Atikokan, Steep Rock Iron Mines, Caland Ore, and Sapawe, Ontario : Mostly Photographs.

Revised August 19, 2022.

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Atikokan 2020 'Come Home' Reunion: Photos! Photos! Photos! Added July xx, 2022
Atikokan Records: Cemetery & census listings – a 1920's photo album – memoirs of Atikokan in 1938 – postcards – vintage news stories – businesses from pioneer days to 2015. Last revised July 18, 2022 Atikokan People: Photographs from the 1940's to the early 2000's, mostly labelled with dates. School class & student photos are in the Schools section. Last revised May 19, 2022 Atikokan Buildings: Photographs, some with people, from about 1900 to the early 2000s. Lots of news clippings too. Last revised May 18, 2022 Atikokan Schools: Students, events, sports, & classes with a direct link to each year. Also school­board history & teacher bios. Last revised Aug. 10, 2022 Atikokan Sports: Baseball, football, & hockey, but school sports photos are in the Schools section. Last revised July 4, 2022 The Mines: Steep Rock, Caland, The Steep Rock Echo. Photographs from the 1940's to the late 1970's. Last revised Aug. 19, 2022 Sapawe: Photographs from the 1920's to mid-1950's. Last revised June 14, 2020

Other Atikokan photos are on the Dobie genealogy website.


Please send us your reunion photos and they'll go in a special section! Selfies Welcome!

Didn't make it to the reunion? No problem! Send us photos of yourself and family and they'll go in that section as well. We'll have a permanent Virtual Reunion!

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Check for the latest details on the Atikokan 2020 "Come Home" Reunion Page on Facebook.

Best current info is on the "Atikokan Memories" page.

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As of June 18, 2019
Surnames: "Etanda", McKay, Rigby, Stevens.
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