Downtown Atikokan, early 1960s.

Downtown Atikokan, about 1960.

This is a postcard published by Wilson of Dryden.

Many thanks to Cecil O'Flaherty who says: " Brown (car) on left side of photo is a 1960 Pontiac and the car parked in front of what is now the News Stand is also a 1960. Picture may be of the early 60's. "

And Leonard Strom says: " The blue and white 1956 Pontiac driving down the street on the left by the Union Hall belonged to my brother in-law Rey Fillion, purchased new from M&C Motors. "

Lloyd Rolling so far has the last word: " The light/dark green Ford car, aprox. 1957 year (far right in foreground), belonged to long time Park Theatre manager, Steve Horychuk. Nice vehicle. His office window is beside the car. I worked there then for a few years. "

Can you add details or corrections?