Steep Rock Iron Mines, Ontario : Raft Lake cut, c.1957 & 2002.

The postcard and aerial photo below it show the Raft Lake cut which drained water from Raft Lake into Finlayson Lake. Many thanks to Brian Jackson and Terry Perrier for information and to Brian for the aerial photo.

Steep Rock Iron Mines, postcard, 1957.

"Rock Cut on Water Diversion Scheme, Steep Rock Iron Mines, Atikokan, Canada".
This postcard was mailed in 1957. The image was taken from the internet.

Steep Rock Iron Mines: Raft Lake Dam, 2002.

This photo shows the same area in 2002 with the Raft Lake dam in the foreground and Finlayson Lake in the background. The postcard photo would have been taken from the middle left of this picture looking straight down the cut.

Photo credit: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources -- Brian Jackson.

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