette1986-1997
Zanette Investments Inc.311 Mackenzie W.Rino Zanette1983-1999
Zellers Inc109-115 Main W.Nick Van Rooy, mgr1984-1985
109-115 Main W.Remi Fortier, mgr1985-1986
Zeretin Technical Services109-115 Main W.Bob Zerebeski & Gord Martin1987-1988
109-115 Main W.Bob Zerebeski1988-1990
113 Main E.Bob Zerebeski1990
105 GoodwinBob Zerebeski1991-1992
Zion Lutheran Church418 O'Brien1952-1975
Zuefle's Barber Shop400-402 FrontEd Zuefle1938-1940
Zuefle's Barber Shop & Pool Hall500 Mackenzie W.Ed Zuefle1940-1943
Zuefle's Barber Shop308 Mackenzie W.Ed Zuefle1943-1946

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